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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Ahmad's "True Idol of the Masses"

There is only one true Idol of the masses, and not
Erap nor FPJ can steal this leagcy from this man. Not
only is it preposterous and outrageuous to claim that
erap is the father of the masses, it is as well
blasphemous. This man that I am reffering to is no
less than the late President Ramon Magsaysay. I just
wrote this letter as soon as I finished reading the
book "Magsaysay my Guy; Anecdotes about Ramon

Why was he the true Idol of the masses? Recalling our
history most presidents that came before him came from
wealthy and powerful families, him on the other hand
had to work as a mechanic just to support his studies.
When he was elected president, he made malacanang
palace accessible to the masses. His admisnistration
was one of the memorable times, when agrarian reform
laws that benefited farmers, were more of reality that
fiction as it is today. One of the best things about
him was that he was a down to earth person and lived a
very simple life style even when he was already
president. In fact he would even go to wet markets and
shop every morning for his breakfast and lunch (No, he
never did this for a publicity stunt).

Erap on the other hand had all the opportunities to
study but did not finish college. They said he got
expelled trying to defend another student from a fist
fight (so they say!). He lived the life of the average
filipino playboy with all his vices (drinking,
gambling and womanizing). But because he was a movie
hero and he always played the modern day robin hood in
his films the masses loved him. We all know that Erap
never lived a simple lifestyle when he became
president. Everytime he would eat lunch with the urban
poor we all knew that it was a publicity stunt. Back
in malcanang who was he? It was no secret that he was
somone who favored his rich and powerful friends
(cronies), rather than the masses who could have
gained much benefit from unpaid taxes coco levy funds
etc. Neither was it a secret that he retained his
Macho Image (which the masses loved). In fact he even
continued doing his vices in the palace. Ergo other
than the fact that he was popular among the crowd, I
can't see why he deserves to be called the Idol of the

Ramon Magsaysay is the true Idol of the masses, not
because he was poor as erap were not. but because he
serves as a perfect example to the masses, and this
example makes a great leader. It is sad that only a
few of us remember him (other that the fact that the
most prestigious award giving body in the Philippines
was named after him), and few of us try to find
leaders who have both charisma and skills. Now
everybody wants to make FPJ the new Idol of the
masses, but truth be told nothing much is said why,
other than the fact that he reaches out to the masses
that watch his movies.

To claim that Erap is the Idol of the masses is like
having a druken moron piss on your wedding cake, on
your wedding day, infront of every guest.



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