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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Manny Pacquiao for President

Catchy, isn't it? Well, for a game that's ruled by popularity and power, this will definitely deliver.

You see, I've cheered for Manny Pacquiao the last time he won against Morales (although I find the latter cute, by the way.) I'd say he's one of the reasons why we should be proud as Filipinos. He has proven that the Filipino can make it in the limelight in any field that he chooses. For that, he has inspired many, even attempting to follow his footsteps.

But it was clearly a lot of minus points when he went out saying he's running for Congress. It was no surprise, though, since the GMA's corner had already been pushing him to run for any office (even the Senate, though the idea is just simply ridiculous). Like a proud champ that he is, he declared that he can make it even in politics. He could even be using Cesar Montano's defense in some other press conferences, saying they could always take a crash course on law and the constitution if in case they get the position. (Now, how would that make studying law for 5 years look like?) I admire their courage, for politics is such a sick game here in the Philippines. It just shows that no matter how stupid their excuses are, they still go for it, believing that the people would buy it. And you know what? Their plan is working just as how they (or their advisers) have forseen it.

Confidence is backed up. In this case, Mr. Pacquiao's confidence is coming from Malacañang itself. They would say it isn't so. I would imagine that in General Santos City, during one of their meeting-de-avance's, Pacquiao would raise the hands of the Malacañang candidates as their audience approve of his endorsement, exclaiming in delight as they see their idol amongst their rulers. Afterwhich they'd deny claims that they chose Pacquiao over Ms. Custodio, the incumbent, because he IS the right choice. They'd say it's but natural for the likes of Pacquiao to rule the country, as they say we need to be inspired by such people who possess stories of great success. But of course it's all denial and false claims in politics. If they deny, for example, that claim that they joined Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III in Team Unity just because they want votes from Mindanao, not at at all because he can do good in the Senate, then that means they really joined the poor sultan just to gather votes by popularity. It's the same machinism, and it works. The smart bastards behind the scene know to play the game, simply because the bait looks tasty, and fish always go for it, even though it doesn't necessarily mean they're really tasty.

GenSan should be the focus of political and social analysts in the country, for the outcome of the elections in this region would determine how matured (or immature) democracy currently is in the Philippines. A lot will be answered during and after the elections, though answers to them were already answered since Erap's administration. Does popularity, goodwill that lack skills really justify a good vote? Have we really learned from our mistakes?

As for my decision to vote or not- of course, I'll vote. I can't wait to cast my ballot since this responsibility comes only once after a couple of years. I will not be filling up all the ranks, though. I'd draw a straight line of ink for most of them, most likely, just to make sure the blanks would be used for evil means. I'd vote the ones who has consistently stood up to their principles, stood against the traditional evils of politics and the society as a whole, and stood beside the Filipino people even if their popularity itself is at stake.

Most of them could be unknowns to most voters, but I don't care. I won't vote candidates simply because they'll surely win! This is not gamble. This is not a contest where someone would win a 29 inch flatscreen TV after the event. It could be a game, a race. But what's at stake here is what we'd be as a country for the next couple of years. I'm not going to lay those years in the hands of people whose credibility and principles are uncertain.

As for Pacquiao, I wonder what his mother is thinking right now. She should be very much disappointed by now for his son's rashness. Remember that she was the first one to say she's against the whole idea of his son running for office. If I remember it correctly, she said she'd prefer his son going for showbiz instead. Then after that, he could run for politics. Nice gameplan, Mom. Sayang. That would have won his son not only a seat in Congress, but the major seat in Malacañang instead!


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Elections have always been a popularity game, sad as it is :p

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Manny should just focus on boxing

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