screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Labor Day Blues

Che Guevarra. Somehow, this man found his way to Filipino local fashion, yet a few knows about his legacy. I got a Che Guevarra shirt the other day, when I went to SM Marilao for a short window shopping. Anyway...

Filipinos have much to look forward to on May 1, Labor Day. Nah, there will be no wage increase for the poor workforce, much to the dismay of the labor groups who clamor for such a necessary adjustment. There will also be no change to be implemented that will help our workers ease their money-wise scarce lives, like lower oil prices or additional financial benefits for the workers. The people of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo fear the president, who is running for a re-election, would be accused again of buying votes, just like what happened when she was hurled with the same allegations when she distributed PhilHealth cards bearing her picture and her name in one of her campaigns in the provinces. This happened only a few months ago.

Instead, our supremely fortunate laborers will be given free tickets to a PBA game on that Saturday. Yes, the poor needs to watch a basketball game instead of eating a decent meal three times a day. Watching a PBA game is more important than providing support for the education of our children. This privilege will not be enjoyed by the public, however, unless they show a used ticket of a previous game. Really, it's very generous of the present administration to grant us these things instead of giving us what they ought to give us.

If that's not enough, here's another reason why we should rejoice on May 1. They also are giving big discounts on big shopping malls throughout Quezon City and Manila. Now, the poor blue-collar people should definitely celebrate on this. This is exactly what the poor needs: More time in the malls to self-pity and slobber over stuff they cannot even think of having in their desperate conditions. The government surely knows that the poor would be glad to wear PRADA, Cinderella or Alexandria, watch movies with pricey seats instead of watching it on a cheap pirated VCD and spend expensive leisurely times in the malls rather than spend their money on basic needs and extra time for extra jobs to supplement their economic deficiency. Again, the poor should thank the government- they truly and absolutely know what the people needs. Whoever thought of these counter-solutions is a total genius. Hurrah!

And to top off every additional benefit the government thinks we all deserve having instead of a popular request for a wage hike, the government also will provide free rides on the MRT and LRT on May 1, Saturday- both a non-working day and a holiday. Yes! So I'll be glad to wake up in the morning of that non-working holiday Saturday, take me on a free ride in the MRT to Makati, AND PRETEND I'M GOING TO WORK THAT DAY. And don't say this is to ensure easier transport of demonstrators to their selected protest rally posts. It's like Malacañang saying, "Ok, instead of granting you wage increases, the government will be letting you do your protest rallies... so go shout out your grievances all day. And oh! Thank the president for allowing you to do so. And if it's not much trouble, since she provided you with the free rides, don't forget to vote her in the coming elections, too!" Poor President Gloria, no matter what she does, she keeps on being haunted by the same accusations.

Anyway, if these people up there are trying to steer clear of the accusations that would definitely hurt Gloria's candidacy, they're definitely losing their touch. Meanwhile, I just don't know if these people are really insensible of the condition of the people or just plain stupid.

Or both.

Mabuhay ang mga manggagawang Pilipino!

Sunday, April 25, 2004

No to Gloria

My parents are convincing me to vote for Gloria. They think it is the only way to avoid ourselves of the impending wrath of FPJ's victory in the coming May elections. To this I strongly disagree. I refuse to vote for Gloria and she is not the only solution. She is not the only solution to the country's FPJ quandary. Besides, this is not a gamble. This is not a game. This is a national election.

I will not vote for someone who explicitly lies for her own political benefit. Even if most of the Filipinos have seemingly forgotten what she promised during the 2001 State of the Nation Address, the memory is still fresh in me. "I will not run for re-election in the coming May 2004 elections," that's what she promised. It's completely comparable to Miriam Defensor's statement during the Erap candidacy in 1998: "If Erap wins, I'll jump off an airplane." Both did not happen, much to the dismay of the expecting people.

I will not vote for someone whose husband is severely linked to a case very much similar to that of Erap during the impeachment trial. I mean, look: The reason why I joined EDSA II is that I wanted to share in kicking out in Malacanang someone who is so obviously corrupt, deceitful and treacherous. Then, several months later- The Jose Pidal case, featuring the new president's husband, Mike Arroyo. Does this simply mean we, Filipinos, have no ability to learn from our mistakes? I refuse to believe so... yet this social sickness comes back again and again. It's sickening, and I won't support anyone who bears the residue of this social cancer. Never.

