screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Monday, January 31, 2005

T'was a big party...

Four years ago, 11 monkeys tried to suppress the truth and save Erap's ass from being ousted. One of them even made that victory dance. They taunted the intelligent people of this country saying that we can have our street party in EDSA, and when all is said and done, we will be coming back to them with our tails between our legs. They thought that an EDSA 2 would never succeed. Erap will never resign. He even told his supporters that he is like in one of his movies, in the end he will always wins....... NOT!! Oh how wrong did we prove them! How Erap retreated with his tail between his legs, and how the ever arrogant JV Ejercito cried like a little sissy school girl! Damn do I enjoy recalling those moments! Couple of months later they made an attempt with the so-called EDSA 3. But they failed!

Four years after though, alliances have been changed, the country was still in ruins, and slowly but surely Erap begins to beat and make a mockery out of the justice system. To tell you the truth, I'm quite disappointed. But don't get me wrong, if I could travel back four years ago, I still would have went to EDSA the night when the Chief Justice uttered "The No votes have it!" I'm disappointed because the attitude of our politics never changed, I'm disappointed because the bureaucrats never exploited the opportunity to heal the nation, and most of all because Erap is turning the justices of sandigan bayan his puppets without strings. Sometimes I do feel that EDSA 2 was a wasted effort.

One thing I can't understand is that why is it GMA is so obsessed in reconciling with Erap? She can reconcile with the masses, but never with Erap. Until now his ego is still bruised by the fact that we stole his presidency which equates... uhm.... should I say.... his manhood. He can't stand the Idea that a woman half his size replaced him. Do you see the Aquinos and Marcoses reconciling? She even admitted that she is willing to give him a presidential pardon if he admits. Oh good luck! The smartest thing she could do is to consider that somehow someway rap is a threat to the "strong republic" she is trying to build. And every time he is given privileges he continuously grows to become a threat. Guess what? He is even cocky enough to threaten the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I guess old hatreds don't disappear just like that. Moreover in several of his media appearances, he has encouraged a mass revolution in a subtle way, which is becoming more and more obvious every time

Come to think of it, what is not to be cocky about? Lets see who is on his team. The best lawyers tax payer's money could buy, who will defend even Satan himself if the price is right. Ed Angara, the ever loyal henchman who staged several senate coup attempt to gain the majority. Digs Dilanggalen, the faithful ass kisser of Erap who gagged witnesses against his master during the congress investigation and among other things. Jingoy, Daddy's boy, who never fails to make him proud. Rep. Escudero, the young and ever ambitious bureaucrat. And how can I forget Ronald Lumbao... What can I call him?...... Ah the "Che Guevara" wannabe! I can go on and on (I didn't even begin to talk his showbiz allies that manage to amass crowd every rally), and it will take me all day.

The masses of course has always been a means to all this end. How dare do they say that there was an EDSA 3? there was never such! That was a mob riot staged by the henchmen of Erap. But even these opposition leaders did not have the balls to to fight with the masses side by side. When they ordered them to charge where were they? When some were imprisoned, did they even offer any form of help? Not even Ronald Lumbao could have the balls to stand by his people in the front line. How about a Jeepney driver who was arrested during that May 1 attack, he could not go to work for about 3 days at least, how will his family survive if he as imprisoned. Did their leaders care for this? absolutely not! how could they, they were busy hiding their asses. Let's face it folks, the masses are used and abused, but they never understood what they were fighting for or why did they need to fight. I remember one guy asking Chief Justice Davide to resign quoting "Sobra na ang Kanyang Pangbababoy sa saligang batas!" That was such a strong statement said with conviction and authority. But I will bet my one month paycheck he was not even familiar with the preamble which is on the first pages of the constitution. He went there because he was told to, not because he understood how the constitution was violated. They don't understand because the leaders that they follow always mislead them. They are not stupid, "mababaw" but certainly not stupid.

