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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Labor Day Blues

Che Guevarra. Somehow, this man found his way to Filipino local fashion, yet a few knows about his legacy. I got a Che Guevarra shirt the other day, when I went to SM Marilao for a short window shopping. Anyway...

Filipinos have much to look forward to on May 1, Labor Day. Nah, there will be no wage increase for the poor workforce, much to the dismay of the labor groups who clamor for such a necessary adjustment. There will also be no change to be implemented that will help our workers ease their money-wise scarce lives, like lower oil prices or additional financial benefits for the workers. The people of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo fear the president, who is running for a re-election, would be accused again of buying votes, just like what happened when she was hurled with the same allegations when she distributed PhilHealth cards bearing her picture and her name in one of her campaigns in the provinces. This happened only a few months ago.

Instead, our supremely fortunate laborers will be given free tickets to a PBA game on that Saturday. Yes, the poor needs to watch a basketball game instead of eating a decent meal three times a day. Watching a PBA game is more important than providing support for the education of our children. This privilege will not be enjoyed by the public, however, unless they show a used ticket of a previous game. Really, it's very generous of the present administration to grant us these things instead of giving us what they ought to give us.

If that's not enough, here's another reason why we should rejoice on May 1. They also are giving big discounts on big shopping malls throughout Quezon City and Manila. Now, the poor blue-collar people should definitely celebrate on this. This is exactly what the poor needs: More time in the malls to self-pity and slobber over stuff they cannot even think of having in their desperate conditions. The government surely knows that the poor would be glad to wear PRADA, Cinderella or Alexandria, watch movies with pricey seats instead of watching it on a cheap pirated VCD and spend expensive leisurely times in the malls rather than spend their money on basic needs and extra time for extra jobs to supplement their economic deficiency. Again, the poor should thank the government- they truly and absolutely know what the people needs. Whoever thought of these counter-solutions is a total genius. Hurrah!

And to top off every additional benefit the government thinks we all deserve having instead of a popular request for a wage hike, the government also will provide free rides on the MRT and LRT on May 1, Saturday- both a non-working day and a holiday. Yes! So I'll be glad to wake up in the morning of that non-working holiday Saturday, take me on a free ride in the MRT to Makati, AND PRETEND I'M GOING TO WORK THAT DAY. And don't say this is to ensure easier transport of demonstrators to their selected protest rally posts. It's like MalacaƱang saying, "Ok, instead of granting you wage increases, the government will be letting you do your protest rallies... so go shout out your grievances all day. And oh! Thank the president for allowing you to do so. And if it's not much trouble, since she provided you with the free rides, don't forget to vote her in the coming elections, too!" Poor President Gloria, no matter what she does, she keeps on being haunted by the same accusations.

Anyway, if these people up there are trying to steer clear of the accusations that would definitely hurt Gloria's candidacy, they're definitely losing their touch. Meanwhile, I just don't know if these people are really insensible of the condition of the people or just plain stupid.

Or both.

Mabuhay ang mga manggagawang Pilipino!


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