screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Back to the Diary

Ah... It's amazing how long trips in Bulacan yield many thoughts in my mind as I meditate about... life?

1) I just finished playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast (PC). I must say I was recently hooked up by the game, I couldn't leave my keyboard unless I finish a chapter. I'm not big a fan of PC games, but I do admit I'm a big fan of the Star Wars franchise. I'm quite surprised when Kyle Katarn mentioned "the beaches of Spira" in the end of the game. Can't help but wonder if the one who made the story for this game has heard or is aware of the world of Spira in Final Fantasy X. Hm... probably just a coincidence.

2) Bulacan is filled with GMA ads. No, they are not the usual election ads you see on the streets. It seems that the "This is a project courtesy of GMA" government ads have multiplied everywhere in Bulacan in the past few weeks. What's weird is that although these ad boards are seemingly new, they're all supposed to be posted years ago.

One says "The reconstruction / asphalt laying of Pinagbakahan street is a project courtesy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo." Nice. But if you'll read the bottom part of the ad, it says there that the project was done last 2002. Two years ago?! Then another one says "The reconstruction / asphalt laying of the street connecting Balagtas to Bulacan i a project courtesy of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo," also adorned by a picture of her as she looks to the horizon whatever. Where is this billboard located? In Sto. Cristo, Malolos City- almost 20 kilometers away from the said site. (and the date indicated in this billboard says the project was finished by 2001). Pathetic. I could have tolerated the existence of DPWH ads on the streets during that time when these so-called "programang pangtrabaho" were taking place. But to see a replay of these ads several years after, when these projects are almost withered away and are needing of another reconstruction... it's just PATHETIC. And Malacañang denies that GMA does not use government funds in campaigning? Wow. Perfect term- Kapal ng Mukha.

My goodness, Mrs. President! Do we have to be reminded of the time you just did your job as President that happened a looooong time ago? Or is this just an obvious sign that she's using DPWH's funds (which spells PEOPLE'S TAXES) for your candidacy (thus proving again that they have this bad habit of assuming that we, Filipino voters, are naturally stupid not to notice this). I mean, this IS an obvious reason to believe that she's using our taxes to gain her personal motive- that is, to win the coming elections. How much does one of this DPWH billboards cost? P1,000 at least? Enough to feed the many poor in the streets of Manila.

Is GMA really THAT desperate? Ok, given that she's THAT desperate, I think, by logic alone, that she has no right to use our money, the taxes paid by the Filipinos through their sweat, blood and life, just to sell her name to the unknowing public. Yup, although I don't intend to vote Boots Anson Roa as Senator, I do believe in her argument that she has to resign or take a leave of absence because of this.

3) I just need to plug something. Elmo needs cash or a nokia 3650. In exchange for either of these, he's willing to trade his:

Playstation 2 (without the joystick and memory card and it's not yet modified) plus his old nokia 3530 phone.

Why? He needs that cash (P10thou bucks for both items) to buy a new motherboard and P4 or he just needs to have a phone with a built-in digital camera for his sinister plans. Anyone who'd like to make a deal, email me at Thanks!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

At least someone understands...

Actually, I don't have to explain myself regarding this. But for everybody's sake, and because I do wish everyone would get my point, once and for all... Here's how Ahmad explains in full detail my position on why I chose to build the HATE PHILIPPINES website:


Bill Cosby said this, and I mentioned it upon reading
some comments on ezboards. I guess we can't really
please everyone. point taken!

I was very objective in reading tru the comments (at
least I tried my best), and tried to set aside my
biases. But here's the thing. Only a few of them
addressed the the issues or arguments presented in the
website. I was expecting to see some good counter
arguments on why we should not hate this country and
be satisfied that this is the kind of home that we
have. If I were to argue on thier side I would say
something like this country may have some problems but
at least were nothing like north korea or bangladesh
or afganisthan and I dont think I need to explain why
we wouldn't want to be any of those countries. Sadly,
I did not find any strong arguments. All that I saw
was an obvious appeal to emotion and attack to the
person who made the website aside from the arguments
it tried to present. I beleive I have read something
like, she is a model, she is a UP graduate, she is
fortunate to have a job in makati, why should we
believe that she loves her country? She is whinning
for her own interest. This is a clear commision of
Argumentum ad Hominem (attack to person circumstancial
and abusive).

