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Friday, March 05, 2004

Goodbye, Halina.

SEXY starlet Halina Perez was killed when their van collided with a truck along the national highway early Thursday morning (March 3, 2004) in the far Del Gallego town in Camarines Sur after a gig there. I'm still waiting if this tragedy is going to be the next to "Rico Yan" thingy again, but I think it's not happening since the networks seem not to give exclusive focus on it.

I had a small chat with this young girl last year in the popular ABS-CBN canteen. I was still doing modelling then. She's sweet and charming... "mabait", to perfectly put it, compared to other talents who are on the same level where she were. Sayang. And oh... Yes, it's true- she always wore that smiling face, which most likely is the reason why guys fall head over heals for her... guys like my Elmo.

Today, I say my Elmo go to work wearing an all black motif. What a jerk... but come to think of it, if Tom Cruise would die today, I'd surely be wearing the same motif too.

Just don't let me see him emoting over Halina's pages on FHM, though.


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