On the other hand, I'm still optimistic about some things. The middle class has played a significant role in every Philippine revolution that dates way back three hundred years ago. Without us EDSA 2 would never become successful. Yes the elitists like the Ayalas and Conceptions participated, but we the middle class were the blood that gave life to EDSA 2. And we are the ones who breathe life in this country. Time and again Erap and his henchmen underestimated, demoralized and insulted us. They brand us as the tyrants of the masses. Well maybe some of us did nothing to help the masses, but at least we never used them for our selfish ambition. In fact we did not even fight for GMA, we will kick her ass if we have to! But I only have this to say... "Don't ever mess with us!, if it wasn't for the precious income tax returns that we file regularly, if it wasn't for the remittances of our relatives who work abroad, if it wasn't for the skills that we have, the education that we have, and the knowledge that we have, this country would have gone straight to hell! I repeat do not mess with the middle class. Leaders have risen and fallen because of us! We may be few in numbers but not in strength. Because truth and justice will always be our strength! So Angarra et al. treat us with some respect!"

A couple of days back, Jingoy was asking Gen. Aglipay to resign, for what? for hanging up on him? Damn! parliamentary immunity is a wonderful thing. He also adds that it is an honorable thing to do. Tell me Jingoy, what does your family know about honor anyway? Your father didn't resign, he did not have the balls to do that! He was fired! Get the difference? In fact if Prime Minister Koizumi was in your fathers shoes, he would have committed harakiri infront of national TV to preserve his honor. And he would have done it way sooner when people started to learn about his midnight cabinet. But get this! Erap can be acquitted in every charge, but he will never gain his honor back, not even in a million years!. You don't believe me? Check out the elementary text books and see how the intelligent people remembered his administration. Besides take a lesson from the Marcoses!

Happy EDSA 2 anniversary! -Ahmad

80s girl

I am basically an 80s girl. I am guilty of wearing long yellow socks and polka-dots miniskirts and singing Debbie Gibson songs. Those were the days Philip Landangan is talking about in this email that he sent me.


Ito ang mga huling taon ng dekada '80 at ang mga unang taon ng dekada '90. Ito ang panahong uso pa ang makiuso. Kung ginagaya mo ang style ng mga artista, hindi katatawaging jologs. Ito ang panahong tapos na ang martial law, pero malayo pa ang new millennium. Hindi pa high-tech pero di naman old fashioned. Saktong-sakto lang!

Ito ang panahon natin. Pero pano mo malalaman kung kabilang ka sa henerasyong ito? Narito ang listahan na makapagpapatunay if you're one of us. R U?

1. Paborito mong panoorin ang Shaider, Bio-man, Maskman, Mask Rider Black, Machine Man at kung ano-anong TV sitcom ng Japan na isinalin sa Tagalog. Break muna sa mga laro kapag alas singko na ng hapon tuwing Sabado dahil panahon na para sa superhero marathon.

2. Alam mo ang jingle ng Nano-Nano. (isang kending lasang champoy)

3. Nanood ka ng Takeshi's Castle at naniwala kang si Anjo Yllana talaga si Takeshi at si Smokey Manaloto ang kanyang alalay. (Pinagiisipan mo - pano sila lumalaban sa final challenge na parang nakasakay sila sa isang bumpcar at nagbabarilan sila gamit ang water gun gayong sa Japan ginagawa yun eh taga Pilipinas sila?)

4. Alam mo ang pa-contest ng Kool 106 na uulit-ulitin mong bigkasin ang "Kool 106, Kool 106" hanggang maubusan ka ng hininga.

5. Naglaro ka ng Shake-Shake Shampoo, Monkey-Monkey-Annabelle,
prikidam 123, Langit-Lupa-Impyerno, Syato, Luksong-Tinik, Luksong-Baka, 10-20 at kung ano-ano pang larong nakakapagod.

6. Pumunta ang mga taga-MILO sa skul niyo at namigay sila ng
samples na nakalagay sa plastic cup na kasing laki nung sa maliit na ice cream. (at nagtaka ka, bakit hindi ganito ang lasa ng MILO kapag tinitimpla ko sa bahay namin?)

7. May malaking away ang mga METAL (mga punks na naka itim) at mga HIPHOP (mga taong naka maluwang na puruntong na kahit Makita na ang dalawang bundok.)Nag-aabangan sa mall na may dalang baseball bat at kung anu-ano pang mga sandata. Sikat ang kasabihang "PUNKS NOT DEAD!" pero kung gusto mong mag play
safe, pwede mong tawagin ang sarili mong HIPTAL.

