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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wuzzup Dawg!

Watch dog against corruption my ass! Like who was the last senatoriable who did not vow to be a watch dog against corruption? You have candidates from team unity who serve an incumbent corrupt government, and on the opposite side you have candidates who serve a fallen corrupt leader, whom I might add is one of the top tem most corrupt leaders in the world (of all the countries included in that list we are the only country who have 2 leaders on the list whooopeeee!)

As I said in mg sugo essay, this is not a battle between good and evil, this is a battle between evil and evil. Its Freddie %Krueger versus jason, its alien versus predator, whoever wins we loose! Everybody who wants to be somebody in the senate is always claiming to end corruption and promote fair governance. Time up assholes! We are still having corruption left and right, and none of you morons have done jack shit to minimize it. In fact you were so busy fighting like boys with toys in the senate, that when you are done already 40% of every peso has already been stolen.

Expose here, expose there, but have I seen a top government dog who has been convicted for stealing from tax payers contribution? Noooooooooooooo! But everyweek there is all sorts of expose. We can’t even convict the Marcoses of at least one corruption charge among the dozens that have been filed against them. What happened to the Escort service scandal? What happened to the Jose Pidal issue? What happened to the Macapagal Hiway annomaly? What happened on that fertilizer scam? Nothing! Fact is none of you son’s of bitches can come out clean, because you are just as guilty as the people you accuse. Why does a thief hate a fellow theif? Because competition is not good for business. None of you assholes will take those charges to the proper courts so some schmuck can be convicted if it didn’t mean media exposure which you definitely definitely need to kiss the asses of the voting public. Besides who would wanna go trough all that hassles, hiring trial lawyers and all just to sue Mike Arroyo.

To make matters worse you have political whores left and right selling their principles, morals and even souls to the very same people whom they tried to oust a couple of times. Now everybody is saying that we should vote for them because they have a thing called “paninindigan”. Boy oh boy, who ever wins expect more rumble in the jungle. I have heard several on the air debates from both sides, and guess what? No genuine platform on either side! Just two camps throwing muds at each other and accusing the opposite camp of the things they are equally guilty of.

I also got a bone to prick from these militant party list representatives. Can somebody please tell me why are we giving them their pork barrells yet we never get our money’s worth? All these protests and demonstrations and not to mention a seat in congress, the most they can achieve is civil disobidence? So tax payers are giving them millions just so they can do civil disobidience?

Where were the great officials like senate president Jovito Salonga, and Chief Justice Davide when we needed them? Instead what we have are a lot of Dogs! Forget the watch dog against corruption bullshit. All you people are, are dog bitches who do nothing but bark at each other all that time. The only quest on is, who is holding the string attached to your collars. Whaddap Dawg!

***by Ahmad


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u have a good looking eyes. you hate the philippines so much? try this

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tough one.

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