screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Wuzzup Dawg!

Watch dog against corruption my ass! Like who was the last senatoriable who did not vow to be a watch dog against corruption? You have candidates from team unity who serve an incumbent corrupt government, and on the opposite side you have candidates who serve a fallen corrupt leader, whom I might add is one of the top tem most corrupt leaders in the world (of all the countries included in that list we are the only country who have 2 leaders on the list whooopeeee!)

As I said in mg sugo essay, this is not a battle between good and evil, this is a battle between evil and evil. Its Freddie %Krueger versus jason, its alien versus predator, whoever wins we loose! Everybody who wants to be somebody in the senate is always claiming to end corruption and promote fair governance. Time up assholes! We are still having corruption left and right, and none of you morons have done jack shit to minimize it. In fact you were so busy fighting like boys with toys in the senate, that when you are done already 40% of every peso has already been stolen.

Expose here, expose there, but have I seen a top government dog who has been convicted for stealing from tax payers contribution? Noooooooooooooo! But everyweek there is all sorts of expose. We can’t even convict the Marcoses of at least one corruption charge among the dozens that have been filed against them. What happened to the Escort service scandal? What happened to the Jose Pidal issue? What happened to the Macapagal Hiway annomaly? What happened on that fertilizer scam? Nothing! Fact is none of you son’s of bitches can come out clean, because you are just as guilty as the people you accuse. Why does a thief hate a fellow theif? Because competition is not good for business. None of you assholes will take those charges to the proper courts so some schmuck can be convicted if it didn’t mean media exposure which you definitely definitely need to kiss the asses of the voting public. Besides who would wanna go trough all that hassles, hiring trial lawyers and all just to sue Mike Arroyo.

To make matters worse you have political whores left and right selling their principles, morals and even souls to the very same people whom they tried to oust a couple of times. Now everybody is saying that we should vote for them because they have a thing called “paninindigan”. Boy oh boy, who ever wins expect more rumble in the jungle. I have heard several on the air debates from both sides, and guess what? No genuine platform on either side! Just two camps throwing muds at each other and accusing the opposite camp of the things they are equally guilty of.

I also got a bone to prick from these militant party list representatives. Can somebody please tell me why are we giving them their pork barrells yet we never get our money’s worth? All these protests and demonstrations and not to mention a seat in congress, the most they can achieve is civil disobidence? So tax payers are giving them millions just so they can do civil disobidience?

Where were the great officials like senate president Jovito Salonga, and Chief Justice Davide when we needed them? Instead what we have are a lot of Dogs! Forget the watch dog against corruption bullshit. All you people are, are dog bitches who do nothing but bark at each other all that time. The only quest on is, who is holding the string attached to your collars. Whaddap Dawg!

***by Ahmad

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Manny Pacquiao for President

Catchy, isn't it? Well, for a game that's ruled by popularity and power, this will definitely deliver.

You see, I've cheered for Manny Pacquiao the last time he won against Morales (although I find the latter cute, by the way.) I'd say he's one of the reasons why we should be proud as Filipinos. He has proven that the Filipino can make it in the limelight in any field that he chooses. For that, he has inspired many, even attempting to follow his footsteps.

But it was clearly a lot of minus points when he went out saying he's running for Congress. It was no surprise, though, since the GMA's corner had already been pushing him to run for any office (even the Senate, though the idea is just simply ridiculous). Like a proud champ that he is, he declared that he can make it even in politics. He could even be using Cesar Montano's defense in some other press conferences, saying they could always take a crash course on law and the constitution if in case they get the position. (Now, how would that make studying law for 5 years look like?) I admire their courage, for politics is such a sick game here in the Philippines. It just shows that no matter how stupid their excuses are, they still go for it, believing that the people would buy it. And you know what? Their plan is working just as how they (or their advisers) have forseen it.

Confidence is backed up. In this case, Mr. Pacquiao's confidence is coming from Malacañang itself. They would say it isn't so. I would imagine that in General Santos City, during one of their meeting-de-avance's, Pacquiao would raise the hands of the Malacañang candidates as their audience approve of his endorsement, exclaiming in delight as they see their idol amongst their rulers. Afterwhich they'd deny claims that they chose Pacquiao over Ms. Custodio, the incumbent, because he IS the right choice. They'd say it's but natural for the likes of Pacquiao to rule the country, as they say we need to be inspired by such people who possess stories of great success. But of course it's all denial and false claims in politics. If they deny, for example, that claim that they joined Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III in Team Unity just because they want votes from Mindanao, not at at all because he can do good in the Senate, then that means they really joined the poor sultan just to gather votes by popularity. It's the same machinism, and it works. The smart bastards behind the scene know to play the game, simply because the bait looks tasty, and fish always go for it, even though it doesn't necessarily mean they're really tasty.