I won't vote for someone who uses precious government funds for electioneering. It's a sad symptom that this president has corruption and money laundering as one of her bad habits. Whenever I see her pictures scattered in street corners, bridges, buildings and infrustructure- as if we have to thank her for just doing her duty- I'd almost puke. She used the two years given to her by the people of EDSA II for herself alone, not the people she's supposed to serve. She claims she did well during her people-given term after the last EDSA revolution? Hah! Two whole years of campaigning, that's what it is. And her COMELEC didn't even bother noticing it... well, as one May 10 joke says- it's hers anyway.

The people are continuously blinded by her kind, and I refuse to support, to give my vote to her kind. My vote may go to a weaker candidate, but at least I know it would be for a candidate who deserves it. Gloria had her chance. It's time for another one to prove his worth. I will not vote for a sure-win. I will vote for someone else who's nearer to being worthy of my vote.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Ridiculous Heat

Sale in SM Marilao. I got myself 5 new pairs of sandals, 11 new pastel-colored tanktops from bench, three big summer hats, 4 denim cargo skirts, three pairs of tokongs and a halu-halo after a long walk from the parking lot. I had a little bit of a change in my shopping list. Why? It's a whole lotta summer in this country. In fact, I think recently, I've just experienced an all-time record of the hottest days of my life. Hottest, literally.

Yes, I'm complaining. For a girl who sweats more than the usual, who loves cold and cool places like Europe, New Zealand, Japan, etc. it's ridiculously hot in this country. I've had 27 summers in my life and I must say never had I encountered severely sun-blazing days like the ones we're having now. I mean, you can't even last 5 minutes long outside under the sun without having been scorched or inflicted with a slight sunburn... even at 9am in the morning! Makes you wonder if that worldwide trend against the depletion of the ozone layer and greenhouse effect in the 90s did work. Makes you wonder if that's the case in other parts of the globe. Makes you wonder how it is in Alaska. Makes you think Alaska may qualify as the best vacation spot in the world afterall. And... makes you want to buy that Chowking miryenda-size halu-halo treat called "petite" while sitting on a table where cool breeze from that big air-conditioning machine is just a breathe away. Ahh...

Girls do have solutions for this emergency... uhm... situation. Tanktops often do the trick. Umbrellas look good on us, so too bad for boys, they had to keep their masculinity under the sun instead. We can always do with sandals to avoid sweaty feet, although I truly hate seeing boys wearing socks inside their sandals. Eww. Skirts- denims, satin, silk, wutever- serve best during this part of the year. Micro-minis are the best, although it's not "in" these days. So 80s, they say... so I came up with buying denim skirts, instead. I resisted getting 'em for myself last time, fearing that I might disappear in the crowd. But when I began to feel that sweat between my legs the first time I step out of the plane from New York, I think there's no ego stopping me these time. Besides, after seeing me in those denim skirts, I realized it's the right time for my long silk-skinned legs to enjoy a little bit being bare... although I still need to get a hang of it.

But still, I can't enjoy wearing my old shirts these days. Bye-bye for the moment for long sleeves. I have to have extra-workout just to maintain my firm arms so I can wear those sleeveless shirts, tanktops and halters. I can't even enjoy my favorite turtletops, closed shoes and long pants anymore. This is crazy. I can't even spend time walking in Intramuros at night because of the heat. I noticed, a regular block of ice in a glass of ladies drink can't last that long compared to last year. (Of course, I'm just assuming that this is evident.) People used to enjoy nights in the streets of Malate. Now, the guys are either grabbing space inside the air-conditioned bars, inside their cars, or bumming around in their houses, where they can sleep away the heat instead. Then, to make matters more weird, notice that this year, we did not have any strong typhoon visiting the country. Of course, this is a blessing. But, I just can't help but feel that year 2003 was incomplete. The Philippines is supposed to be, I mean, normally visited by typhoons yearly, right? 2003 was quite abnormal. This year's not getting away from the symptoms, either.

I used to laugh when David Letterman cracked jokes about President Bush being paranoid on global-warming. Now, I don't think it's funny anymore.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Da King's New Clothes

This just came in my mailbox...

Ahmad: Once upon a time there was a movie king, who became very famous for playing the champion of the oppressed in his movies. He was so famous, that as a matter of fact he could even be more popular than the present Queen (president). The movie king had many great images (in the original story it was clothes) which made him very appealing to the crowd. For those who worked in the movie industry he was a god worthy of outmost respect, for the masses he was the ultimate Action Idol, and for the politicians he was fresh meat.