8. Alam mo ang universal uwian song na "Uwian na!" na kinakanta sa tono na parang doon sa kinakasal.

9. Nagpauto ka sa Batibot pero hindi sa ATBP. [hahahaha!! totoo yan!!]

10. Nakipag-away ka para makapaglaro ng brick game. (hi-tech na yun noon) [meron ata akon niyan--yung 1000 in 1!! ]

11. Ang "text" noon ay mga 1"x1.5" na karton na may mga drawing ng pelikulang pinoy. (at may dialog pa!)

12. Dalawa lang ang todong sumikat na wrestler, si Hulk Hogan at si Ultimate Warrior. Naniwala ka rin na namatay si Ultimate Warrior nang buhatin niya si Andre d' Giant dahil pumutok ang mga ugat niya sa muscle.

13. Nagsayaw ka ng running man at kung anu-anong dance steps na
nakapagpamukha sa'yong tanga sa saliw na kantang Ice Ice Baby,
Wiggle It, Pray at Can't Touch This.

14. Hindi ka gaanong mahilig sa That's Entertainment at pinapanood mo lang ito tuwing Sabado kung saan nagpapagandahan ng production numbers ang Monday hanggang Friday group. (at badtrip ka sa Wednesday group dahil pinakabaduy lagi ang performance nila!)

15. Napaligaya ka ng maraming pinoy bands tulad ng Yano, Rivermaya, Grin Department, Tropical Depression, The Teeth, The Youth, After Image,Orient Pearl, The Dawn, Alamid, Wolfgang, at ang sikat na sikat na Eraserheads. (at aminin mong nakinig ka ng Siakol!)

16. Kilala mo ang Smokey Mountain, (first and second generation)

17. Hindi pa uso noon ang sapatos na may gulong. Noon, astig ka kapag umiilaw ang swelas ng sapatos mo tuwing ia-apak mo ito. Tinawag rin itong "Mighty Kid"

18. Kung lalaki ka, sikat na sikat sa'yo ang mga larong text, jolens, dampa (mga unang anyo ng pustahan), saranggola at ang dakilang manika niyo ay si GI-JOE with alipores.

19. Kung babae ka naman, ang mga laro mo with you're girlfriends ay luto-lutuan, bahay-bahayan, doktor-doktoran, at kung anu-ano pang pagkukunwari . ang dakilang manika mo ay si Barbie. (Sikat ka kung meron kang bahay, kotse at kabaong ni Barbie.)[meron ako nung mansion ni barbie!!]

20. Naniwala kang original ang isang cap kapag may walong tahi sa visor nito.

21. Swerte ka kapag panghapon ka dahil masusubaybayan mo ang mga kapanapanabik na kaganapan sa mga paborito mong cartoon shows tuwing umaga tulad ng Cedie, Sarah, at Dog of Flanders a.k.a. Nelo. (Hindi ka ba nagtataka na sa lahat ng mga bida sa cartoons na ito, si Nelo lang ang di yumaman at namatay pa ng maaga)

22. Alam mo ang ibig sabihin ng "TIME FIRST!"

Bakit kaya ganon? Kahit sang lupalop ka ng Pilipinas naroon, eh nakaka-relate ka sa mga pinagsasasabi ko. Siguro'y dahil wala pang cable at kakaunti lang ang pagpipiliang channels kaya parepareho tayo ng pinapanood. Maaaring wala pang playstation kaya kung anu-ano na lang ang naiimbentong laro na pwedeng gawin sa kalsada o sa isang bakanteng lote. Pero kung ano man ang dahilan sa pagkaparepareho natin ng karanasan, masaya na rin akong naging bata ako sapanahong ito. Masarap alalahanin at balik-balikan. Di ba?


Monkey-monkey Anabelle... teeheehee...

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fat Bastard!!!

Oh this is just one sad scene. Bhuu huu huu.

Jinggoy, the fat bastard strikes again. Now, he's putting up a fight with PNP General Aglipay. Why? For not letting his father's cohorts visit him in his luxurious cell. Every night, his yucky face is featured on news briefs, yapping about how General Aglipay allegedly showed disrespect to the pig. I even caught him saying, "Ang kapal ng mukha nya (Aglipay)... to lobby for a second term." (Obviously grabbing English words desperately to express this boastful claim, like how his father had been doing).