Ok My father is Iranian, I am a graduate of UP and
continuing my Masters study here, I was fortunate that
my parents were able to buy me my own house here in
manila, and I have a job that does not pay that much
but enables me to support myself. If I were to build a
website and present my arguments about the Philippines
(regardless of what they were). I think the Issue of
my ethnicity, educational background, and social
status would be first subjected to scrutiny rather
than the arguments I present. This is of course
unfair, its like saying that you belive that the world
is not flat, but so did Adolf Hitler Charles Mason,
and Ted bundy also, therefore you should not believe
it because you might be guilty of association.

Yes we hate this country for what it is, but we love
it enough to change it. There was also one comment
that said complains are old news, we should do
actions. On the contrary we are doing actions the best
way we can, and that is by correcting the false
arguments being presented by the system. Can't you
people see? False arguments are precisely the reasons
why we have bad politics in this country, false
arguments are the reason why we can't strengthen our
economy, and false arguments are the reason why the
poor can easily be manipulated by the people who use
them for thier own interest, thus making them remain
poor. We encounter false arguments all the time but
only a few of us can or even bother to correct them.
Until we straigthen the issues here, I dont't think
that it will ever be possible for anyone to do any
tangible action (Prof Alex Magno said this).

OK Im defending you and your site, it is obvious. but
why am I doing so? Like I said we share the same
sentiments, and we should never be intimidated by the
poeple who give false evengelisms



Ahmad's "True Idol of the Masses"

There is only one true Idol of the masses, and not
Erap nor FPJ can steal this leagcy from this man. Not
only is it preposterous and outrageuous to claim that
erap is the father of the masses, it is as well
blasphemous. This man that I am reffering to is no
less than the late President Ramon Magsaysay. I just
wrote this letter as soon as I finished reading the
book "Magsaysay my Guy; Anecdotes about Ramon

Why was he the true Idol of the masses? Recalling our
history most presidents that came before him came from
wealthy and powerful families, him on the other hand
had to work as a mechanic just to support his studies.
When he was elected president, he made malacanang
palace accessible to the masses. His admisnistration
was one of the memorable times, when agrarian reform
laws that benefited farmers, were more of reality that
fiction as it is today. One of the best things about
him was that he was a down to earth person and lived a
very simple life style even when he was already
president. In fact he would even go to wet markets and
shop every morning for his breakfast and lunch (No, he
never did this for a publicity stunt).

Erap on the other hand had all the opportunities to
study but did not finish college. They said he got
expelled trying to defend another student from a fist
fight (so they say!). He lived the life of the average
filipino playboy with all his vices (drinking,
gambling and womanizing). But because he was a movie
hero and he always played the modern day robin hood in
his films the masses loved him. We all know that Erap
never lived a simple lifestyle when he became
president. Everytime he would eat lunch with the urban
poor we all knew that it was a publicity stunt. Back
in malcanang who was he? It was no secret that he was
somone who favored his rich and powerful friends
(cronies), rather than the masses who could have
gained much benefit from unpaid taxes coco levy funds
etc. Neither was it a secret that he retained his
Macho Image (which the masses loved). In fact he even
continued doing his vices in the palace. Ergo other
than the fact that he was popular among the crowd, I
can't see why he deserves to be called the Idol of the

Ramon Magsaysay is the true Idol of the masses, not
because he was poor as erap were not. but because he
serves as a perfect example to the masses, and this
example makes a great leader. It is sad that only a
few of us remember him (other that the fact that the
most prestigious award giving body in the Philippines
was named after him), and few of us try to find
leaders who have both charisma and skills. Now
everybody wants to make FPJ the new Idol of the
masses, but truth be told nothing much is said why,
other than the fact that he reaches out to the masses
that watch his movies.

To claim that Erap is the Idol of the masses is like
having a druken moron piss on your wedding cake, on
your wedding day, infront of every guest.


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Lovers and Haters

It's both overwhelming and exciting to actually discover that the Hate Philippines website had even caused a series of comments posted in one of the ezboard forums. I think most of them hate me, or the website because, according to them, sinisira ko daw ang image ng Filipino. Some, on the other hand, would comment that it's not true. Well... here's my analysis on this...

There are actually two kinds of visitors to the Hate Philippines website.

1) Those who readily dismiss the website as a site that expresses hate against the Philippines in general. Upon seeing the website's title ("I hate the Philippines."), their weak minds are easily stirred to believe these words literally. Or they might be just too lazy to at least thoroughly read the first page and find the meaning between the lines, so says one from the forum. These are the types who sees the url address "" as some website that, again, supports Pinoy-hate when in fact, it does not.

