screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Forty-four thousand pesos. I can't believe I owe the World Bank that much money. I can't believe every Filipino, young and old, owes the World Bank that much money. And I can't believe even those who are yet to be born owe the international bank that much money. To think that I pay so much already for taxes.

Taxes, by definition, are funds collected by the government from its people to be used in its services like providing social needs and infrustractures. The more the population of a country, the more funds the government can collect and use for the benefit of its people. The population of the Philippines grow by the thousands everyday, considering that Filipinos don't actually know how to use measures to control its growth amidst numerous policies set by the Department of Health. Anyway, the Bureau of Internal Revenues, on the other hand, should be happy for this. The government should benefit from it. And in turn, the people should at least feel that their taxes are being returned in terms of goods and services. But nope. It doesn't happen here in our beloved country.

Look. Jose Rizal himself said in one of his letters to his friends that imposing higher taxes to support the financial problems of the country may cause harm to both parties (the government and the people). The solution is making the collecting process more efficient, says Rizal. But how is it possible in a country where palakasan, bureaucracy, graft and corruption and greed are seemingly permanent ingredients of the culture? Do all rich government officials pay their taxes in full? Or do they pay taxes at all? Ah Rizal... such an idealist.

And so the government, lacking funds due to the inefficiency of tax accumulation, turn to the IMF/WB to solve it's financial turmoils. Yes, the more the government spends, the higher our creditline becomes.

And then we have here a president who boasts that she did very well during her term in office- the reason why she wants us to make her president again. She did this, she did that. She built more roads, made the MRT even more effective (thus paying $400M to it's contractors), solved the prohibited drugs menace, etc., etc., etc. These, she did by spending the money we have yet to earn in the months or years to come. I see the picture here- thrifting her way to May 2004 would not help build her image as a reelectionist. Do more while overspending on the side would reflect that she did many during her term of office. To win the next election, it's just a matter of showmanship. But the problem's still there, and even got worse.

I owe the IMF/WB P44,000.00. Even now, I find it hard to accept that I, and every Filipino I know, bear the cause of the relentless degeneracy of the few and powerful. And it hurts to know that even the coming generations are to bear this burden. Now I think I know how the Katipuneros felt as their fight for their children's sake, for the next generation's sake.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Ah... I'm home again. After some visits to my grandma and some relatives in Bulacan, I managed to squeeze in some time to roam around the province and nearby Manila in my old red car... with my sistahs, of course! Yup! I've been almost every corner of my realm, visiting old and new places, looking closely to some things which are in need of noticing, observing, and, again, criticizing. Here, now, are some of my brain ooze I collected since Monday...

1. Divisoria is HELL during these days. My cousin Vane brought me there after a series of insisting. Goodness! The place is swarming with people! I can't believe a small place would be filled with an impossible number of people... who could actually still breathe and live through all of it. I will never forget that place- Divisoria Mall basement- it's like entering a cave filled with good cheap stuff. Uhm... actually, it's like going in a cave-tiangge, where people pass by through ceilings, walls and ladders all over... it's the cave-version of Naboo. With only 200 bucks, we were exiting the place with two basket-loads of plastic toys and goodies! But, for those who have weak hearts and weak lungs, do not... i say... do not even think of going there. I almost died there, believe me.

2. 'Tis the time for sharing, for giving, for lacking discipline. If you love driving, then Malolos City is not a place to be nowadays. Get away from this place, if you don't want some 30 minutes being trapped in your car doing nothing but moan about traffic. And what's the cause? Peddlers in the streets. The streets surrounding the Malolos Basilica looks worse than Aladdin's Agrabah. Aside from that, a line of Karatig public utility jeepneys clog the remaining lane that would have kept traffic moving, at least. Yes, it happens here in Malolos City during the holidays. Why? Well, the formula's simple, actually. More street peddlers = more money for the municipal government. But is it really worth the hassle and trouble?

3. The last installment of the Lord of the Rings series, the Return of the King, is the best ever epic movie I've ever seen in my entire life. It even surpasses Braveheart (starring Mel Gibson) that awed me for decades. Every minute of this movie captured my breath, every second captured my soul. To me, sitting there in the theatre, watching the broken Fellowship of the Ring partake in the last battle in Middle Earth, and in the end finally reaching the goal of ending Sauron... ahhh... pure bliss.

