screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Star Trek: Enterprise

I got this from the New York Times website...

An End to the Enterprise

By the middle of May, the "Star Trek" franchise will be no more, having died a death as long and lingering as -- well, insert your favorite Trekkie long-and-lingering-death simile here. UPN has decided to bring "Star Trek: Enterprise" - the latest version of the saga - to an end and to give the whole idea of "Star Trek" a creative rest. The producers of the show have rejected a hopeless last-ditch effort to raise funds directly from fans to continue production.

The original "Star Trek" series proved what a little imagination, a little patience and a lot of plywood and foam core could do for televised science fiction. It ran for only three seasons on NBC in the late 1960's but attracted a devoted following that seems, somehow, to have replicated itself by cloning. It also inspired four additional series, 10 "Star Trek" movies and a delightful parody called "Galaxy Quest," starring Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver, which flirted momentarily with the nihilistic possibility that a television show about space might merely be a television show about space.

For "Star Trek" fans, a future with no "Star Trek" at all must seem as empty as one of those great space voids the ever-endangered starship Enterprise kept getting sucked into. But somewhere, a TV executive is undoubtedly repeating the slogan about going where no one has gone before - and wondering how to make that idea about direct fan-financing work.

Copyright 2005 The New York Times Company


I'm not really a Trekkie. I just like Star Trek: Enterprise because the plot is really amazing: How mankind would possibly face the first steps in making our existence known to the universe. ST:Enterprise is different from the other Star Trek series, or with, at least, ST: The Next Generation, most episodes of which I've seen already. This is because you can feel the mankind's struggle in every episode, based on how the characters deal with the issues involving travelling REALLY AWAY from home. And if you get stuck with the 4 seasons of this show, you'll notice that you remember the episodes not because the characters are cute, but because you remember the essence of the story. (Then you'll want to see how humanity does in the next couple of centuries- thus wanting you to buy DVDs of other series as well- The Next Generation, Voyager, the original series, Deep Space Nine... do you see a new Trekkie being born here? teeheehee...)

How would mankind react when attacked for the first time by alien species? What would a starship captain do in a situation wherein he should choose to save between one member, or the rest of his crewmates? What would someone do if offered with knowledge never seen by man, in exchange from never going home again? what would possibly be mankind's role in the unification of planets? what are mankind's benefits in a given situation, against those of Vulcans, whose logic outweighs emotions? Aside from the joy of seeing starships traveling in warp speeds, these questions would really tickle your minds to think: What if?

I'd say cancelling Enterprise is very bad idea. There are just a few TV shows that depicts the ability of mankind to dream the not so near future, with a very intellectual, oftentimes philosophical approach. And these TV shows are being cancelled and put to extinction in exchange for mostly reality TV, which doesn't really makes sense to me at all. Is this because shows that make us dream, hope and think doesn't sell anymore? Have we lost our drive to dream?

Who are you?

Who is this woman who tells us to live through the severe crisis for the nation's sake, while enjoying the leisurely white sands of Boracay? Who are you to still flash a grinning face for broadsheet frontpages, while people who pass by the street can only frown as they struggle through their daily routines?

Who are you to ask everyone to endure the nation's crisis, when you know your subordinates, even some members of your family, indulges life reaping off hard-earned income from people's pockets? It's like taking away from the poor the ability to dream, to just survive for the next couple of years, just to pay for your expensive lives. Who are you to allow these selfish creatures to eat up our lives slowly?

Who are you to make your people feel that they are abandoned by their leader who had pledged better lives during your term? You have made the people feel abandoned by their government whenever oil companies race for higher prices, as if no law to manage them exists. You have made the people feel helpless when you turned over the NLEX to a private company, services that should be owned and subsidized by the government. Little by little, you take away chances for better living by supporting imposing additional taxes in the time of crisis. It just seems that you don't care, yet your street posters say that you do care. Who are you to deceive our uneducated masses?