They see me as a model, and readily dismiss that if all models are... well... "mababaw," all they can think of is "mababaw." They just can't see a model, or a cute girl, or a chick coming up with a good comment about fishballs, because all they know is that models, cute girls, or chicks (what a term...) don't eat fishballs... absolutely. We will melt like candles under the sun if we do so. Well, speaking of "mababaw," how about how "babaw" can Guingona get? I once thought of him as a great dignified politician. Now, is he going to be a model? Is he planning to be one? If he eats fishballs in public, will he melt like M&M's in your mouth, too? (This is why I insist that Guingona should prove himself to those who once claimed that he is a good politician that he truly IS one of the rarest species in the land by at least writing a 5000-word essay that explains why he's now siding with FPJ... he owes us an explanation. A very detailed one.)

2) There are those who visit the website, are challenged or intrigued by the title, thoroughly read the articles and my posts, and REALIZE that I do all these not because I hate the Philippines, but because I'm not happy about what's happening in this particular country. There's a big difference between hating and not being happy about something, see? Not being happy means I can still do something about it, or at least I can tell what's wrong why I'm not happy with it, so that I may HOPE that things might CHANGE afterwards. If I hate the Philippines, yes, I should be living away from every aspect of it. But here I am who keep on going back. Besides, is it illegal to complain? At least by complaining, someone, if not everyone, would know that there IS something wrong... if they DO admit there there is something wrong (unless of course they're in denial). I don't consider myself as Rizal's incarnate, nor am I someone who tries to be the heroine who saves the country from it's impending doom. All I am is a girl who wants CHANGE, and would like to start CHANGE by starting to complain. Not whine. Complain- meaning, to tell what is wrong so as to expose or welcome suggestions to solve the problem. (If there are still people who could not distinguish "complaining" from "whining"... how narrow-minded can people get pa ba?!) Yes, I want answers. So far, it is only Ahmad who wrote me emails presenting good comments, suggestions and insights about the issues I discuss. Yes, this is a bold step, and people who REALLY READ my insights and want CHANGE to happen asap see this as clear as the sun in the sky.

Well, regardless of what kinds of visitors I make out of this site, I still thank them for spending a part of their lives reading my thoughts posted here. It's a great pleasure to actually receive opinions, ideas- both good and bad. This is the reason why I think the title is perfectly attaining it's purpose... to invite attention.

Of course, extra-thanks to those who really GET my point here. *wink* ;-p

Ching Chong Chai.... hahaha! Now that's a good one.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Nakatikim ka na ba ng protesta?

from BGko's blog

Here's one of the pictures of the Napoleon Quince ad as seen in Manila's streets.

You can find an open letter about the protest/boycott on BGko's blog, too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Kinse Años

I don't know about the Napoleon ad thingy... sometimes, I think the moralists of our country exaggerates on responding to certain issues requiring their... shall we say, reaction. Kaya lang, this time, they may be right. The ad that says "Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse años?" may be a little too... well, suggestive. Let us remember, people, that we have to put context whenever we interpret or find the meaning of a particular statement. Although it is true that "Nakatikim ka na ba ng kinse años?" is in itself not saying anything about sex scandals or abusing women, specially young ones. But you see, we are in the Philippines, and it is quite obvious that the statement, as used in layman's context, may mean more than it literally means. Otherwise, it won't be considered as something that would catch big attention coming from the product's consumers (as for Napoleon Brandy's, MEN, of course) and so fulfilling the ad's purpose. This is a reminder to the media that we have to REALLY BE CAREFULL of what ideals we are presenting to the society if would like to stay firm in the business.

As for Lyndon Gregorio's ad for his Beerkada series... well... it sounds sexy... and since Lyndon promised me a free Beerkada shirt, so ok lang. teeheehee... ;-p

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Sweetest Song

Remember the recent Academy Awards? Here is a song featured during the Hollywood event. It's entitled "A Kiss In The End of The Rainbow," from the movie "A Mighty Wind," and is nominated as Best Song. This is the sweetest lovesong ever made for a movie. Currently it's my favorite. Mitch and Mickey, you caused a deep sigh that brought me to memories of long ago... Ah. Anyway... Here's the lyrics to the song:

A Kiss At The End Of The Rainbow

Oh when the veil of dreams has lifted,
And the fairy tales have all been told,
There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow;
More precious than a pot of gold.

In tales of ancient glory,
Every knight and maiden fair shall be joined when the quest is over,
And a kiss is the oath that they swear.

And when the veil of dreams has lifted,
And the fairy tales have all been told,
There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow;
More precious than a pot of gold.