That was not disrespect. You know what's disrespectful? Does he think disobeying the rules, bullying at officials whose ranks are lower than his, and spending a privileged speech in the Senate about this puny incident instead of focusing on more significant matters adds dignity to a Senator's persona? STUPID!!!! Who voted this guy anyway? Had he been noted for doing his job eversince he assumed his role as a senator? Had he fulfilled any of the promises he made to his clueless followers? No. The only news-worthy issue he's been involved since 2004 are issues about his father, his family, himself. Now, he's claiming respect from people?! He's a certified JERK!

I'd say good for Aglipay for standing firmly for what's right. Indeed, he needed to assert orders from the Sandigang Bayan : No visitors at the end of the day. I mean, these are rules to be obeyed by everyone, even high-ranking political officials. (Law makers should not be law breakers themselves... they must set an example.) Finally, someone from the PNP ranks have the guts to stand up for what is right.

This makes me wonder- what if only a simple policeman is assigned to the General's post, would he be doing the same thing also?

Anyway, like I said, I would have commended the General. I would have, if only he had not come out the next day with apologies extended to the pig. Why should you be sorry if you did something right?!?!?

Then in came Enrile, demanding the quick resignation of the poor general for showing disregard to Senator Loi's position. He reports that General Aglipay had the "poor" senator walk her way to Erap's whereabouts during one of her visits, because vehicles are not allowed in the compound. Why, Mr. Enrile? Can't senators walk these days?! Just so she won't toast her feet due to the day's heat, is General Aglipay supposed to bend the rules?

Again... who voted for these jerks anyway?! These people make my blood really boil. Aargh!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I've just learned a new Tagalog word today. The word is "nagoyo." Yes, nagoyo. From the root word "goyo", it means "to make fool of." It also means to trick, to deceive, or to bamboozle ala-April Fools Day. Also synonymous to the word "naloko".

For instance, "Nagoyo na naman ni Erap ang Sandigang Bayan." Meaning- Erap has made fools out of the staff of the Sandigang Bayan again.

To further illustrate this is quite simple. Erap's wise lawyers filed a request in Sandigang Bayan. Says he's going to Hongkong to have his knees surgically treated. Sure. Sandigang Bayan gave the permit. Erap went to Hongkong. Invited mediamen to cover his several days of stay in a hospital, and to make it known that he is apparently sick. Then, when coast was clear, went out of the hospital and had dinner with his cohorts. (Erap, by the way, has a number of definitions for the word "dinner".) Back in the Philippines, news of this "dinner" came out. Sandigang Bayan just stands there, like stupid monkeys scratching their heads with their mouths open. Altogether now... "Nagoyo na naman ni Erap ang Sandigang Bayan."

April Fools Day comes once in a year only. Seems like in Sandigang Bayan, it happens almost every day. Teeheehee...

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Big 2005

Filipinos are starving, but look at her as she celebrates. Whoopee.

Happy New Year, folks. In spite of all the problems that we had last year, let us be thankful that we still had the luxury of celebrating Christmas and New Year. Let us pray for the poor souls of over 150,000 who died because of that tsunami attack. Yes 2004 was quite a ride, so buckle up for another one this coming year.

OK. So now lets get down to business! Here are some controversies or yet-to-be-controversies that started the year 2005.

1.) "Economy is expected to boost this coming year"-GMA

Ahmad: Didn't she say that last year? Yet she later on declared a fiscal crisis (which was ongoing in the first place before her declaration). But after a few months she took it back, saying that it was no more. Now, I'm happy that the peso is initially increasing its value, and the stock market seems to be breathing life again, and I can only pray that this changes will be stable for the months to come. But here's an idea for GMA, she can write a book entitled "The Complete Idiots Guide to Solving a Fiscal Crisis in Less than Three Months", that oughta be in the best sellers list for fictions.... Need I say more?

Katie: Oh yes she mentioned something about that last year. She also promised that our electricity bills will go way down last year, before May 2004. Oh yes, she did.