GenSan should be the focus of political and social analysts in the country, for the outcome of the elections in this region would determine how matured (or immature) democracy currently is in the Philippines. A lot will be answered during and after the elections, though answers to them were already answered since Erap's administration. Does popularity, goodwill that lack skills really justify a good vote? Have we really learned from our mistakes?

As for my decision to vote or not- of course, I'll vote. I can't wait to cast my ballot since this responsibility comes only once after a couple of years. I will not be filling up all the ranks, though. I'd draw a straight line of ink for most of them, most likely, just to make sure the blanks would be used for evil means. I'd vote the ones who has consistently stood up to their principles, stood against the traditional evils of politics and the society as a whole, and stood beside the Filipino people even if their popularity itself is at stake.

Most of them could be unknowns to most voters, but I don't care. I won't vote candidates simply because they'll surely win! This is not gamble. This is not a contest where someone would win a 29 inch flatscreen TV after the event. It could be a game, a race. But what's at stake here is what we'd be as a country for the next couple of years. I'm not going to lay those years in the hands of people whose credibility and principles are uncertain.

As for Pacquiao, I wonder what his mother is thinking right now. She should be very much disappointed by now for his son's rashness. Remember that she was the first one to say she's against the whole idea of his son running for office. If I remember it correctly, she said she'd prefer his son going for showbiz instead. Then after that, he could run for politics. Nice gameplan, Mom. Sayang. That would have won his son not only a seat in Congress, but the major seat in Malacañang instead!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I am starting to loose faith in the exercise of democratic process. Election to be precise. This coming May 14 I may wanna reevaluate if I even wanna put a name on my ballot. I mean seriously, what the hell for?

1.) You either elect and a "way in over his head with no qualification and potentially incompetent" gung ho, or an overeducated bureaucratic pig who likes to manipulate "way in over their heads with no qualification and potentially incompetent" gung hoes. Someone once asked me, if you were to hire someone to take care of your finances would you go for a CPA who steals, or a mere Kahera who is honest. And I say, I am a dumb employer if my choices are stuck with either. Come on! if I'm managing a multimillion company and get a mere kahera to budget my finances, how sure am I that she is not going to miscalculate something, so that in the end millions of hard earned money are unaccounted for, and I end up facing tax evasion cases? Duh!

2.) The senate and congress is where thieves try to bust the balls of fellow thieves. Yep its a dog eat dog world in there. I mean who comes clean now a days? Remember the classic Ping Lacson and his Jose Pidal expose? Oh he got his exposure alright! but years later what happened? Last time I checked Mike Arroyo is still playing golf on a Sunday, because right after Mr. Bang Bang Ping lost the presidential race, no formal complaint was even filed to the proper courts. And now its Mr. Alan Peter Cayetano VS Mike Arroyo. Oh please both of you should just put on boxing gloves and get over with it!

3.) Party List system is just a venue for the Militants, communists, and activists, to milk the same government they try to overthrow. Why don't we have public school teachers, or nurses, or handicapped people (who all badly need representation) take a seat in congress for a change. I had quite enough of the pathetic and utterly useless Ideologies of this militants, that they try so hard to fight for. When instead they should be doing something more tangible, like building classrooms and providing livelihood training for indigenous people. But nooooooooooooo! most of the time they rally about sexist billboards, American imperialism, and the struggle for total democracy. Message to people, write all those Ideologies on toilet papers, and do us all a favor.

4.) Candidates are picked based on loyalty, family, popularity and not really on qualifications and possible contributions. Mr. Zubiri! I ain't thanking you shit for your bio-fuel act! We don't owe you shit for that, we pay are taxes, and your supposed to do what you were mandated to. Same thing goes to Angara, Osmeña, ET AL.

5.) Richard Gomez for senator! Manny Pacquiao for Congressman! Need I say more?

Katie's Note: This is written by Ahmad Reza Mahazery. Yup! Ahmad is back, too! Yihee! ;-p

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Vote the Independents!

What is the purpose of the political party system in the Philippines? A political party system is supposed to have a distinct stand for certain issues dealt with by the people, to say the least. It is a group composed of people who have common ideals and plans for the country. This is what we always call "plataporma".