Who are you? I remember all your promises, but have never known you as the one who fulfills them. Isn't that you whom I heard and seen on TV before the May 2004 elections saying that our electricity bills would go down while you are president of this country? That more jobs will be available to the unemployed? That trees will fill the mountains again after 2004? That there will be more room for improvements, most specially for the poor whom you requested for their support like a sinner who pleaded for reconciliation? That the value of the peso would be strong once again (yet it's even much worse that how it was during EDSA II)? That the economy would be strong again (strong for the favored few, it seems)? Who are you to deceive the people, whom you know will be easy to deceive because of ignorance to the political games you all are playing, and where we all are victims.

Who are you to make us pay for the faults and mistakes of former leaders of this country? We do not deserve to bear the rotten fruits of their selfish labors. We did not deserve leaders like them in the first place, much more the results of their shortcomings. We would have accepted the task to carry the load for our country's sake if your people had set an example. But no. Your people adds to the burden. Who are you to allow this to happen?

Reconciliation seems to be the only thing you have accomplished so far, as one can hear people's small cries in the streets, once divided by clashing political faces, now united by one claim: that they don't like you anymore.

Even most of those who had faith in you are showing signs of disgust now for having supported you back then when, when you were asking for our votes like a child who begged for a candy.

Who are you to say that the people's suffering is quite normal, and everyone should not complain for the country's sake, when in fact you have the power and all the means to, at least, alleviate our misery?

Who are you to ask more power in your hands, when in fact you have that power all along? Who are you to give us this impression that ballots casted by most of us had just gone to waste?

Oh yes. I DO know who you are, Gloria. YOU ARE NOT MY PRESIDENT.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Shadow Hearts: Covenant


Birthplace: Germany
Attribute: Fire
Special Ability: Swordplay

Game: Shadow Hearts Covenant

Profile: Defeated in the Domremy battle and the sole survivor of the German Imperial Army, Karin falls in love with Yuri. Her destiny is revealed, however, through a childhood photo of him.

Katie Says: Currently my favorite game character. I only wish players get to dress her up just like in Final Fantasy X-2. But her moves are simply awesome! Finally, a game that is worth my time while waiting of the next Final Fantasy sequel. Oh I just love my PS2!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Theatrics. This is one word that is best associated with the drama of Philippine politics. Its always about cr ating protagonists, antagonists, and a scenario for the viewing public to enjoy. Its a little bit of action, drama, and a little bit of fiasco. All these to appeal to our emotions. Time and Again this mode of arguing has been used in this blog to spite myself and Katie. For one thing, I hate appeals to emotion, and it should never be included in any objective and unbiased discussion.

It is not surprising why in every election, politicians always capitalize on what makes us angry, sad, and happy. Its not really about the issues that are given to them. Same thing goes with our elected officials. Folks its not about how we feel about the issue, its about our conviction towards it. Its not really about what we believe, but it should be more on what we can prove. Anyway here are some examples.

Imelda Marcos should get an acting award for her several unforgettable performances during court hearings. She attempted to many times to look pathetic, so that she will gain the pity of the judges and the public who should weigh the evidences against her.

Richard Gomez is being charged with tax evasion. And how does he answer? "The administration is harassing me, being part of the opposition". Ah the arrogant bastard, who thinks he is the Man among the men. Dude! What they are simply saying is you didn't pay due taxes! What you have to do is prove them wrong by providing concrete and tangible evidences. Not make yourself appear like the underdog, because of your political ideals. I'll bet ten bucks and a pizza, Goma would not be missed by opposition leaders if he was jailed. Not too long ago Goma took what Sen. Recto said as offensive. He quote "Hindi kami mga aso, at wala siyang karapatang tawagin kaming aso!" What Sen. Recto actually said is "They are barking at the wrong tree"! Watch out there is a hype that Goma will run for senator.