Believe me- in that scene in the foot of Mt. Doom where Sam and Frodo took their last stretch to finally destroy the One RIng... when, after their friendship has suffered a seemingly endless series of trials, Sam told Frodo, "If I can't carry it, I will carry you..," tears went rolling down my cheeks. If I'd be a friend to anyone, I'd be Samwise Gamgee.

As the movie neared it's closing, I can't help but think of the past years I devoted to waiting for each sequel of LOTR. "The Fellowship" and "Two Towers" were the two movies, within the time of showing of which many things happened in my life- both good and bad. Now, The Return of the King concludes the three year wait.

Mixed feelings. I am both happy and sad after seing ROTK. Happy for I am still alive to witness such grandeoso movie, sad because I see no more flicks to equal its greatness in the near future. Troy? Maybe.

4. Breaking news from the Bulacan State University. As of December 22, the poor part-time/fulltime teachers of this wretched institution still haven't received their Christmas bonus. I went with the excited Indie there. She was expecting that she'd finally get cash to buy gifts, toys for her children, and to be used for preparations for Christmas. As she went out of the cashier's office with a broken smile, tear-eyed, softly uttering with her cracked voice "Wala eh", shrugging her shoulder... I knew that was it. No happy Christmas for my poor best friend. BSU killed Christmas for my dear friend.

As I treated her to snack in a nearby fastfood chain, I promised her that, in our own little way, she'd get even. The scrooges in the administration building of Bulacan State University shall have their stench be dispersed in the international scene, thus exposing the rotting system to the world. How else can I do it but through the website, of course! (HA HA HA!) This, hopefully, will get the attention of the authorities, specially President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, to please please please!!! Have these corrupt officials of BSU be fired from their posts immediately. They make GRAFT AND CORRUPTION seem like tradition and culture in public service. They should be eradicated.

BSU has no heart, and treats their employees like animals. BSU doesn't care if it's teachers die in hunger. BSU doesn't care if it's teachers rot while serving the institution. BSU doesn't care for maintaining the morale of the noblest and most honorable profession, nor for their security, nor their dignity. BSU only cares for one thing- to generate income and to spend it to useless things for contractor's commission. The administrators are selfish, self-serving, good-for-nothing impostors who claim they only want the best for the university, yet in reality, they know nothing more than stuffing their pockets with money. They are the Socratics of the modern times.

To that "Nana Guy" fromt BSU's Cashier's office, who, according to Indie, complains on being rushed to do her work by the poor employees who only want to feed their families in days of desperate need: If you're not happy with your job anymore, then QUIT IT. You can't blame these people for demanding for their pay on time after unfailingly serving the institution that deprives them and takes them for granted! You can't drive them away from your office for demanding for their hard and honestly earned pay!

Tomorrow, Indie's going back to BSU again and, probably, she'd stay there until office closing time to wait for the "biyaya" she's been expecting since first week of December. Yes, she'd be doing that instead of enjoying the Christmas break just like the rest of us. Nobody knows if she'll have that broken smile and shoulders shrugging again in the end of the day. She's been doing just that since the week that has passed. I don't know if she secretly cries every night- for her and for her family's future- feeling ever trapped in this university where she serves. I wish her Merry Christmas... and merry Christmas I pray she'd have. Next year, after finishing her masteral degree studies, I'll take her somewhere where her effort, her talent and skills, and herself would be appreciated. Yes, abroad where universities probably treat their teachers as honorable teachers, not as beggars knocking on the cashier's office's glass windows.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Remember Indie? Yup. She's my bestfriend who now works as a part-time/fulltime instructor in the Bulacan State University. (For those who missed that whole BSU-related comment webpage I did some months ago, a part-time/fulltime instructor in the said university has a workload equivalent or even more than that of a permanent/regular professor in the university, less the benefits and other financial priviledges, thus- part-time/fulltime.) She emailed me once again about the perils of part-time/fulltime teachers in the cursed university. What's weird about this email is that it kinda sounds like Bob Ong. Well, I am not surprised since she also was the one who gave me the "Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas" as a holloween gift. We're both fans of Mr. Ong.