"Plataporma". Now I wonder when I last heard this word used in election campaigns. I remember once in 1995 when I watched a debate in the main plaza of Malolos City. It was an intense exchange of words between candidates for mayor and congressman. I could recall clearly how each candidate would boast their plans to certain issues thrown to them. For every question, they have their own answers prepared. Most of them contradicting, of course, but they came prepared and their "plataporma" well furnished before facing the crowd. Their stand were clearly the stand of the political party to which they each belong. They seldom deviate from their party's ideals, thus, making them consistent and really convincing. The people went home that night with very clear choices in their minds, almost ready to vote.

Now you may be asking where these types of political parties are. Nah they're still out there, on the background, while media is busy flashing on your television screens the senseless exchange of blows between the so-called Opposition and... well, the Administration, which is basically composed of Gloria's minions.

What's unfortunate is that these two popular parties don't have a clear stand at all. It's just all about popularity and not about the "plataporma". Oftentimes, in their attempt to get a lead in the popularity game, they perform tricks that are already beginning to seem very lame. Gloria, for instance, in the attempt to bring the crowd to their campaigns, had joined actors Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano in their lineup. (In Mr. Montano's case, the last time I saw him was months ago when he went all public reaching out to old people in a shelter, claiming that nothing about it was political... to which, of course, I reacted, "Shishhh... Yeah right." The next thing I know, his picture already is flashed on TV next to Mike Defensor, who lovingly calls himself 'Tol.)

Good men like Senator Panguilinan, on the other hand, do not seem to like the idea of putting "plataporma" to the trash and going for the popularity game instead. Senator Villar, on the other hand, decided on running as an independent candidate, but still with blessings of Malacañang not because he desires it, but because the Administration side insists. It's a wise move, actually... if they want to give you support without strings attached, why not take it? Anway, these men decided to go out of their leagues amidst invitations from both sides, claiming that they will go for ideals and plans that favor the people, not a few people who have no clear stand anyway. They are kind enough not to say they are already sick of what's going on in their former groups, that they have decided to do it on their own. Somehow, this gives me comfort knowing that still, there are people out there who had principles (although sometimes vague).

Besides, if you really are a man of dignity, who knows how good professional politics is, how could you imagine working with such people who knows nothing or goes against your principles? If it was 1999, thinking about the 2007 elections with Sotto and Oreta running alongside the anti-Eraps would be absurd. Even the thought of Oreta running for office again is absurd. Well, I guess absurdity has a place in this time and age.

The independents surely have a place in my ballot, though. I hope the people would see through the flashy sitcoms these monkey political parties are showing us. It's sickening already, though it's a good thing some people from the political arena itself shares the same feeling.

Friday, February 09, 2007


As early as January, I'm already hearing a lot of new things to write about what's happening in the Philippines, specifically on the politics side. Now that I'm home (not for a long time, though since I have to leave next week again), I'm in a good mood today so I'll just be posting here some things that I would categorize as "funny".

Funny how Richard Gomez reacted to Leo Martinez's suggestion for actors, actresses and basketball players not to run for any executive office in the coming elections simply because most of them know absolutely nothing regarding lawmaking. I wasn't able to memorize his exact words, but I believe his text message said "Kilala ko si Leo Martinez dahil nakasama ko sya sa mga projects namin. Sabog lang siguro sya kaya nasabi nya yun." This, coming from someone who's running for senator. Again, funny. Nakakahiya, and funny.

Mr. Gomez also said those who'd want to run for senator wouldn't need the skills and knowledge about the law, that they just need the heart to serve the people. This proves a lot of things really- that it's an unfortunate fact that most Filipinos these days don't realize the worth of education, that we don't move forward with the rest of the world because of our "pwede na" mentality. This is also an obvious reason why most of our elected government officials are incompetent- most of us vote because we think they are simply... nice, and nothing else.

I've nothing against actors and actresses running for political office, as some had proven their worth already in the past. I believe Vilma Santos, for instance, did a great job in bringing Lipa City to it's current pace. Unfortunately, most of them just never left any significant mark in history. Instead, they became popular either because of scandals or by using their position to their selfish claims. Take for example Senator Jinggoy Estrada. Do you know anything about him in the Senate other than using his Privilege Speech tickets for either (or both) defending his family from speculations or (and) some political blahblahs that, most of the time, are never connected to the agenda of their official sessions?