Meanwhile two politicians (In the original story they were tailors, and our tailors are no less than Sotto and Angarra), who were loyal to a deposed King (that would be Erap), have tried so hard to topple the queen's administration in order to restore the honor of thier deposed master, and be part of the ruling of the entire kingdom. But because the Queen was so powerful, all of their attempt failed. One day the two politicians were talking.

Politician 1: hey! election is fast apporaching this will be our chance to steal the ruling of this kingdom from the queen. We will be able to free our master and as a reward he will grant us power over his people.

Politican 2: Yes! but the queen's machinery is so powerful, we ourselves must present a candidate who can match up with her influence. But where will we find such candidate.

Politician 1: Wait let me think..... Oh wait! The best friend of our master is very famous isn't he? people around this kingdom worship him as a hero! I know let us ask him to run for Kingship. With our machinery combined with his popularity we will be able to steal this Kingdom!

Politician 2: What? does he know anything about ruling a country? What makes you think he will say yes to us? The people have tried to convince him time and time again, but didn't he always refuse to run? What if he would sense that we are only asking him to run out of our own interest and not of the people? What if the people will realize that he might not be fit to rule this country!

Politician 1: The people are merely his supporters not freinds. I know he will not say no to a freind and our master will surely ask of him to run. He will not sense of our own interest, because he will need us to help him with his campaign. As for the people? what do they know? We will just present some of our clowns to entertain them and we're set. Look at it this way, he can not run the country, so again, if he becomes king, he will be needing us to tell him what to do. It will be as if we are already ruling this kingdom ourselves.

Politician 2: Yes! that sounds logical. Ok. Let's ask him then.

And so they went to see the movie king, and asked him if he wanted to rule this kingdom. But the movie king said he was no politician, he loved his image and he wants to keep it. But the politicians said that they will simply make him a new image, an image of a real life champion. But this did not convince the movie king. The politicians however were smarter, they seeked the helped of their fellow politicians and NGO's to convince the movie king. They showed them a proposal that would discuss the would be qualifications of the movie king to run. However the proposal was empty, and none of them present the acutal qualifications of the movie king. But because they had their own interests and plans, they said that "Yes! he is definitley qualified"! Then the
politicians went to the people, but because the people knew nothng about ruling a kingdom, they were easily decieved by the politicians. When the movie king knew how many people were convinced that he should have this new image as a real life hero.... and because he could not say no to friends.... he finally agreed.

Then fianlly came the campaign period, and the two politicians dictated him of what he would say or what he would not say to protect his image (At this point you probably know that the image/clothes is really absent)............

Ahmad: Ok, I'll end the story here. In the actual fairy tale a child told the emperor that he was not actualy wearing anything! Who would be that brave someone who will walk up to the movie king and tell him that the image his trying to project is bogus? Will this twisted version of the Emperor's new clothes will have a happy ending? What do you think?

Katie: I've been doing just that since September last year, sweetie. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

FPJ=Fallacy Per Judgement

Katie: Ahmad and I... we both must have seen that supposed-to-be presidential debate (ABC-5) where all the supposed participants were, again, nowhere to be found. From the said show, the only interesting part was that exchange of arguments by the representative of FPJ (not FPJ himself? why am I not surprised?) and the not-so-famous vice-presidential candidate of the Alyansa ng Pag-asa. Well, to simply put it, FPJ, again and again, proved to the world how fragile his stand is on every social/political issue he faces. (Come to think of it, he doesn't FACE these issues at all, di ba?!) Disgusted, I never made it to the end part of the debate.

Ahmad, on the other hand, has EVERYTHING to say about FPJ's argument, again, via his representative who always seem to resolve to FPJ's self-pity whenever confronted with the issue of him being not qualified because of his lack of skill/educational attainment- a veeeeery effective in captivating the emotion of the telenovela-trained Masa. Those horrible TV moments made me think of what FPJ could stand for... Yes, all together now: Fallacy per Judgement.

Ahmad: "If you have seen those FPJ ads, what do they tell us about FPJ? Nothing! not his qualifications, not his track record, not even a plan of action! Not a Goddamn thing! For the longest time, I (and the rest of us) have been looking for a concrete explanation and essence in his qualification, but how did FPJ's allies have responded? We are accused of being intellectual Snobs, that we only concern our own elitist interest, and do not care for the welfare of our masses! God this reasoning makes me sick! We are only asking what is fair! why should we vote FPJ for president? and please substabtiate the answers with concrete facts about him! Fact is he has no track record in public service, if ever he did some charity work we would not know how true or false it is, because he kept a very private life. Election is less than a month away but he never gave us a concrete explanation of what his plan of action.

