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Sunday, April 25, 2004

No to Gloria

My parents are convincing me to vote for Gloria. They think it is the only way to avoid ourselves of the impending wrath of FPJ's victory in the coming May elections. To this I strongly disagree. I refuse to vote for Gloria and she is not the only solution. She is not the only solution to the country's FPJ quandary. Besides, this is not a gamble. This is not a game. This is a national election.

I will not vote for someone who explicitly lies for her own political benefit. Even if most of the Filipinos have seemingly forgotten what she promised during the 2001 State of the Nation Address, the memory is still fresh in me. "I will not run for re-election in the coming May 2004 elections," that's what she promised. It's completely comparable to Miriam Defensor's statement during the Erap candidacy in 1998: "If Erap wins, I'll jump off an airplane." Both did not happen, much to the dismay of the expecting people.

I will not vote for someone whose husband is severely linked to a case very much similar to that of Erap during the impeachment trial. I mean, look: The reason why I joined EDSA II is that I wanted to share in kicking out in Malacanang someone who is so obviously corrupt, deceitful and treacherous. Then, several months later- The Jose Pidal case, featuring the new president's husband, Mike Arroyo. Does this simply mean we, Filipinos, have no ability to learn from our mistakes? I refuse to believe so... yet this social sickness comes back again and again. It's sickening, and I won't support anyone who bears the residue of this social cancer. Never.

I won't vote for someone who uses precious government funds for electioneering. It's a sad symptom that this president has corruption and money laundering as one of her bad habits. Whenever I see her pictures scattered in street corners, bridges, buildings and infrustructure- as if we have to thank her for just doing her duty- I'd almost puke. She used the two years given to her by the people of EDSA II for herself alone, not the people she's supposed to serve. She claims she did well during her people-given term after the last EDSA revolution? Hah! Two whole years of campaigning, that's what it is. And her COMELEC didn't even bother noticing it... well, as one May 10 joke says- it's hers anyway.

The people are continuously blinded by her kind, and I refuse to support, to give my vote to her kind. My vote may go to a weaker candidate, but at least I know it would be for a candidate who deserves it. Gloria had her chance. It's time for another one to prove his worth. I will not vote for a sure-win. I will vote for someone else who's nearer to being worthy of my vote.


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