Meanwhile, funny how Senator Lito Lapid, who is now running for mayor, attempted to please the Makati crowd by actually telling incumbent mayor Binay in front of news cameras to let him continue his work. He said, "Ibigay mo na sa 'kin ang Makati, tutal naman napatunayan na natin na pang-lokal lang talaga ang serbisyo ko." Some thoughts rushed in mind after hearing that stupendously foolhardy comment:

1. That he has just proven that he's not supposed to be a senator in the first place.
2. That Binay is much much better than him.
3. The term used is "ibigay", which here means "to turn over",... so Makati is like something that he needs to be turned over, eh?

If we got someone like this in Senate, no wonder why our contry is in such a dump. Binay, perhaps caught unprepared for such a stupid act, just candidly said, "Marami pa akong ipagpapatuloy sa Makati..." I know that smile in his face caught very clearly by the newscameras. I'm sure in his mind was a resounding sidecomment "STUPID IDIOT!"

Later, Lapid was asked what he'd do for Makati if he wins the mayorial slate. He said something like, "Maganda na at napakayaman na ng Makati, pero malungkot." Then, his exact words: "LET MAKATI HAPPY." Again, funny. Nakakahiya and funny.

And of course, there is this 'Tol commercial by Mike Defensor to top all those election (though not confessed) TV ads. Aside from being the most uninspired bland TV ads that I ever saw in my entire life, this 2-minute commercial doesn't prove or say anything at all but "Hi! I am Mike Defensor, and though I'm not actually saying it, I'm running for Senator in May 2007!" If this is his attempt to make himself known to the general public, he just leaves the people scratching their heads saying "Who the hell is that?!" if they're totally oblivious about politics, or "What the hell was that about?!" if they are searching for any meaning or purpose to it. This ad is just like those printed ads we see everyday in the streets. Happy Fiesta from Congressman this. Happy Valentines Day from Councilor that. And they say they're not selling their names to voters yet. And they say they're not violating any COMELEC laws since they're not submitting their candidacy yet. So oh! I'm so happy Congressman this and Councilor took some effort (not to mention our taxes) just to greet us Happy Fiesta or Happy Valentines! Is that it?! Funny.

I just wish the Filipino is already matured enough to vote this time, and that we've already learned from our mistakes in the past. With all these political craziness going around, the only way to make a wise choice is to really look into how these candidates did their job while in office, their REAL contributions to the society, and their credentials to prove their worth in the position they are running for. If only voters would devote more time for this.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Story of "Us" (Part 3)

A story is always written for the hero who saves the day. But was there any story ever written about the damsel in distress?

For mine's that kind of a story.

A forsaken love had finally betrayed me. Not that it was the type of love that I thought was everlasting. But it was something that took my attention away from what hurt me. I thought this man would take me away from a curse that I had succumbed myself willingly. At first, he did show me salvation. With his whims and charm, he began to amaze me, and later on control me. Strong that I was and my armor, I had been slave to his will. He showed me his world unknown to me. Amazed at first, I was overwhelmed and laid rest into his arms everyday. But later, I realized all the happiness that he caused was just superficial.

Because my heart still belonged to that sweet curse. And he knew it. And he played by it, until a lasting effect came destroying my defenses. He lured me to a trap that he thought I'd never escape. Must he have loved me for this? It didn't matter anymore. While he grasped me with claws ever causing my shortened breathe, like a bird stolen of it's peace and freedom, I broke free. But almost destroyed.

Away from all the troubles that was brought by a forsaken and deceiptful affair, I went off to where he could not find me. At least temporarily. Back to my homeland, to establish my own fortress of solitude. For it was all the power left that I could put into use at that time.

And with all the power that I had already used up, he found me. The author of my lasting curse. The one who owns my heart all along.

It was June, the month of the wedding bells. A sunny morning unknown to me at first, for the whole night before was one of the darkest in my life, I spent shedding the last of the tears that I had to cry for my recent unfortune.

I was in a hotel which is ironically named as heaven... "Shangri-la". It was the first one I could think of which is nearest to resembling my home. It is where I knew relatives who would keep me safe from the world, and who would keep my existence unknown to all for the meantime. But betrayal never left me- it was still bitter, but also tastes sweet. My presence was made known to the only man who could calm me. The only man who could pull me out of insanity. It is quite ironic- the man who took away my heart for the longest time now stood by the bed where I rest my body weakened by harsh fate, as my savior. And he knew he was the only one with whom I could be with for the next days. He now stood there by the hotel door more as a friend than he had been the enemy of my destiny years before. He has a unique light in his eyes, something that I'd learn to grasp and cherish later on.