Lets examine some of this so-called reason why he should be president.

1.) He is influential, he can influence his people to stand united and work for a common good.

The word "Influential" here is clearly being substituted (and often mistaken) for "Popularity", these are two very different things. In order for someone to be influential someone actualy has to influence someone to do a tangible action, not just appeal to his emotion to get him to listen to him. Moreover the question is what excatly will you influence them to do when you manage to make them stand united? to make it clearer where will you lead them? It is not enough to get people to listen, a leader must also know what task he should give to his subordiantes. But has he given us a clue of what this tasks are? I also said in the past that if he is so influential then how come the opposition is not united? If he can't console one man (Lacson) to be on this side then somebody please explain to me how he is going to unite 80 million filipinos.

2.) He is less talk and more action that is why he does not want to participate in debates, because he prefers action than argumentation.

I agree than any public servant should do more action than talking. But in FPJ's case he is overdoing it. Besides what makes them actually say that he is more of action rather than talk? No tract record of Public service in the past can substantiate this, In fact no substance to this argument has been presented at all! So they are clearly assuming without prooving. More than that action can only be done if you get elected, and in order to be elected people have to vote for you, Ideally people should vote for a candidate whom they believe has the best plan of action. I mean FPJ has a plan right? if not then why is he wasting his time?

3.) We need a leader not only with intellegence but determination and heart to actually do service.

Again what substance can proove that FPJ is really determined in helping his people other than word of mouth? Is determination enough to actually be an effective leader? Lets put an analogy to it, what would be the best solider, one with courage but no amunition, one with amunition but an absolute coward, one with neither ammunition nor courage, or one who has both courage and ammunition. Platforms are both means and ends. He said that FPJ will improve our agriculture, education, discipline our law enforcers, and bring back trust to the government yada yada yada (hell he can even say that he intends to send a filipino in pluto if he wants). Yeah but how in God's name does he intend to do so? his answer? "Baka pag pinaliwanag ko abutin pa tayo dito ng mag-hapon". Right!

So why the hell is it that if an explanation has to be given about his programs someone else has to answer for him? Why? Can't he explain it himself? afterall its his program right? (yeah right).

I would like to imagine that I am one of those basketball players in FPJ's campaign add, and at the end of it I would go "ah tulong tulong sama sama..... O sige po, Ano ang gagawin NATIN para umasenso and Pilipinas? What do you think will be his answer?"

FPJ: uhhh... bago yan. Di pa namin napag-uusapan namin yan. Pag-aaralan namin yan. Yada yada yada yan...

Lee Kuan Yew: (grin.)

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Site Summary

Thanks y'all from WWW2AM for proving once again that this website is getting famous by the minute! :) There may be Katie (and the correct spelling, guys is K-A-T-I-E, ok?) lovers and haters in there, but one thing is for sure, they READ my online journal, and seeing that the forum thread has reached 5 makes me wanna jump for joy. Teeheehee... Anyway, I got this article from the forum, itself. This column from pretty much sums up everything I have in mind right now...



MANILA, March 10, 2004 (STAR) HERE'S THE SCORE By Teodoro C. Benigno - Lee Kuan Yew wasn’t kidding at all when more than a decade ago, he more or less stated the Philippines wasn’t going anywhere. Why? Firstly, he said, Filipinos "have no discipline." Secondly, he added, we possessed an "exuberant democracy", meaning a frolic and fiesta democracy. Like James Fallows before him who said Filipinos have a "damaged culture", Lee Kuan Yew set off an angry caterwaul. We Filipinos, both educated and not educated, pounced on him with might and main, lashed him with insult and invective, told him never to set foot on our shores again.

President Fidel Ramos was particularly furious.

To Lee’s claim that a nation’s leaders had the ultimate duty and responsibility to instill discipline among its citizenry, FVR riposted discipline had to come from below, from the common people. That was folly. Discipline – and I didn’t need a Lee Kuan Yew to tell me that – comes from the top. It comes from leaders who have a vision, who often have to crack the whip on a fun-and-frolic citizenry, who have to ruthlessly impose law and order, and punish those who defy and disobey the government.