My sweet, my dear, my darling, you're so far away from me.
Though an ocean of tears divides us,
Let the bridge of our love span the sea.


There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow,
More precious than a pot of gold.


Awwww.... my heart melts everytime I hear this song. This is for you, my Elmo.

FPJ has the answers!

I got this from my mailbox today:

Reporter: Sir, ano po ang suggestion niyo para ma-stabilize ang peso?
FPJ: Magtrabaho lang ng magtrabaho!

Reply in a November 26 one-on-one interview with a television news correspondent when confronted with the question on how he would address the country's persistent problems (e.g., kidnapping, economic crisis/poverty), his confident answer was simply: Common sense.

When asked for his reaction to the peso plunge, seemingly surprised by the question, Poe said, "Bago 'yan ah, dahil wala pa kaming nilalatag na economic program nagkaroon na ng ano dun, diperensya? Okay 'yan, bago 'yan ah, di ko alam na magkaka-apektuhan ng ganyan?"

Asked if he thought the slide in the value of the peso was being played up by the administration to blame the political opposition, Poe replied, "Nagkaroon lang ng chain reaction 'yan. 'Pag nagbago ang dollar sa ibang lugar, may chain reaction 'yan."

Reporter: Clone nyo daw po si Erap?
FPJ: There are no identical DNA's.

When asked about what he thinks of the continuous depreciation of the peso: "Sa totoo lang di ko alam eh. ikaw alam mo?"

Nung tinanong siya ng taga Manila Times kung paano tataas ang growth rate ng Pilipinas: "Well, ano kasi yan eh, ang growth rate na yan tataas din yan kapag tumaas na ang funding natin." (Sabay ngiti at nagmamadaling umalis...)

"A foreigner asked me what I thought was the biggest problem in the country. My answer was breakfast, lunch, and dinner..."

Reporter: "Sir, what is your birthday wish for Senator Loren Legarda?"
FPJ: "I wish her...... I am at a loss for words!"

Reporter: Paano ho natin masosolusyonan ang seccessionist problem sa Mindanao? FPJ: Kailangan lang natin ipaalam sa kanila na masama ang ginagawa nila lalo na ang kidnapping ng mga inosenteng sibilyan.

Tinanong siya kung paano marereduce ang polusyon sa Pilipinas, sabi niya "Madali na lang yun kapag na solved (sic) na ang mga ibang issue."

Arnold De Sales: Ano po ang mga masasabi niyo sa mga nagsasabing importante daw ang edukasyon sa pagiging isang Pangulo? FPJ: Ang edukasyon kasi, part lang yan eh. Part lang yan. Matututunan mo din yan basta gustuhin mo.

When asked by Max Soliven (Philippine Star) about the importance of experience in government, FPJ replied: Hindi karanasan, but kung anong nararanasan.

His reason for not joining the presidential debate: There have been too many debates in this country. It's no longer time for talk, but for action.

When he was booed in Lubao, he was asked about his feelings towards the reaction of the people.... "Ok lang yan, suportahan nila ang gusto nila... PERO SAYANG, DAMI KO NAMANG NAGAWANG PELIKULA SA PAMPANGA... MORE THAN TWENTY."

If I am Loren and I've read all of these, I would have killed myself immediately.

Monday, March 08, 2004

School Girls

Cute? No. This must be the most funniest, most ridiculous and most disturbing picture I've ever seen so far. According to my source, this picture of prep pupil Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and grade 4 student Loren Legarda was taken during the Assumption College alumni homecoming sometime last year. It's real, no computer altered stuff here, kids! This keeps me wondering how Fernando Poe Jr. would look like today in a schoolboy uniform... or Panfilo Lacson wearing a boyscout outfit. Nice. Cute? No.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

The tagboard is up and running at last! Now, people can leave their comments and suggestions straight to me... although I'd still love to read your emails. Just don't leave any obscene, insulting or disappointing stuff in there if you don't want your message erased, and your IP address banned immediately. Just a warning....

Elmo still can't get over the Halina Perez tragedy. Poor creature... Halina could have had a better life if she pursued her dream of being a nurse instead. (Notice the punchline here, Elmo? :) ) Anyway....

----end of entry---

Friday, March 05, 2004

Goodbye, Halina.

SEXY starlet Halina Perez was killed when their van collided with a truck along the national highway early Thursday morning (March 3, 2004) in the far Del Gallego town in Camarines Sur after a gig there. I'm still waiting if this tragedy is going to be the next to "Rico Yan" thingy again, but I think it's not happening since the networks seem not to give exclusive focus on it.