"Dear Katie,

Ipagpaumanhin mo kung mananagalog muna ako ngayon. Katatapos ko lang kasing basahin yang libro ni Ong (binigyan din kita ng isang kopya, di ba?) at mukhang ako'y na-inspired magsulat na gamit ang kanyang estilo. O sige, gayahin ang kanyang estilo pala.

Kaninang umaga, nagulat na lamang ako nang tanungin ako ng mga estudyante kung alam ko nang bago na ang pangalan ng unibersidad na pinapasukan namin. Aba! Bakit hindi ko nabalitaan yan. Sabagay, talagang ganyan sa BSU. Parating nauuna sa balita ang mga estudyante, lalu na pag ang balita'y tungkol sa walang pasok- walang pasok bukas, walang pasok mamaya, walang pasok sa isang linggo, walang pasok sa Pasko.

Ano nga ba ang bagong pangalan ng Bulacan State University? BSU pa rin daw, ang sabi ng mga nanggigitatang mga estudyante ko sa Engineering. BSU pa rin- Bricks State University. Tawanan silang lahat. Tawa rin naman ako. Totoo naman eh. Mukhang itong si BSU President Rosario (lalake yan na pinangalanang babae ng kanyang mga magulang nang di nila mawarian ang kasarian ng kawawang sanggol nang siya ay sangol pa) ay talagang siyang-siya ngayon sa mga bricks. Kita mo't lahat yata ng sasayaran ng paa sa campus eh gustong palagyan ng bricks. Ah! Wala siyang pakialam sa mga batikos. Kesyo walang pambayad sa pagpapagawa ng mga mas importanteng dapat gawin sa campus- tulad ng pagpapagawa ng mga classroom, karagdagang mga computer para sa pagtuturo ng IT, karagdagang bentilador pamatay-init sa Spratleys, o dili kaya'y walang pangsweldo sa mga kawawang mga guro ng unibersidad na trabaho nang trabaho, wala namang natatanggap na sweldo- basta huwag lang masayaran ng dumi, alikabok, putik, tae ng aso, mga pisak na kulisap, lupa at kung anu-ano pa ang kanyang mga malasutla't kinukulaning mga paa. Sabi ni President Rosario Pimentel, mas mabuti daw kung maganda ang kapaligiran ng paaralan, kasi may psychological effect ito sa mga estudyante at mga guro. Pag pangit nga naman daw ang paligid, di masarap mag-aral. Sinabi nya iyon nung magkaroon ng accreditation ang Graduate School ng BSU, kung saan nabatikos at nasabon siya dahil animo website ng BSU eh balitang hapon pa daw ang nakasulat. At wala daw sapat na facities ang mga library, at mga facilities din na makatutulong sa estudyante. Halatang-halata naman kasi eh. Kung saan-saan kasi dinadala ang pondo. Buti nga sa kanya.

Kung iisipin, parang may mali yata sa paniniwala niyang iyan. Tingnan mo, maganda ang kapaligiran. Malinis. Masarap ang simoy ng hangin. Walang alikabok. Puro kintab at kinis ang makikita mo. Pero kung wala namang pangkain at pampamasahe man lang ang mga kawawang part-time instructors, aanhin mo lahat yan? Kita mo, maganda ang mga parke, pero pagpasok mo sa mga classroom, lalu na sa rooftop ng educ (biruin mo, rooftop ginawa pang classroom sa kakulangan ng budget pampagawa ng karagdagang facilities?!), kung ang naririnig mo naman ay ang musiko sa kapitbaha na kapitolyo, paano ka gaganahang magturo o mag-aral? Biruan nga sa BSU, kaya daw ganyang katalas mag-isip yang presidente ng BSU na yan, kasi may PARKinson's disease. Corny, pero totoo. Puro parke, wala namang paki sa mga employees nya.

Isang buwang hindi sumuweldo ang mga part-timers noong nakaraan. Tsk. Halos gumagapang na sa hirap ang mga guro- hindi na ako magtataka kung talagang yung iba ay ni hindi na makapasok ng eskwelahan. Di na kumakain, nangangalumata sa klase, halos wala nang maisip kundi ang kung paano kikita ng pera sa labas ng eskwelahan. Kung tutuusin, bawal nga sa guro ang raket, pero sa sitwasyon naming iyon, masisisi ba kami? Next year, evaluation ng mga teachers. May mga guro na maaakusahang hindi halos pumasok ng Nobyembre hanggang Disyembre sa klase. Masisisi mo ba sila kung talikuran nila pansamantala ang kanilang obligasyon para lamang makahanap ng pambili ng pagkain sa araw-araw? Lalu pa sa mga part-timers na fulltime kung magtrabaho- na iyon at iyon lamang ang pinagkukunan nila ng pang-araw-araw na pangtustos sa buhay?