Lately, Susan Roces made some harsh remarks on the supreme court. OK I understand Ms. Roces' position, she lost a husband, and she is grieving. She and the opposition claims that the supreme court is trying to suppress the truth by junking her appeal to replace her husband as the complainant for the electoral protest....... But wait a second....... What did the supreme court say? They simply said that she is not qualified to take her husband's place as a complainant! That's all! They did not affirm that GMA won that election! And it all really makes sense because FPJ's candidacy did not have anything to do with her, other than the fact that she is the spouse. The supreme court made it clear that the only ones who were qualified to file the protest was FPJ's party mate Ping Lacson, or better yet his running mate Loren Legarda, whom as we all know had her initial victory with her own electoral protest. So is the Supreme court biased?

Ms. Roces claims that the supreme court suppressed the truth, when they based thier judgment on technicality. Duh! of course! Legal Appeals are based on technical arguments, not on raw emotions. But more importantly, who was the genius who suggested that Roces should fill in FPJ's shoes anyway? Why her? Because movies,wherein the hero dies, and the wife continues the saga, makes a good blockbuster. Surely the audience will enjoy this kind of drama. Which is why instead ofexplaining to Ms. Roces all these legalities, opposition leaders would rather pour poison in her ears and turn this whole thing into a good script. Which is also why opposition leaders never educated their supporters. They would rather ask them to chant "Puno na ang Salop!" Because when FPJ said this in one of his movies, his adversary pissed in his pant's. Moreover, they make the audience feel that they are part of the script. Which makes me ask a question, what if FPJ died as an official president? Would they ask Susan Roces to take over the responsibilities of the president rather than vice-president.... Hmmm... Sounds like a box office drama to me!

I can go all week explaining. So with this regard allow me to make a modest proposal to resolve this. Since politics has become more about theatrics especially during the elections. Why don't we turn the next presidential election into a reality show. Its gonna be like a crossover between The Apprentice, American Idol, and Survivor, Here's how it will work;

Since even the poverty stricken Filipinos have cellphones, votation will be done trough calling and texting. But of course they have to register their phones and numbers to the COMELEC to avoid flying voters.

Every candidate will be interviewed by COMELEC officials, and it will be live on TV. From then, thequalified candidates will move on to the contest proper.

Then a jury of three who will critic every candidate, will be selected. One should have an extensive knowledge of the three branches of our republic (executive, legislative, judiciary), The second should be an expert in economics, and finally an average citizen. But depending on the theme of the episode, they may invite guest judges from the various sectors of our government i.e. military, education, agriculture etc.

The qualified candidates, will be assigned to their own secluded islands, in which they will not be allowed to communicate with other people outside of their jurisdiction. So if there is some explaining of platform of government to do! the candidates should do it themselves and not their campaign managers. They will also not be allowed to bring money when they go in seclusion. In that Island, they will have their constituents and limited resources, that they will use to build a government. Cameras will follow them allover. Each week they will be asked to do different tasks i.e. attract foreign investments, propose laws, build infrastructure etc.

At the end of their tasks, the jurors will assess their performance, and definitely no holds barred. So if they screw up, they can't use their advisers to cover their asses. Oh how I would love to give wiseass comments like, "Lito Lapid, you swore under oath to defend the constitution of this country, but yet you don't understand a word of it? " GMA, I notice that you spoil your cabinet officials with too much financial benefits, do you realize that your tax-paying constituents have barely anything to eat"?

After that, the lines will be open for votation, but only for a certain period of time. Then on the next day, the votes will be tallied and the one with the lowest number of votes goes home. "Eddie Gil, your country has spoken! You have just been deposed!

Ooookey... Cheesey. I know. But come on guys it could work. Imagine:

1) Showbiz people use politics as a pathetic excuse to extend their celebrity status, and politicians use showbiz for the same purpose, so here is their chance.
It will end the debate on whether actors are better leaders or not, because every candidate gets to perform regardless if they have showbiz background or none.

2) No need to campaign, and everybody gets an equal shot at TV exposure.

3) No need for the COMELEC to spend too much, and votation will be simpler and less complicated. Besides if this reality show gets the ratings it might also
get sponsorship.

4) We get to see what our candidates can do, before we elect them. This is beneficial for candidates who chicken out on debates.

5) We get to be entertained. This is television at its finest! Can you feel the drama?

6) Who knows maybe Eddie Gil was misunderstood.