I had a small chat with this young girl last year in the popular ABS-CBN canteen. I was still doing modelling then. She's sweet and charming... "mabait", to perfectly put it, compared to other talents who are on the same level where she were. Sayang. And oh... Yes, it's true- she always wore that smiling face, which most likely is the reason why guys fall head over heals for her... guys like my Elmo.

Today, I say my Elmo go to work wearing an all black motif. What a jerk... but come to think of it, if Tom Cruise would die today, I'd surely be wearing the same motif too.

Just don't let me see him emoting over Halina's pages on FHM, though.

The Passion of The Christ Review

Natalie, a close friend of my friend posted this message on our Friendster network. This got me more thrilled to watch the movie "The Passion of The Christ." Read on:


Date: February 26, 2004 7:34 AM

Subject: The Passion of the Christ

Good morning

We just came from watching THE movie of the year,
and I really urge everyone to go and watch it.

Yes, there is blood and gore but in my humble
opinion it is, from an artistic point of view at
par with gladiator and saving private Ryan, then
again, its not as if I didn’t know the story.
I’m more than aware of the story of the last 12
hours of Jesus, I’ve read it in the Bible, heard
it being preached in the pulpit every year during
Good Friday, I go through the Stations of the
Cross and every Sunday during the Eucharist I
meditate on it. For all accounts there’s really
no need to watch it, since it’s a part of my

But to re-live it, to watch these scenes and know
that these images will forever be seared in my
mind and realize that every whip that hit his
body, every insult hurled at him, the heaviness
of the cross he carried on his shoulder was for
me, my forgiveness and my salvation. It is a
powerful feeling to let images move and humble
me. It adds another perspective to the story I
know so well.

For me one of the most poignant scene in this
film, a reminiscent of Michelangelo’s La Pieta,
when Jesus is taken down from the cross and Mary
cradles his lifeless body, with all the hurt only
a mother could feel written all over her face,
then she looks directly at the camera with those
haunting eyes, and it felt like she was looking
straight at me, and saying “Look at my son’s
sacrifice, He did this for you, What are you
going to do about it?”

I love this movie; to watch the testimony of
Jesus’ love for us is such a humbling experience.
I pray that you give yourself a chance, and a
moment to realize this awesome gift that you have
and experience what we experienced last night.

God Bless you.





Too many freaks, but only one circus. Politics has gone nuts since FPJ's declaration to run for president. Then he tops the survey that shows that he is most likely to win in May 2004, regardless of what the obvious is- that he is not qualified. Then he continuously refuses to join a political discussion/debate, obviously because he has no platform to defend on his stand (or if he has one, he obviously probably wouldn't understand any of it anyway)...

Chicken. If he truly is man enough to be president of this country, why wouldn't he face this simple challenge. If this is to be compared to an interview as part of a job application, he would have incredibly failed the moment he refused the interview itself! And who in hjis right mind would bring his best friend, or his mom, or his brother, or his yaya to a job application interview to answer all the interviewer's questions in his behalf? Considering that he topped the SWS survey... ugh.... RIDICULOUS!

KILL BILL. Nice movie... but not that great compared to other Tarantino movies. (I loooove "From Dusk till Dawn"!) Somehow, I feel no satisfaction in the bloodshed and violence seen in this movie. Maybe because "bitin"... I still have to see Volume 2 to find out it's entire essence.

But it's worth watching anyway...

---end of entry---

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Transcript from GMA's Biodata.

Vicky Morales (VM): Ano po ang isang normal na araw sa
Eddie Gil (EG): Sabado.

VM: Ano'ng pangalan ng tatay niyo?
EG: Ay, nde ko pedeng sabihin.
VM: Bakit naman?
EG: Masyadong sentimental. Pag binanggit ko yun,
mawawala lahat ng nasaisip ko.
VM: Pero patay na siya?
EG: Oo, pero nakikita ko pa. Pag gusto ko siyang
makita, nakikitako. Saka nagbibigay din siya ng
instructions sa akin, para sa mgaginagawa ko.
VM: Ha, paano? Sa panaginip?
EG: Oo, sa panaginip. Minsan, isinusulat din niya sa


VM: Magkano ang net worth nyo?
EG: Yun nga, papaunlarin natin ang Pilipinas.
VM: Hmm, yung net worth nyo po. Magkano?
EG: Yun nga yung una kong gagawin, aayusin ang
VM: Yung net worth po.
EG: Ano'ng net worth?
VM (nanlumo sa sagot): Hmm.. yung halaga po ninyo,
yung halaga ng mgaari-arian nyo?
EG: Ah, hindi ko masasabi kung magkano ang halaga ko.