Malapit na ang Pasko, ngunit heto. Wala pa ring biyaya. Ang sabi-sabi, 5 million pesos lang daw ang maibibigay ng university sa daan-daang mga manggagawa nito bilang Christmas bonus (o Christmas gift). Akala ko ba'y may pondong talagang nakalaan na si Presidente Gloria pa nga mismo ang nagbigay para sa mga mangagawa ng gobyerno? Heto't ni kusing ay di mapakawalan. Kung sana'y sa bawa't sambit ng mga administrador na "Walang pondo, naghihirap ang unibersidad natin" ay makikita talaga sa paligid na naghihirap nga talaga ang unibersidad. Pero hayun! Habang nangungulelat ang mga pitaka't bulsa ng mga guro SA PANAHON PA NAMAN NG KAPASKUHAN, naggagandahang parks at mga walang saysay na pagpapaganda ng paligid naman ang nakikita, na obvious na ginagastusan ng malaki ng administrasyon ng Bricks State University. May balita pang 2.5 million na karagdagang ginagastusan na naman ng eskwelahan ang pagpapalagay ng karagdagang bricks sa tapat ng administration building, habang naiiwang nanggigitata at nabubulok ang gasgas na gasgas at gamit na gamit nang mga classrooms sa Federizo Hall, Spratleys at Education Building. "Aba! Pinagawa namin ang CR ng Educ!" sambit ng kagalang-galang na presidente ng BSU. Oo nga, at dun na lang din kami magka-klase.

Oo, kapaskuhan pa naman. Hindi ba't ang Christmas bonus, na sinasaad sa batas ay kailangan ibigay talaga sa mga manggagawa ng gobyerno, ay sadyang ibinabahagi nang sa gayon ay lubos na mapaghandaan ng bawa't isa ang Pasko? Paano mo pa mararamdaman iyon kung sa Dec. 23 mo pa matatanggap iyon? Paano mo pa magagawang mamili sa Maynila ngayong alam mong sa mga panahong iyon ay nagtatae na sa tao ang mga shopping malls, tiangge at palengke? Oo, Katrina, walang pasko sa amin ngayon. Kawawang anak at pamangkin ko na hindi ko pa nabibili ng regalo sa pasko. Walang pasko sa BSU, sa kabila ng mga palamuti na buti pa ang mga iyon at binabayaran ng unibersidad. Palagay ko, magkakasya na lang muna kami sa pagkanta ng pamaskong videoke na last year ko pa binili. Ngayon lang mangyayari ito sa buhay pamilya ko. Nakalulungkot.

Sana ay magkaroon ulit ng isa pang webpage sa homepage mo, Katie, tungkol sa mga baho ng Bulacan State University. Hirap na hirap na ang mga gurong wala na yatang representante sa itaas dahil sa pagkabuwag at pagkasira ng aming unyon. Pinababayaan na kami ng institusyong pinaglilingkuran pa rin namin hanggang ngayon. Hindi kami makasigaw, pero sana, kahit sa internet man lamang, marinig ang aming tinig. Kung hindi mapatunayan ang pagkakaroon ng graft and corruption sa Pilipinas, hindi na kailangang mag-imbestiga pa, dahil dito sa Bulacan State University, ang graft and corruption ay isang popular na tradisyon na sa opisina ng presidente nito.



My friend, you are far from beating Bob Ong's style. But your point is worthy enough to be featured in my blog, and in Hate Philippines later. Just hold on tight, Bricks State University's stench is going online later this month!

---end of entry---

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

testing... wooh... mic test... shish.

