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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Lovers and Haters

It's both overwhelming and exciting to actually discover that the Hate Philippines website had even caused a series of comments posted in one of the ezboard forums. I think most of them hate me, or the website because, according to them, sinisira ko daw ang image ng Filipino. Some, on the other hand, would comment that it's not true. Well... here's my analysis on this...

There are actually two kinds of visitors to the Hate Philippines website.

1) Those who readily dismiss the website as a site that expresses hate against the Philippines in general. Upon seeing the website's title ("I hate the Philippines."), their weak minds are easily stirred to believe these words literally. Or they might be just too lazy to at least thoroughly read the first page and find the meaning between the lines, so says one from the forum. These are the types who sees the url address "" as some website that, again, supports Pinoy-hate when in fact, it does not.

They see me as a model, and readily dismiss that if all models are... well... "mababaw," all they can think of is "mababaw." They just can't see a model, or a cute girl, or a chick coming up with a good comment about fishballs, because all they know is that models, cute girls, or chicks (what a term...) don't eat fishballs... absolutely. We will melt like candles under the sun if we do so. Well, speaking of "mababaw," how about how "babaw" can Guingona get? I once thought of him as a great dignified politician. Now, is he going to be a model? Is he planning to be one? If he eats fishballs in public, will he melt like M&M's in your mouth, too? (This is why I insist that Guingona should prove himself to those who once claimed that he is a good politician that he truly IS one of the rarest species in the land by at least writing a 5000-word essay that explains why he's now siding with FPJ... he owes us an explanation. A very detailed one.)

2) There are those who visit the website, are challenged or intrigued by the title, thoroughly read the articles and my posts, and REALIZE that I do all these not because I hate the Philippines, but because I'm not happy about what's happening in this particular country. There's a big difference between hating and not being happy about something, see? Not being happy means I can still do something about it, or at least I can tell what's wrong why I'm not happy with it, so that I may HOPE that things might CHANGE afterwards. If I hate the Philippines, yes, I should be living away from every aspect of it. But here I am who keep on going back. Besides, is it illegal to complain? At least by complaining, someone, if not everyone, would know that there IS something wrong... if they DO admit there there is something wrong (unless of course they're in denial). I don't consider myself as Rizal's incarnate, nor am I someone who tries to be the heroine who saves the country from it's impending doom. All I am is a girl who wants CHANGE, and would like to start CHANGE by starting to complain. Not whine. Complain- meaning, to tell what is wrong so as to expose or welcome suggestions to solve the problem. (If there are still people who could not distinguish "complaining" from "whining"... how narrow-minded can people get pa ba?!) Yes, I want answers. So far, it is only Ahmad who wrote me emails presenting good comments, suggestions and insights about the issues I discuss. Yes, this is a bold step, and people who REALLY READ my insights and want CHANGE to happen asap see this as clear as the sun in the sky.

Well, regardless of what kinds of visitors I make out of this site, I still thank them for spending a part of their lives reading my thoughts posted here. It's a great pleasure to actually receive opinions, ideas- both good and bad. This is the reason why I think the title is perfectly attaining it's purpose... to invite attention.

Of course, extra-thanks to those who really GET my point here. *wink* ;-p

Ching Chong Chai.... hahaha! Now that's a good one.


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