So what? Do I pick-up the phone and call Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor and The Apprentice series).

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Kababata ba kita?

Noong ikaw ay bata pa, nagawa mo ba ang mga sumusunod?...

*kumakain ka ba ng aratilis?

*nagpipitpit ng gumamela para gawing soapy bubbles na hihipan mo sa binilog na tangkay ng walis tingting?

*pinipilit ka ba matulog ng nanay mo pag hapon at di ka papayagan maglaro pag di ka natulog?

*marunong ka magpatintero, saksak puso, langit-lupa, teleber-teleber, luksong tinik?

*malupit ka pag meron kang atari, family computer or nes?

*alam mo ang silbi ng up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, a, b, start?

*may mga damit ka na U.S.E.D., Boy London, Cross Colors, Esprit, Blowing Bubbles at pag nakakakita ka ng Bench na damit eh naalala mo si Richard Gomez?

*addict ka sa rainbow brite, carebears, my little pony, thundercats, bioman, voltes v, mazinger z, daimos, he-man at marami pang cartoons na hindi pa translated sa tagalog?

*nanonood ka ng shaider kasi nabobosohan mo si annie at type na type mo ang puting panty nya?

*marunong ka mag wordstar at nakahawak ka na talaga ng 5.25 na floppy disk?

*inaabangan mo lagi ang batibot at akala mo magkakatuluyan si kuya bodgie at ate sienna... nung high school ka inaabangan mo lagi beverly hills 90210?

*gumagamit ka ng AQUANET para pataasin ang bangs mo?

*meron kang blouse na may padding kung babae ka at meron kang sapatos na mighty kid kung lalake ka?

*nangongolekta ka ng paper stationaries at mahilig ka magpapirma sa slumbook mo para lang malaman mo kung sino ang crush ng type mo?

*kilala mo si manang bola at ang sitsiritsit girls?e si luning-ning at luging-ging?

*alam mo ibig sabihin ng time space warp at di mo makakalimutan ang time space warp chant?

*idol mo si McGyver at nanonood kang Perfect Strangers?

*eto malupet... six digits! lang ba ang phone number nyo dati?

*nakakatawag ka pa sa pay phone ng 3 bente singko lang ang dala?

*cute pa si aiza seguerra sa eat bulaga at alam mo ang song na "eh kasi bata"?

*inabutan mo ba na ang Magnolia Chocolait eh nasa glass bottle pa na ginagawang lalagyan ng tubig ng nanay mo sa ref?

*meron kang pencil case na maraming compartments na pinagyayabang mo sa mga kaklase mo?

*noon mo pa hinahanap kung saan ang Goya Fun Factory?

*alam mo lyrics ng "tinapang bangus" at "alagang-alaga namin si puti"?

*alam mo ang kantang "gloria labandera".. lumusong sha sa tubig ang paa ay nabasa at ang "1, 2, 3, asawa ni marie"?

*sosyal ka pag may play-doh ka at Lego... at nag-iipon ka ng G.I. Joe action figures at iba pa ang mukha ni barbie noon?

*inabutan mo pa yung singkong korteng bulaklak at yung diyes na square?

*lumaki kang bobo dahil ang akala mo nangangagat talaga ang alimango sa kantang tong-tong-tong... di ba naninipit yun?

*alam mo yung kwento ng pari na binigyan ng pera yung batang umakyat ng puno para bumili ng panty... and shempre, alam mo rin ba kung ano binigay nya sa nanay nung umakyat ng puno?

*meron kang kabisadong kanta ni Andrew E na alam mo hanggang ngayon.. aminin?

*laging lampin ang sinasapin sa likod mo pag pinapawisan ka?

*bumibili ka ng tarzan, texas at bazooka bubble gum... tira-tira, at yung kending bilog na sinawsaw sa asukal?

*kinukupit mo pa at nanonood ka ng mga porno tapes ng tatay mo na nasa BETAMAX format pa... at sanay ka tawagin ang porn as BOLD?

*takot ka dumating ang year 2000 dahil sabi nila magugunaw daw ang mundo?