Somebody called me "uto-uto" today. I don't know. I'm receiving flames, hate mails and any language or online behavior intended to mock or humiliate me nowadays, but this one kinda hit me. I don't know. I mean,... what did he mean by that? If it meant I trust every word that comes out of his mouth so much that I might not be able to sense whether he's being serious or not... just maybe because we're not talking in person that's why there's this difficulty to notice whether if he's being sarcastic or not... I don't think that's being uto-uto. But maybe... just maybe... he's right, I was blinded by my preoccupations that's why I didn't sense what he was trying to say... and it's a big shame, really. Imagine, a didn't get a simple joke coming from a renowned deliverer of daily hilarity. Or maybe... just maybe... I trusted that this guy always bring sincere words whenever we talk online. I mean, I enjoyed chatting with him, regardless of his sometimes being self-centered and eccentric which I found very fascinating about this guy... I just thought and felt this person's words were fun yet sincere all the time... or maybe, just maybe... I trusted him too much. That's why the word "uto-uto", from this man whom I am beginning to be fond of, from a man whom I looked up to, from a man whom I respect so much for the status he has right now, is a word too strong for me to take.

Lessons learned: 1) Yahoo Messenger is evil if you don't have a webcam. 2)Last year's new year's resolution still remains: Detachment. 3) I am prone to making mistakes (for I am but human...) but to avoid public humiliation, I must avoid tagboards from now on.

"Shut the door, Katie, don't say a word..."

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Some mag deemed blogspot / blogger as passe. Eh? So you mean the millions... er... I'm exaggerating,... hundreds of people reading my blog are non-trendie people. Eh? Keeping in mind the dictionary meaning of trend (noun, the popular taste at a given time.), it just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway... on with my thoughts for today.

Would you believe that even here in the United States, political ads like that of Johnny Osmeña are being aired on TV? I've seen one just an hour ago... and that, as usual, made me sick. I mean, look: Only in the Philippines do politician clamour for acknowledgement and recognition when they do their job right. As if politicians who ACTUALLY WORK are of a rare species in this country, and their existence should not be ignored. Look at this senator. Osmeña, in the ad, proudly mentioned his role in the making and passing of the Communications Act (after being asked by a supposedly a student, but we all know she's just paid to ask that question anyway... and why does she look veery nervous? Hindi na ba uso ang rehearsals ngayon?). Yes, in that Osmena ad, this senator is actually clamouring for recognition. In fact, he wants us to thank him and hug him, kiss his ass and rejoice for the his greatness of jut doing his job as a senator. Did he make extra effort to accomplish this? No. It's just one of his everyday task. But no no no... Johnny wants us to be soooo much grateful, he made a TV ad out of it. Tsk tsk tsk.

And since I've already zeroed in to Osmeña, let's talk about that drama series on RPN9 that my friends were all ranting about since last month. Yes, "May Puso ang Batas". A soap opera starring a senator who takes a character of an honest-to-goodness lawyer, who wanted nothing but dignity to his job and his country. With poor acting, poor plot, poor lighting, poor everything, I pity those good actors and actresses who put up with this desperate guy. I heard this series should have had a very good casting, if it weren't for Osmeña. I can't blame them, though. Eversince "Talong," these serious actresses and actors might have gone bankrupt. But why with Osmeña? Are these people really that desperate to save their sinking career?

Yes, dear friends. I will never forget Osmeña for being one of the 11 evil senators in the young yet ongoing history of Philippine democracy. And I will never vote Johnny Osmeña even if he's the last senatorial candidate to ever live.

----end of entry----

Sunday, December 07, 2003

As it turns out, the egie pic I mentioned in the previous entries cannot be viewed via the net. teeheehee... my mistake, sorry. Anyhow, don't fret, cuz I'll surely feature it on the next edition of hatephilippines. December issue, that is. (Or would you like to try your luck by clicking here?)

So when's it gonna be? I'm still figuring out what issues to include in the issue, so expect that it'll be up by mid-December, surely before Christmas. It's my Christmas gift to all those people who partake in the current horrible situation in the Philippines right now. Specially in my beloved small town, Malolos City.

Ahh... yes. The opposition party has declared that FPJ will be their bet for the coming election. Wow. Finally, they have revealed to the open the purpose of their existence, to use poor men like FPJ as their pawns to their selfish goals. Hah! Who would believe that the likes of Enrile and Angara, educated and politically-corrupted, can have faith in the abilities (if he has one) of FPJ? For all we know, they'd just use this poor guy as, yep, a pawn to their evil selfish ends. How about Tito Sotto? Well, since the beginning of his political career (if he really has one), I've already doubted that anything special and worth noting in the country would come from him. So I guess taking FPJ's side suggests that he is just being... Tito Sotto. In short, I'm not surprised.