2.) Tax, increase in government services, and more taxes.

Some of you might already cussing every public official you can, when you found out that toll way fees will be increasing above a hundred percent this year. And if your car breaks down in the middle of the south super highway, you are still gonna be paying for the towing of your vehicle. Isn't that supposed to be included in the toll fees that we are paying? Only in the Philippines, ladies and gentlemen... Only in the Philippines.

And of course, the Senate wants to conduct a special session to pass the "Sin Tax Bill". Why not? The Government could use a little more revenue. The question is.... What happens if that does not solve your deficit, because they don't allocate the budget the way its supposed to? Tax us some more of course. Well, folks, there goes our governments austerity measures.

Katie: This goes to show that our so-called leeaadurrs has a lot of twisted plans in store for us this year... brace yourselves.

3.) Willie Revillame coming back in ABS-CBN?

OK I know some of you couldn't care less about this issue, but I just have to let it all out. WHO THE HELL DOES WILLIE REVILLAME HAVE TO SLEEP WITH TO KEEP COMING TO ABS-CBN!!!!? Not only are they planning to give him two shows, but they are also planning to reformat MTB, in order to put him in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the other hosts that bust their @sses off to come up with a show (I can't say a good one), might need to find another Job. For what? to boost ratings? Come on, ABS-CBN, you will still get your precious ratings without Willie. What is it with him? He ain't handsome, maybe he knows how to host, but he is not exexactlyreat at it. Can someone explain this to me please? Hasn't he been suspended quite a few times already because of his foul jokes, and attitude problem? Isn't it that even his co-hosts had problems with putting up with him? Really... Please explain to me why we have to put up with his arrogant attitude, offensive jokes, and his nanarcissismAnd please don't give that "he-helps-poor-aspirants-to-have-something-in-life-crap". He gets paid to do all that. He makes fun of the contestants in his game shows, and even ethnic people in his program "Willingly Yours". Hell! We can even argue that this guy is a racist. Is this ABS-CBN's way of telling us that the Filipino audience is
their itch? hmmmm.

Katie: Willie Revillame will be back in Philippine television? This goes to show that there's no real hope for Philippine entertainment.

4.) Parole for former Congressman Romeo Jalosjos.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with congress..... comes another issue. A group of congressman are trying to pass a resolution to set free the convicted child rapist. Jalosjos isn't exactlyome punk who stole a can of beer from a local 7-11 outlet... He raped an 11 yeyear oldirl for Christ's sake! He has to serve two life sentences. He used every trick in the book to beat the law, he tried to escape, run for congress, and now get a stroke for people to pitty him. Do these congressmen, have daughter maybe even mothers? And oh yeah! where in the world will you find a convicted child rapist serving in congress making laws and earning salary from the national treasury?

But why do I act surprised anyway? Couple of months ago the lelegislativeody survived the escort controversy. Sure they conducted an investigation, but as we all know, it served the interests of the politicians involved rather the concerned public. Guess who they put in charge of the investigation? Jinggoy Estrada (why him of all people?). OK so may be I'm doing Ad Hominem here. But come to think of it, if he tolerated the illicit affairs of his own father, what makes you think he gives a rats @ss about the other politician's illicit affairs? They might as well said that they wont do a damn thing about the expose. It was like asking a monkey well... "Ape" according to Katie) to guard a banana plantation. Remember when Jinggoy said "Dad I won't fail you"? And boy didn't he? Daddy must be so proud of you, Jinggoy!

Katie: A lot of people deserve to get this privilege. Surely, there are lots of prisoners in Muntinglupa wrongly accused of their crimes. But does Gloria want us to believe that Jalosjos is a saint among all these innocent people? I'd gladly pay my taxes, if it'd be for Gloria's psychiatrist.

But then, if Erap can play the Sandigang Bayan with his fingers, why not Jalosjos as well?

5.) Erap finally getting a house arrest.