VM: Isa po sa plano nyo yung gawin dollar ang currency
ng Pilipinas.
EG: Oo, gagawin nating Philippine dollar. Bakit yung
ibang bansa,dollar ang gamit. Ang Korea, may Korean
dollar. Ang China, CHinesedollar.
VM (confused na): Dollar ba ang gamit ng Korea, hindi
ba Won? Saka angChina, Yuan di ba?
EG: Dollar din yun.


I had a few laughs on this one... but if it's true, then how the hell did he end up as a legitimate presidential candidate?!?!?!

Election rules in the Philippines REALLY need to be revised... asap.

----end of entry---

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oh. Thanks very much for all those people who continue to message and appreciate all the things written here. It's such a relief to know that there are still people- a few of us-who share the same sentiments on what's happening in this miserable country that we still love. There is still hope, dear friends.

SRPC wrote me an email as a response to Ahmad's message:


Hey Katie, I was going through your diary and was able to read the mail sent by Ahmad. Impressive thoughts and insights using logic and reasoning. See, here's the thing, we continue to think as such, to use intellect in order to open the thoughts of "many." Unfortunately, the so called "many" who can understand such a way of thinking are the educated and the well to do people who don't need convincing or explanation why FPJ should not run . To highly criticize why FPJ should not be president, to enumerate his inadequacies as an individual is pointless if the masses cannot understand or has no medium of understanding. For some, their judgement is based on how many times they can eat in a day and for many it is based on how they can continue with life with dignity. Have you not noticed that many opt to sell their votes just for a meager 100.00 Pesos? Of course, 100.00 pesos here in the province for example can sustain a family of 4 for two days. Not bad for them. That's two days less of worries right? Here's another thing, let's not put so much blame on the poor for such a decision. What has the rich businessmen done to help them in their suffering ? Please do not take it as a communistic view, rather, a Christian point of view (and no, I am not for Eddie Villanueva either). What has the rich done really? What has the professionals done to improve our country's economic situation? The very law makers who wanted to impose VAT on the professionals made it a point to exclude themselves right? I mean, all the other professionals, the medical practitioners and CPAs get taxed but the lawyers were not part of the list. Pretty self serving don't you think? What has the big businesses done to help in terms of taxes? Hmmm...let's see...they are able to go about the laws of the land in order to lessen the taxes they pay but the small and medium enterpr ises are literally squashed to the ground because of all the taxes. If they can't make it as a VAT business organization, they pay a percentage tax. The very little amount they earn still gets taxed. Tsk tsk....what a pitty. Oh, and let's not forget the laborers. Their meager daily wage is taxed to the last centavo. Pity. We all know that 'tax' is the lifeblood of the government, unfortunately, these taxes are not properly distributed to the specific government agencies, it's like carrying water using a bucket with some holes in it. By the time it gets to it's destination, the bucket is already half-full. When the government budget is not sufficient, a new tax is imposed. So going back to my main thought, as I have been babbling, what is really missing is our share as citizens to help alleviate the conditions in our country. First and foremost, as professionals, we should pay the right amount of taxes. As a Filipino, to suppo rt our very own industries, to get rid of our colonial mentality and as a person, we should live out our Christian values, to help others without counting the cost and not leave everything into our own hands but seek for divine intervention, to pray without ceasing. Let's stop our attitude of "puro da-da walang gawa." If you can help in opening the eyes of most people to do such deeds, things will be better.

Saludos y Dios te bendiga,



You have a very good point there, sis. Actually, we can't entirely blame the poor for their misconceptions and misunderstandings on politics. It's not their fault if they remain unknowing of what's really happening in the big picture. Yes, their everyday lives are spent earning a living for a day, and it is quite leisurely for them to spend even for a broadsheet to learn about the news, or even to buy a simple AM radio. Sometimes I think people up there meant it to be that way to stay in power... but of course that could be dismissed as a conspiracy theory... or is it not?

What we need to have political maturity running on its first paces is quality education for the Filipino. Ah... political maturity for the Filipinos. Dream dream dream.... will it be a reality sooN?

Calling OW Grant! (from the movie Interstate 60) We need all the help we can get from the media if we want to have this wish come true. If only TV stations would remove themselves of biases and prejudice...

---end of entry---