*naaalala mo pa na mas masarap ang mellow yellow kaysa mountain dew?

*75 cents pa ang pamasahe n'un?

If so, then you must be 25-30 years old by now. Hahaha! Love to remember the good old times. *SIGH!*

Monday, April 11, 2005

About conspiracies, free will, God, and what the truth really is.

Define "whining". When I post my comments about the country, am I "whining"? Whether or not I'm doing it, is "whining" a bad thing? I don't really see it proper to list in my blogs all good things that I do for my country and my fellow Filipinos, but why does it feel that I am obliged to do so everytime I receive reactions like "why don't you just shut up and do something for the country" and "you complain yet you do nothing"? Why is it that some people assume that I'm entirely all words and no action? Do I have to brag about the things that I've done in this blog just to prove something? Do I have to tell everyone that I've done this and I've done that just to show that I don't just "whine", I do something about it?

If I do "Whine", a thought that still needs evaluating, I "whine" not to force those people I'm "whining" for to do what is right. Who am I anyway to coerce them what they ought to do, when they should already know what obligations they are entitled to do (unless they're acting numb or something)? I "whine" to share with others what I think about how their actions affect me, affect the people whom I love, and how I think their actions affect the country and the world in general. Again, "whining" is a word that needs further evaluating. What irritates me is why I need to reiterate this almost every 2-3 months.

Isn't claiming "I know the Truth. Follow me/Study with me if you want salvation..." also acting like god/a prophet?

I spend a couple of wars reading interesting articles on the net, just to feed my mind with something during boring work hours. This includes conspiracies, local or global. Movies like "Deep Impact" or "The Day After Tomorrow" ARE interesting films. They tap and stir the imagination of people, making them think "beyond" what is readily acceptable. Yet when you go out of the theatre, you don't run around shrieking "The end of the world is near!!!!", do you?

I mean, people entertain explanations to all things they find questionable, and people will find answers, even most imaginative ones, just to go away from the uncertain. I find it interesting, even amusing sometimes. But I definitely DON'T BELIEVE ALL OF THEM. I welcome these ideas, and consider them as possibilities. But I don't deem them immediately as THE TRUTH, or even if I find some truth in some of these conspiracies, I don't actually gatecrash some venue, boast that I have possessed yet another great discovery, and claim that everyone who oppose it are condemed to hell. This is the reason why Mankind can't seem to gain peace- we all brag about what we believe and dismiss others as enemies. Yet, being imperfect beings that we are, we forget that we can't really attain absolute truth as individuals. We need to understand the context of each other's arguments, share the little clues of reality, admit that we have each and our own interpretation of everything that we should, can, and will know, and respect each other based on this individuality. This is how God has created us- He gave us free will not as punishment, but as a means for us to attain His perfection in all unique ways possible. We choose our own beliefs, yet being human, we should acknowledge that we all are different. Thus beliefs need not be deemed as absolute Truth.

This is what I believe in: We are all different, and in different ways does God manifests Himself in us. Is there a way to know God absolutely? It's like men thinking that the world is flat, only to realize that it's actually oblate spheroid when viewed from outer space. We have the Bible, we have traditions, we have rules, we have people telling who really is God, when all we can know are just clues of his existence. To absolutely know God is to be one with God. So do we really need to die, have our souls drift to a higher level of existence to prove that? Maybe. Gauttama Buddha claims it's possible to attain Nirvana in this life. Some claims it's possible if you actually cheat death. Who knows? Does this mean there's little hope in this? It depends on how you interpret it. I interpret it as a challenge- we know only clues, yet as humans, we are capable of exploring. Perhaps, God has given us this thirst for knowledge so that even though we look like hopeless beings desperately looking for Him, we have instincts to know what means leads to wisdom (no matter how many these means are), and freewill to choose a path away or towards him. And I choose a path towards him. And the most wonderful thing about it is because I write about it not to FORCE anyone to follow it, but just because I want to share it, to contribute to the library of different ways to reach a common goal.

