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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

At least someone understands...

Actually, I don't have to explain myself regarding this. But for everybody's sake, and because I do wish everyone would get my point, once and for all... Here's how Ahmad explains in full detail my position on why I chose to build the HATE PHILIPPINES website:


Bill Cosby said this, and I mentioned it upon reading
some comments on ezboards. I guess we can't really
please everyone. point taken!

I was very objective in reading tru the comments (at
least I tried my best), and tried to set aside my
biases. But here's the thing. Only a few of them
addressed the the issues or arguments presented in the
website. I was expecting to see some good counter
arguments on why we should not hate this country and
be satisfied that this is the kind of home that we
have. If I were to argue on thier side I would say
something like this country may have some problems but
at least were nothing like north korea or bangladesh
or afganisthan and I dont think I need to explain why
we wouldn't want to be any of those countries. Sadly,
I did not find any strong arguments. All that I saw
was an obvious appeal to emotion and attack to the
person who made the website aside from the arguments
it tried to present. I beleive I have read something
like, she is a model, she is a UP graduate, she is
fortunate to have a job in makati, why should we
believe that she loves her country? She is whinning
for her own interest. This is a clear commision of
Argumentum ad Hominem (attack to person circumstancial
and abusive).

Ok My father is Iranian, I am a graduate of UP and
continuing my Masters study here, I was fortunate that
my parents were able to buy me my own house here in
manila, and I have a job that does not pay that much
but enables me to support myself. If I were to build a
website and present my arguments about the Philippines
(regardless of what they were). I think the Issue of
my ethnicity, educational background, and social
status would be first subjected to scrutiny rather
than the arguments I present. This is of course
unfair, its like saying that you belive that the world
is not flat, but so did Adolf Hitler Charles Mason,
and Ted bundy also, therefore you should not believe
it because you might be guilty of association.

Yes we hate this country for what it is, but we love
it enough to change it. There was also one comment
that said complains are old news, we should do
actions. On the contrary we are doing actions the best
way we can, and that is by correcting the false
arguments being presented by the system. Can't you
people see? False arguments are precisely the reasons
why we have bad politics in this country, false
arguments are the reason why we can't strengthen our
economy, and false arguments are the reason why the
poor can easily be manipulated by the people who use
them for thier own interest, thus making them remain
poor. We encounter false arguments all the time but
only a few of us can or even bother to correct them.
Until we straigthen the issues here, I dont't think
that it will ever be possible for anyone to do any
tangible action (Prof Alex Magno said this).

OK Im defending you and your site, it is obvious. but
why am I doing so? Like I said we share the same
sentiments, and we should never be intimidated by the
poeple who give false evengelisms




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