Without law, without order, without discipline, without the values that lead to that great, pulsing and pounding national throb of a fulfilled nation, the Philippines has nowhere to go. Now we’re at it again, electing our 15th president with pomp and regalia, a nation foolishly and stupidly in denial, bestowing on the May 10 elections the wisdom and wonder of the philosopher’s stone.

Whenever I write this way, even close friends reproach me.

"Teddy, can’t you be more hopeful?" is the most frequent comment. "Can’t you see anything good in our country? Are we really as bad as you write in your column? Certainly, things can get better if we elect the right leaders." There, in a nutshell, is what is dreadfully wrong with the Filipino ethos. We prefer not to look at the facts, figures and statistics, all depicting the national disaster, which I never invented in the first place.

Well, let me tell you. Hope? Tell that to the 3,500 Filipinos who flee the nation every day for jobs and security abroad. Tell that to Peter Wallace, and heads of multinational corporations who have lost hope and many of whom are transferring their businesses to China, Thailand, Malaysia and elsewhere. Tell that to our doctors, yes doctors of medicine. They prefer life abroad as lowly nurses and caregivers, humiliating as this might be, to staying here where the pay is ridiculously low and they cannot provide decently for their families.

Tell that to the millions of Filipinos abroad known as OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) who disdain the very idea of coming back home. Home to what? To poverty and disease? To the now even more excruciating life of squatters, beggars, wanderers and nomads, living in the slums, two even three families to a room, where the smells of refuse, silt and sex are overpowering, where open incest often occurs, and there is no privacy? Tell that to the kids of even affluent and rich families who want out, who want to spend the rest of their lives abroad.

Know what? I could write differently.

I could write to amuse and entertain, serve up dollops of lilt and laughter, get into the entertainment business, write about celebrities, about theater, art and cinema, hustle back to the footpaths of memory, dwell nostalgically on the past when life was simple, when family morality was still at hand, when we had yet to be crassly invaded by Hollywood, when the use of itay and inay, or tatay and nanay was still common even among many of my friends, when we dearly loved the Philippines, when during the Second World War, we were not afraid to die. In fact, many of us died, fighting that war.

But I saw my own vision on my own road to Damascus.

I sustained the "divine wound" that afflicts some young journalists. And I was never the same after that. Literature had to give way to philosophy and history, the yearning for art in its purest forms to the political and social sciences. And yet, as André Malraux said, "All art is a revolt against man’s fate," and as Albert Camus said "To understand life, every now and then you have to recoil from life," I learned those lessons well. I eventually also learned to extricate my mind from the poisoned tentacles of ideology, from Adam Smith’s "hidden hand" of capitalism to the "dialectical materialism" of Karl Marx and Ferderick Engels.

Nothing was pure gospel anymore.

I find out that until today, until this very minute, many educated Filipinos, yes confirmed Christians all, cannot accept the fact that the nation has reached the end of the road. That the neo-liberal, free-trade, free enterprise system that has sustained us since the end of the Second World War is now in tatters. That the democracy we continue to extol while sitting on the laps of a capricious Uncle Sam is a huge fraud because its institutions have already withered and died.

What economy? What sound fundamentals? Almost 50 out of 83 million Filipinos are hungry, on the verge of starvation. Our national debt now amounts to P4.5 trillion, every Filipino in yoke by about P50,000. Argentina, here we come? A third of the national budget goes to paying just the interest of our foreign debt. To keep our heads above the water, the government has to borrow about P500 billion a year, and more each succeeding year. Virtually nothing is left to improve our lives. On top of all that, we lose P230 billion each year or more to government graft and corruption. We are the eleventh most corrupt nation in the world, the fourth most corrupt nation in Asia, according to Transparency International and PERC. The Asian Development Bank declares our culture is about the worst in Asia for foreign investments. We are the kidnap capital of Asia.

Hope? You kidding?

For many decades, we Filipinos have blinded ourselves to this mounting heap of irrefutable evidence. And now that almost the worst is upon us, we still look the other way.

We continue to be what we have always been – patient, forbearing, forgiving, submissive, dumb, deaf and blind. We suffer, we bleed, we walk with bare feet on broken glass. We do what we do best. We sing and we pray. We have fun when we can. Toma. Many of our neighbor nations in Asia have long waken up, long taken the road to emancipation, progress and prosperity. The per capita income of these countries has soared from anywhere to $14,000 to $20,000. Our per capital income is at the level of the fast multiplying amoeba – $900 to just a little over $1,000. Hopeful?