Susan Roces is gaining too much popularity nowadays. It sucks.

Happy Fiesta, Malolos City!

---end of entry---

Friday, December 05, 2003

Finally, I had time to go out again. I've just seen Intolerable Cruelty just the yesterday. Ooooh... George Clooney is soooo damn handsome. Yes, critics say that the movie did not do well in the box-office, probably because of the lame plot. Boy vs. girl... gasgas na nga. Anyway, I still went to the theatre just to see if the Clooney-Zeta Jones tandem would click. Damn that Clooney. He does his job as a hollywood actor so damn fine. His face is just so elastic, he could make any expression look so real. Damn damn... this Clooney is sooo cute. If I'm gonna be someone's stalker... I'd surely be George's.

I wasn't surprised to see guys smitten by Catherine Zeta Jone's beauty just as when we were walking out of the theatre after the movie. Goodness... the word "gorgeous" has found it's incarnate. And the red dress... After watching the movie, I went to a store in Beverly Hills just to see if there's something like that which I can have. I'd probably not look as good as the goddess Zeta Jones, but at least I came close to it. Yes. I bought one in Prada for $220. Neat. (Thanks, Mom!)

For those who haven't seen the movie and are planning to... watch out for that "silly man" scene.

---end of entry---

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I just realized something kanina. Actually, it's a good catchline for people who'd definitely not vote Lacson for president...


Oooh... Nice material for a sticker campaign, eh? Someone should remind me to copyright that.

-----end of entry---

More people visit the site during the recent days. I noticed this after FPJ's announcement of his running for president. Does that mean more people became interested about what's happening in the country? More people were frustrated and disappointed by what's going on? More people would like to find out what other people think of regarding what's happening? Perhaps. Don't worry, my brethren, Katie's here to provide you with answers to your questions. Somehow, we'll all see this through. Somehow...

Good evening, LA! Good morning Philippines!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Have you heard of "The Mongols"? They're the latest buzz in the Philippine music industry now, and it's all thanks to my former-crush Ely Buendia, former lead vocalist of the defunct Eraserheads. Ely, by the way, would like to be dubbed now as "Jesus Ventura." Nice career move.

I love the Eraserheads. Just recently, they've been given the Hall of Fame title by the NU Awards people. I must admit, I'm a 90's girl. Torn jeans, dock martens and all. I love going back to those good old UP Campus days, when we'd all be surely excited once we hear the Eheads were going back to UP to do some gigs. I never missed their in-campus concerts. I never missed an album. I almost had my ultraelectromagneticpop album cover laminated just to preserve it's mind condition! I still consider my albums, including Banana-type, as one of my most treasured belongings. I know, cheesy.

But most of all, it's because I love Ely Buendia. Or is it- I LOVED Ely Buendia. Yes, he wasn't a crowd pleaser, and that's because he's an artist, not a stage clown or a speaker. He does singing and that's what he does best onstage. Actually, I'm ok just seeing him on stage doing his thing... I'm not that kind of a fan who'd squall and do something stupid just to get noticed. Actually, it was so hilarious seeing the Eraserheads do funny stupid stuff on TV while they were supposed to lipsync their songs... cuz they just didn't want to lipsync. That's it.

And the songs! Goodness. Until now, I'd stop and listen if I hear "With A Smile" anywhere. Yup! That's my favorite song right there, and never has any song fascinated me except "With A Smile." Ely Buendia actually had his dream come true with this song- to make the best pop song ever. Actually, I think the perfect theme song of the Hate Philippines website (if there would be one, I guess) would be "Para sa Masa" by this band. Perfect.

It's just too bad when they had to transform their music just to please their crowd. Since Carbon Stereoxide, I knew this band was doomed. I didn't like any song in the album. The last song they came up with that I liked was "Huwag Kang Matakot." After that, no more. That was the time when foreign boybands were slowly eating the lives and career of local alternative bands. One after the other, they vanished. Some, like Parokya ni Edgar, True Faith, and Side A, managed to survive. Notice that they have applied only a little change in their style- probably the reason why they lasted till now. Unfortunately, the Eheads went down with the rest.

