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Thursday, March 18, 2004

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Ah... It's amazing how long trips in Bulacan yield many thoughts in my mind as I meditate about... life?

1) I just finished playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast (PC). I must say I was recently hooked up by the game, I couldn't leave my keyboard unless I finish a chapter. I'm not big a fan of PC games, but I do admit I'm a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. I'm quite surprised when Kyle Katarn mentioned "the beaches of Spira" in the end of the game. Can't help but wonder if the one who made the story for this game has heard or is aware of the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. Hm... probably just a coincidence.

2) Bulacan is filled with GMA ads. No, they are not the usual election ads you see on the streets. It seems that the "This is a project courtesy of GMA" government ads have multiplied everywhere in Bulacan in the past few weeks. What's weird is that although these ad boards are seemingly new, they're all supposed to be posted years ago.

One says "The reconstruction / asphalt laying of Pinagbakahan street is a project courtesy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo." Nice. But if you'll read the bottom part of the ad, it says there that the project was done last 2002. Two years ago?! Then another one says "The reconstruction / asphalt laying of the street connecting Balagtas to Bulacan i a project courtesy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo," also adorned by a picture of her as she looks to the horizon whatever. Where is this billboard located? In Sto. Cristo, Malolos City- almost 20 kilometers away from the said site. (and the date indicated in this billboard says the project was finished by 2001). Pathetic. I could have tolerated the existence of DPWH ads on the streets during that time when these so-called "programang pangtrabaho" were taking place. But to see a replay of these ads several years after, when these projects are almost withered away and are needing of another reconstruction... it's just PATHETIC. And MalacaƱang denies that GMA does not use government funds in campaigning? Wow. Perfect term- Kapal ng Mukha.

My goodness, Mrs. President! Do we have to be reminded of the time you just did your job as President that happened a looooong time ago? Or is this just an obvious sign that she's using DPWH's funds (which spells PEOPLE'S TAXES) for your candidacy (thus proving again that they have this bad habit of assuming that we, Filipino voters, are naturally stupid not to notice this). I mean, this IS an obvious reason to believe that she's using our taxes to gain her personal motive- that is, to win the coming elections. How much does one of this DPWH billboards cost? P1,000 at least? Enough to feed the many poor in the streets of Manila.

Is GMA really THAT desperate? Ok, given that she's THAT desperate, I think, by logic alone, that she has no right to use our money, the taxes paid by the Filipinos through their sweat, blood and life, just to sell her name to the unknowing public. Yup, although I don't intend to vote Boots Anson Roa as Senator, I do believe in her argument that she has to resign or take a leave of absence because of this.

3) I just need to plug something. Elmo needs cash or a nokia 3650. In exchange for either of these, he's willing to trade his:

Playstation 2 (without the joystick and memory card and it's not yet modified) plus his old nokia 3530 phone.

Why? He needs that cash (P10thou bucks for both items) to buy a new motherboard and P4 or he just needs to have a phone with a built-in digital camera for his sinister plans. Anyone who'd like to make a deal, email me at Thanks!


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