I'm sorry for saying this but here it goes WHHHHYYY DON'T YOU JUST DIE ERAP!!! YOU FAT BASTARD!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST F**KING DIE!! DIE BASTARD!!! DIE!!!!! DIE!!! Erap probably is giving us Edsa 2 people the finger. He has been complaining with this all sorts of ailments that he is suffering. Then why don't he just die and end his mmiseryincluding ours. Not only does he get the best hospital treatment but he also gets to leave the country. The Sandigan Bayan did not even bother to ask a second opinion, if his knee surgery could be done in this country, no! no!. In fact they may even allow him to stay in his house in green hills when comes back (assuming he does not escape). Slowly but surely he beats the justice system. He even mocks us by saying he will come back to lead a revolution against corruption and tyranny. Oh what was the reason why you were ousted again erap? He even used the necrological service of his dear friend to get back at the "elitist that stole his presidency. For a change Erap, why don't you fight with your true enemies, you are the one who supported the eelitists(Danding, Jaime de Chavez et al.), and they are the ones helping you buy your freedom. Why don't you face the the tax payers, the Filipino students, the middle class, whom you were not able to fool, for a change. Fat bastard!

Katie: Oooh... did you see that picture of Erap and Imelda Marcos embracing during the wake of FPJ? That one's a classic.

Also, if Jinggoy can fake a heart attack (remember that time he was rushed to a hospital on a wheelchair, wearing that face, as if he's really sick and all? Another classic.

Anyways, Happy New year and I wish the best for all of us (err.. maybe not for all of us). Remember if we don't think we have a future as a country we won't have one. Cheers!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

another used to be

I celebrate New Year's eve in Bulacan, in a town near Bocaue- the fireworks center of the Philippines. I always look forward to celebrating New Year's Eve in our hometown because , not only is this night one of the rare chances that I'd ever be with my family, but also because I get to see people have fun playing with fireworks and firecrackers. I love watching dancing lights. But it used to last longer.

Filipinos have long been using firecrackers and fireworks to rid themselves of bad spirits and omens in the first day of the year. It's tradition. When I was young, fireworks displays lasts until the sun rises. The celebration used to be an night-long event. Those were the days when Filipinos could still afford to celebrate. But not anymore.

I came home from Paris the 30th of December. I was expecting that the streets would be filled with anticipation as early as then, just like during the 80s or early 90s. People then used to be in the mood to party earlier than the first day of January. But I was kinda saddened by what I have seen that night. The streets were so quiet, as if the 25th till that day were just an ordinary week. It doesn't seem to be what it used to be anymore. We celebrate New Year's Eve from 11pm of the 31st of December to 1am of January. After 2am, Most had gone to bed to start yet another difficult year. Do most of us look forward to the next days with hope that life would be better? Broadsheets say yes. Judging from how celebrating New Year and Christmas have degraded eversince 2000 came, nope.

I noticed December has become less colorful. Less dancing lights can be seen everywhere. Less Christmas decors. Less people got their Christmas bonuses. (Thus...) Less people in the malls. Less Christmas parties and gatherings. Monito-monitas isn't done anymore in most offices. Less people have visited their relatives in Christmas day. Less food in the table. Less hours of get-togethers. Less people in the church during Simbang Gabi. Less festive aura from each and everyone I meet.

Of course, it's because life isn't what it used to be. Life for Filipinos is harsh nowadays (because of obvious reasons). But I couldn't help but be nostalgic that night. In Puerto Rico, my friends tell me (through Y!M) that things never changed in Puerto Rico. They still celebrate Christmas until the day of the Three Kings (from the 25th of December till first week of January). I told them it used to be the same here in the country, but not this year. The Filipino just can't afford to celebrate and enjoy traditions anymore. It's either most of us have stirred interests to something else (celebrating Lovers in Paris or Kris Aquino's success in overcoming yet another controversy), or the rest of the Filipinos just couldn't afford celebrating anymore. In being survivors of natural disasters and calamities and the evils of state corruption (in all imaginable levels), most of us have already forgotten the meaning of fun. Most of the Filipino's have turned into zombies because of how difficult life is. Most of us don't live life anymore... life has become more of easing suffering... of survival.

New Year's Eve and Christmas means celebrating life for the next new months to come. I am thankful everytime we welcome another coming year. Hope is the essential factor why this tradition has to be remembered. But does this mean celebrating hope has become quaint for the Filipinos? I should say no, we should not give up on hope. But isn't it that it's becoming more obvious as days go by?