Now, the Mongols. Later, the band Cambio featuring Marcus, Buddy, Lemon and that girl from Fatal Posporos. Seems that they're trying to return to business. Yet. judging from the carrier single of
the Mongol's album titled Buddha's Pest, "Bulakbol", it still sounds like the Carbon Sterioxide Eraserheads, with a new packaging. Hearing Ely Buendia sing again through my mp3 player just makes me miss the Ultraelectro..., Circus and Cutterpillow Eraserheads. I wish there'd be more.

I'm glad Ely's back. And I'm glad he's doing what he just wanted to do that he did not had a chance to do when he was with his "former band," as he always call it. But... Well... I dunno. Am I going to buy their album... I still have to find out later...

Maybe one of these days, I'll just play songs from the Fruitcake album since it's already Christmas... just like what I did last year... and the years before.

----end of entry---

Have you seen the Egie-Pagdanganan posters in Malolos City? If not, you may check out this pic.

My friends from Manila and here also in California have seen it. Wanna know what insights they have about it? They agree with one thing: That the ad does not tell anything about Egie running for a political position. Then what does that ad say?

About Egie's poster

1. Since the Barasoain Church is shown as her background, maybe she owns the church... or maybe she's one of the "manangs" there. Well, looks like it.

2. Maybe she's dead. And her friends want to commemorate her by putting up this "I love Egie" poster. (A note on the bottom side of the ad says "From friends of Egie.") How did she die? I don't know. Having three posters scattered in the small city suggests that she may be abducted by aliens, perhaps. Huh?!

3. She sells monay. Her bulging cheeks tell people, "Want a piece of me?!"

4. Some angry people would like to ridicule this poor girl publicly.

5. Egie wants her long lost sister back. (Who's the sister? Either Judie Ann Santos or Marissa Sanchez.)

6. She's a frustrated commercial model of Sunsilk or Pantene. Tsk.

About Raymond Pagdanganan's Poster:

1. So he's the son of Obet Pagdanganan. So what?!

2.. Yep! He has NEPOTISM written all over his face.

3. I heard he's running for vice-governor. He's only in his early twenties. What the hell is he thinking?!

4. If he's just promoting his show and career, his advertising agents should have known that print ads and posters won't do. Tsk. But, we all know why there are these kinds of posters in the streets nowadays. Exposure is the essence of the game... and that makes the likes of me sick.

These posters together: It tells us everything about these people's personality. They are just soooo excited to be elected, to be exposed, to have their faces be known to the public, that they would always find a way to get out of COMELEC's way to do just those things. Bleahhh.

So here are my thoughts these days...

1. One of my "operatives" saw Eggie Torres, that tabachingching who has that tabachingching poster in that place before you enter Malolos (that place is called Tabang). Yup! She's a tabachingching alright, and she's prepped up for the elections. As early as last week, during the somewhat beerfest week something (I didn't make it in October, but what the heck, it's the first beerfest ever held in Malolos City! Too bad I wasn't there...), she's there shaking hands with people she doesn't know, selling herself for votes. Bwena-mano.

And I heard this Raymond Pagdanganan, whose face was already posted on Malolos City streets as early as September, is actually running with his father, Obet Pagdanganan, as his father's vice-governor. "MALAKING KALOKOHAN!" says my mother. I agree. The tandem has a big NEPOTISM written all over them. I wonder if they'd still win this election. Well... if FPJ has a chance in this country,...

If you don't have the chance to visit Malolos City these days and see their wooooonderful faces in the streets, you may want to check out this picture here. Thanks, Elmo, for the pic.

2. I'm thinking of changing the name of this website to "SAVE PHILIPPINES." Parang "Save The Whales Movement." I gotta think more about this. Daming hassles kasi. :)

I'm still working on the December issue of "Hate Philippines." It's a tough job, you know. But I have this feeling I have to do this. I have to save the Philippines. Only then, perhaps, will I be able to begin world domination. Har har harrr....