But no, we are not angry when we should be. We are not outraged, not insulted at all, not offended, not chastened, not a bit mortified. Oh yes, thee are a few of us who are, the exceptions that make the rule.

And so I have write the way I write today. Keep telling the truth, calling the shots as I see them. Always, I remember what the great Indian poet Rabindanath Tagore said, "If you like to make a difference, walk alone. Walk alone." India, yes India, Jawaharlal Nehru, the Pandit, scion of one of the richest families in India, wept unashamedly when for the first time after his studies in England, he roamed all over his country, and discovered how hundreds of millions of Indians were living in utmost poverty and penury, in indescribable squalor, sometimes better, sometimes worse than animals.

Nehru vowed he would spend the rest of his life in service to the poor. That he did. He fought the Raj fiercely and relentlessly, every vestige of British colonial exploitation. He was the political bayonet to Mahatma Gandhi’s radiant spiritual spear. Both were imprisoned. Millions of Indians died. But they were willing to pay the price for freedom, for liberty, for emancipation from colonial rule. Now India, with Bangalore and Hyderabad leading the way, is following China’s path to modernity, using science and technology to extricate the albatross forever from its neck.

We Filipinos are not willing to pay this price.

And we are not willing to pay this price because we cannot get angry. Our culture of submission and forbearance gets in the way. Our leadership is utterly and abominably corrupt, and as a people we also are to some extent. Our business potentates in Makati and elsewhere are the Hapsburgs and Hohenzollerns of the Philippines. Our politicians in Congress are their executive committee.

Ex-president Joseph Estrada never had it so good.

He should be in jail with bars, wearing a prisoner’s uniform, alongside prison inmates. But no, even as a felon, he is treated extravagantly like a VIP, allowed access to his luxury villa in Tanay, Rizal, some 100 meters from Camp Capinpin where he is in detention. I have absolutely no doubt President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is behind this display of "political compassion" at a time she still believes she can wangle many of the masa votes of Erap. She should be ashamed. She should bolt herself in the cellar and throw away the key. But she won’t. She has to win by hook and by crook.

But that is what we are as a nation. Are we doomed?

Saturday, April 03, 2004


Loren Legarda is a pokpok. Loren Legarda is FPJ's bitch. I just got to let this thing out.

Yup. That's right. After seeing in the news how she treated poor GMA reporter Sandra Aguinaldo, this is what I'm reminded of. That Loren doesn't only look like a political pokpok... she's really a bitch.

Of course, like the organiser that I got in my cellphone, those "Kaya natin 'to basta tulong-tulong, sama-sama" FPJ ads has not ever failed to remind me of this, either. I mean, look and see for your self. Legarda's gestures, Legarda's faces in those ads... Legarda looks like FPJ's whore in those campaign flicks! And after the FPJ-Aguinaldo incident... whooo... She never fails to prove it over and over again.

Aguinaldo's been bullied over and put to a very embarassing situation in front of a crowd by the top-notch presidential candidate FPJ... just because she's doing a job as TV reporter. FPJ, if he truly is in his right mind, should know what Aguinaldo was doing at his back while he's delivering a speech. And he should have been at least at ease with that, knowing that he's a celebrity- the media ought to be around him all the time. Well, I can't blame the man for his ignorance (the only thing I blame on him is that he insists on taking on a job he can't obvoiusly handle seriously...), but as I witnessed Loren Legarda's actions to settle this incident... wow. Bitch talaga.

She insisted that Aguinaldo should apologize to FPJ. What a nutcase. She acted like a total disgrace to womanhood. She acted like FPJ's whore... No. I don't think she meant it when, the following day, she approached Aguinaldo, said sorry, and said "Di ka namin papabayaan. Mahal na mahal ka namin." I have one word for her. PLASTIC. She never fails to prove that she's taking everything at stake, even to throw away her principles and... humanity... just to win the position she's running for. She has turned herself as a typical Filipino trapo. Shameful. Very shameful.

Funny thing is Jamby Madrigal runs in the same political party as hers. She owns the illogically-named "Kontra-Politika Movement", right? If she truly lives by her group's objectives, why does she run alongside those whom her organization consider as enemies? Or doesn't logic sound relevant in Philippine politics anymore? Ahhhh well....