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Saturday, April 03, 2004


Loren Legarda is a pokpok. Loren Legarda is FPJ's bitch. I just got to let this thing out.

Yup. That's right. After seeing in the news how she treated poor GMA reporter Sandra Aguinaldo, this is what I'm reminded of. That Loren doesn't only look like a political pokpok... she's really a bitch.

Of course, like the organiser that I got in my cellphone, those "Kaya natin 'to basta tulong-tulong, sama-sama" FPJ ads has not ever failed to remind me of this, either. I mean, look and see for your self. Legarda's gestures, Legarda's faces in those ads... Legarda looks like FPJ's whore in those campaign flicks! And after the FPJ-Aguinaldo incident... whooo... She never fails to prove it over and over again.

Aguinaldo's been bullied over and put to a very embarassing situation in front of a crowd by the top-notch presidential candidate FPJ... just because she's doing a job as TV reporter. FPJ, if he truly is in his right mind, should know what Aguinaldo was doing at his back while he's delivering a speech. And he should have been at least at ease with that, knowing that he's a celebrity- the media ought to be around him all the time. Well, I can't blame the man for his ignorance (the only thing I blame on him is that he insists on taking on a job he can't obvoiusly handle seriously...), but as I witnessed Loren Legarda's actions to settle this incident... wow. Bitch talaga.

She insisted that Aguinaldo should apologize to FPJ. What a nutcase. She acted like a total disgrace to womanhood. She acted like FPJ's whore... No. I don't think she meant it when, the following day, she approached Aguinaldo, said sorry, and said "Di ka namin papabayaan. Mahal na mahal ka namin." I have one word for her. PLASTIC. She never fails to prove that she's taking everything at stake, even to throw away her principles and... humanity... just to win the position she's running for. She has turned herself as a typical Filipino trapo. Shameful. Very shameful.

Funny thing is Jamby Madrigal runs in the same political party as hers. She owns the illogically-named "Kontra-Politika Movement", right? If she truly lives by her group's objectives, why does she run alongside those whom her organization consider as enemies? Or doesn't logic sound relevant in Philippine politics anymore? Ahhhh well....


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