3. FPJ had flu (or trangkaso, in Filipino) last week. Senator Tito Sotto took his place for the meantime to answer questions in his behalf. Suuuuure. Well, if FPJ's gonna be sick whenever trivial questions about his political standing are about to be thrown at him, I wonder how he'll do when he sits as President of this country? No, Mrs. Roces, don't cry because harsh reality bombards your husband these days. Reality bites, you know. Cry because you're gonna get some more if your husband insists on running for president. Sus... para namang di showbiz.

Besides, if as early as now, he could not come up with a nice excuse for his absence (FLU?! C'mon, gimme a break!), how much more when he becomes president. And... I don't want a sickly leader for this country. The country itself is already sick.

4. Speaking of Susan Roces, I saw her the other day with Imelda Marcos. Sweet smile in her face shines on TV whenever she and Imelda were being dubbed us the past and the future First Ladies. Whoa. Where was she when Marcos reigned supreme in this country? Where was she during Martial Law? Was she supposed to be proud to stand alongside what represents as the darkest part of the history of Philippine democracy?! Scary! What in the world was she thinking?

5. Coalition of Hope. I like the idea. And I like Roco's flower power tactic. Guys, you are not supposed to interpret that as Roco being gay and all. OK... that's a given.

Roco claims that he will change politics in the Philippines in his speech during the launching of his candidacy for President in Folk Arts Theatre. Yes. Finally, someone actually claims that he can do something and marks his word for it. He has no over-exposed TV ad yet (yes, he had one, but is it still being shown on TV in primetime or in any given time?), which determines that he is willing to wait and follow the rules of the COMELEC. Ethics, temperance, simplicity and honesty. He has almost all the qualities I'm looking for from a presidential candidate. Almost, that is. If only he could have done more in the past...

6. Davide for President. Yes. I will be one of the most glad if the once-most-respected fellow in the Philippines finally announces candidacy for president. The website clamouring for this mestizo-in-person's candidacy is right, he is the only one out there in the arena who has unimpeachable qualities. I remember the day when I went to EDSA to join the second revolution. A big streamer there said "Davide for President." As early as 2000, people wanted him to be president. But nah. He told people, and he always tells people, he was just doing his job and he wanted to do his job right. Whoa. He should be president. But then, he hides in silence these days. Who in his right mind would want to run a country with this kind of politics? Ah... we have four of 'em as of now.

People, have time to read this this website. Please.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Got this urgent message and it REALLY makes a lot of sense. I am DEEPLY convinced that our present crop of presidential aspirants will only result in the same brand of politics that we see today. I believe with all my heart that Chief Justice Davide is the only moral alternative.

I signed up the petition to draft Davide to run for president at the website . You might want to do the same. It's a small investment for the future of our country.

Message from enteng of

My fellow e-Mandirigmas,

I look at the present crop of presidential aspirants and I cannot help but feel desperate and hopeless... for it will only lead to more of the same brand of politics that has pulled down our nation. It breeds a system of patronage, political horse-trading, cronyism, and unprincipled compromises for political gain.

I sincerely believe it is time to put a stop to this. Tama na!. Sobra na!

We need someone with unimpeachable integrity, proven competence and probity, and independence from vested interests. We need someone who will not compromise principles and morality for political expediency. We need someone who will not only uphold the rule of law, but also restore in the hearts of our people the fear of the law.

The recent political events have clearly shown us that one man epitomizes such qualities - Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr.

But first, we must convince him to take the challenge and respond to a higher calling.

We need 1 Million signatures before Christmas to petition Chief Justice Davide to run for the presidency.

If you share our belief, join us in making this happen. How can you help?

Visit our website and do any or all of the following:

1. Sign up in the electronic petition.
2. Download the signature forms and start your own signature gathering center at work, school, or any other location.
3. Register your group (civic, social or church organization) as a petitioner. By doing so, all members of your group are counted as petitioners.
4. Start a text campaign. Instructions are published at the website.
5. Refer the website to your friends. There's a facility at the website to send personalized messages to your friends. This is much better than simply forwarding this email.

We know some of your concerns. Is he "winnable"? Will it not divide the civil society groups? Will he really run if we get 1 Million signatures? And many other questions in your mind.

We tried to answer some of them at the website. We hope you will take time to visit it.

Please act now. We only have a limited time to make this happen.

Together and by God's grace, we may yet see truth, justice and righteousness once again prevail in this country.

God bless and God save our country!


-------------------------end of message-----------------