Do I believe that I already have the absolute truth? No. Does it bother me if everybody refuses to believe what I believe in? No. But I would really appreciate it if people would still respect me for what I believe in. I don't want everyone to believe what I believe in... I just want people to be aware of it, and appreciate it if they like it.

I think we really cannot know what absolute Truth is because of our limited faculties. But it would really help us all if we share the bits of truth that we can gain in life (again, another reason we have blogs). Call me agnostic, but the point is- it is human to believe and live by our own beliefs, but is most inhuman thing to force everyone to believe, think, feel, decide, live the same way.

Now let's sing altogether "Imagine" by John Lennon. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

We love you, Father.

I attended a Requiem Mass for Pope John Paul II last night. I just felt I had to pay my last respects and say farewell to one of a few people left in this world who has a true pure heart. I never thought going to Mass would make me recall memories of the long forgotten past, and saying goodbye to them.

The Malolos Basilica was crowded with the faithful at nine in the evening- a sign that, indeed, the great Pope's death has a deep impact on Filipinos. I was quite surprised that, even if it's that late already, students in their uniforms had a chance to partake in this last rites for the former Church leader. I would have dismissed it as a fact that teachers might have required them to go to Mass, if not for a more valid fact that these kids are with their families, praying together.

The scenes that I saw in the Basilica were so touching. Memories of the World Youth Days (1995) returned to me in an instant. I remembered asking permission from my parents to participate in the vigils, the pilgrimages, the activities of the said event. I really wanted to be part of it since that was the only chance I could join the World Youth Day choir of our own diocese. It was a chance of a lifetime. Being young and quite ignorant of many things outside the household, I struggled my way to being independent, even if it would be just a week. It was difficult for many of us, but no one remembers that. All that is remembered is that we were "holy" and yet we had fun!

I remember the night vigils, the first week when sleep were scarce, yet no one was complaining. I remember sleeping in a tent beside one of the buildings that surround Luneta. I remember boys hitting on girls, even if everybody hadn't taken a bath yet. I remember the signing. Oh yes, the singing. Those were the days when it felt God is everywhere. It felt good remembering those days. I miss those days.

Indeed, little did I know that it was more than just joining the choir. The World Youth Days gave me the first taste of how it is to belong to an ideal that is very significant- to exist is to be part of a bigger picture. Later on, I learned that this, indeed, is part of Karol Wojtyla's Philosophy of Participation. For life to be meaningful, the acting individual should be part of the whole. Intersubjectivity.

This is the meaning that I felt when I walked the streets of Manila with the rest of my fellow youngsters that year. This is the meaning that I felt when I stood there in EDSA while Erap's rule crumbled to pieces years after.

As the theme song of the World Youth Days filled the Basilica, I couldn't help but cry. I wasn't ashamed- all my tears won't match the sincerity, concern, and love of Pope John Paul II to this country. Like Christ to his flock, I felt his passion to take care of us, saying "Hello" every now and then. I saw it, I felt it as I saw him pass by us in 1995. He waved his hands, and I felt the peace felt by many of whom I were with last night. A nun admitted that when she saw the Pope that day, she promised God that she will devote her remaining days on Earth to serve him- and so she did. A mother whom I met in front of John Paul II's portrait claimed that her husband turned his back from adultery the moment he had a split-second eye contact with the Pope in the Popemobile. Even veterans claimed that a white dove landed on the Pope's shoulder while he was addressing the war survivors when the Pope visited in Bataan. His greatness and holiness manifests even in the physical realm. Even his death affects humanity deeply.

I also shed tears as it felt like saying goodbye to my youth. The death of this great man signifies that humanity has to move on, as I have to move on in life also. Goodbye to the days of my innocence, when feelings and life itself was just pure and simple.

Written in the logbook where people people left their condolences:

"Dear Father, now that you are next to God, please continue praying for us and our country. Love, Katie..."