He sat by and stared at me the whole morning. It was as if he had created this day only for me, and set aside the rest of his world just to be with me, just as he always did a long time ago. He thought I was deep in slumber but his presence had never failed to keep my senses awake and trembling. He threw a smile upon me the first moment I opened my eyes. "I got something for you..." he said. A white long-stemmed rose. He said he took it from an officemate who happened to have a bunch of them. I took it, felt the softness of it's buds and the sweetness of it's odour against my cheeks. And I thought tears already ran out the dreaded night before.

"Shhh... there now... I heard what happened to you... I'm sorry..."

"No, Elmo... don't be sorry. It's my fault actually. I let it all happen."


"No... Elmo... you, here... it's all that I want this very moment."

This is all how it started- my return to life and my last bid to say goodbye to this sweet curse that I willingly accepted in my life. I now understand why, amidst all the hurtings and uncertainties, anyone would still submit one's self to this kind of story. It's better to have loved once like this, than never have loved at all.

(To be continued...)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Story of "Us" (Part 2)

Our unique bond started when we went out to Tagaytay years ago. I think I've already mentioned it in this blog, but it was really just a simple story. Boy meets girl. Girl hates boy at first, but after spending time with each other, falls in love with him eventually, in a very teenager-flick kinda way. Girl goes away, though, because career was much more important at that time. Boy gets broken hearted, and eventually was found by another girl who takes care of him and, eventually again, fell in love with him. Main girl, while away, realizes that there's nothing in the world more special that being with this boy. Girl goes home. Girl gets brokenhearted. Girl goes away again. Girl meets boy again later on. They get together, something clicked. You know the rest of the story...

Friends need not worry of our situation, as I think it is very well managed by both of us. You see, although we see (or we've seen) each other a lot lately, we always end up being reminded of where we are and where we stand relative to each other. As for me, I love him, with all my heart- I won't do anything that would hurt him. Even if that means not having him for the rest of my life, and enduring whatever feelings that come with it.

Indeed, ours is a relationship that we need to keep a secret. A big one. He has a family whom he loves so much, even I couldn't get through it. I have a life and a career to take care of, and settling down, specially with him, is not an option.

But why do we stick to each other even as circumstances always keep us apart? What makes us click whenever we are together? What makes the unique friendship last amidst all opposing conditions?

I don't know, actually. What I only know is that fate draws us together whenever we need each other. Indeed, the concept of "soulmates" really is a difficult thing to explain.

Or maybe it's just that I've been all around the world, and I never found a boy who's more affectionate, caring and sincere more than him. This is the type who never plays games. He tells or shows through obvious means what he feels, and never fails to make it felt too deeply. His are the sweetest kisses of which taking advantage is never felt. In his arms is the safest place in the world I could find. Whenever he lays his hands on me, specially to provide comfort in times of despair and depression, his touch never fails to tell that things will be alright, and it usually does. His are the eyes that never tell lies. He can avoid the truth, but never wills it to, specially if it is to hurt somebody. His is a heart that never willed to hurt anyone. Never. I've seen him carry the burdens of others just to alleviate their worries. He will do anything, sacrifice anything, just to make his loved ones happy and safe. And I was fortunate enough to be part of it. And never had I came over it. Memories of him stay inside, even if he's not aware of it. His kindness has affected my life more than anyone could in this world. And he knows this. I told him never to believe that he's never affected anyone in any way, even if others would make him feel like so. These are the reasons why I return to him every once in a while. His fortress of solitude, somehow damaged now- it's what my free soul yearns for whenever I'm hurt by the world, and it never fails to give me strength, to give me peace.

And so I tried to show him this peace, this calm sunrise after the dreaded storm that he somehow lost after the ordeals that was laid upon his life for a couple of months. Failure has beaten this man down to his knees, and as someone who he inspired for so long, it was my greatest happiness to return what is due him. It didn't matter who or what took him down. I was there to save him, in all means possible, even if it requires offering my all to him, even if I knew this bliss wouldn't last long.

I told him to forget about everything whenever we were together. And forgot we always did. I thought it was necessary. To emerge from the world and a life that somehow hurt you, you need to fly away from it sometimes. Although, again, flying away would mean flying back- completely forgetting everything and going away is never solution to our problems. It was a good thing that amidst all the craziness and careless things that we did during those short weekends, we always end up saying goodbye and returning to our lives not regretting anything that has ever happened. I really believe those days gave us the opportunity to make up for all the things that we've missed all these years. The chance to know what we could have been, and walk away from it smiling, keeping memories that were once just dreams, never part of reality.

(To be continued...)