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Matter Simple Common Sense, Economics, Math, and Euphemism

Its been a while since I've written my last "angas" essay regarding Philippine Politics and pretty much about the Filipino way of living. Well, Thesis has been a pain in the ass, but if there is one good thing that bad news did for me, it would be the push in the right directions. I'm serious! Instead of pissing myself of watching the 11 P.M. news, or that stupid pro-vat infomercial, I'd rather work my ass off on that thesis. Hmmm should I include that in my acknowledgement? What do you think? OK so here is whats going on in my little dark and twisted mind. I don't know, somebody answer this for me? Why is it that this country likes to do everything backwards. Don't they have a thing called common sense? From the Executive to the legislative even to those guys who repair the pimpled roads of Metro Manila, its all the same. Are we really living up of being a mediocre republic? ugh!

1) I don't get it why our boys from the DPWH et al. start digging up these pimpled roads that we have during the rainy season( June to August). Although its nice to see that they are doing some public service, but come on I'm no engineer but its really all a matter of simple common sense. You dig a hole on the rainy season, rain water fills it, and you won't be able to work there until water subsides! Job takes longer to complete! Moreover the month of June is actually the start of classes, therefore more cars on the street, thereby causing traffic. Why don't they start working on it during the summer season? what's the matter? afraid of sunburn?

2) I don't get it how the government is attempting to save its resources at the expense of public service. 4 day work week? Are they serious? Again its all a matter of common sense! Even if you add two hours to the remaining 4 days to make up for the lost day, its still more productive to have one whole working day than a fraction of it. If regular a regular working schedule for one day is 8 hours, and its takes about 8 hours to complete one task, then one day is really all you need. But if you divide 8 hours into four days, then you would need about 4 days to complete the same task. You do the math! Lets face it, nobody goes to office at 7 A.M., come on! Even schools are having difficulties with such schedule. Besides, surely private offices will not be doing the same this summer, especially banks. If they are really sincere about this "austerity policy", then they should stop issuing expensive SUVs to public officials, Shut down government agencies that are idle, and put a ceiling to the salaries of GOCC presidents.

3)I don't get it why they keep on insisting that the only ones that will be affected by the VAT law are the ones who are capable of paying, and not the minimum wage earners. Sabi pa nila "bato bato sa langit ang tamaan sana ay yung hindi nagbabayad ng buwis." First of all tax evaders are right under this administrations nose! It does not have the political will to go after them. A study shows that if all this evaded taxes are collected, then we will already have enough to fill most of our budget deficit. It won't affect minimum wage earners? Its a simple law of economics, any expense that the producers have to shoulder to create a product, will in one way or the other surely be passed on to the consumers. For example. 1 kilo of Tilapia has no VAT, but if you fry it with cooking oil, its no longer VAT exempted because the Tin can is not. Noodles will not have VAT unless you pack them in plastics..... Do I really need to elaborate more. I also don't get it how this will solve our deficit. Its a cause and effect relationship, we got into this mess because of mas live corruption, misallocation of the national budget, and letting tax evaders loose. If we give them more taxes without solving those causes, then we will be right back where we started. In fact this government does not deserve more taxes, they should prove first that they are capable of handling people's money. Lets put this in another analogy, a bank's main source of income are its depositors. The deposited money are then used as investments in other businesses and loans. But if the management of this bank will not handle its business properly, then it will only be a matter of time before they file for bankruptcy, regardless of how much money they have accumulated from their depositors. So if that be the case, will you entrust your hard money to this kind of bank?

4) I absolutely don't understand why GMA is in soooooo much denial about the true condition of her country? Here she is posing in front of the cameras, bragging that there is still promise for this country. Meanwhile we were just ranked as the second most corrupt government in Asia. Guess what? There are other similar studies that support these, HOOOYAAA! maybe next year we will be first. I also do not get why her administration is taking this sitting down. Let me guess? its Erap and McCoy's fault again. Ugh! If this was Germany, then I think they'd be pointing fingers to Hitler. Moreover, these is a big insult to her presidency, and therefore must never be taken sitting down. Maybe I should put it in language that GMA is most likely to understand. Your country is in Deep Sh!t! Your administration sucks ass big time! so all in all you are seriously F*CKED! There! Do I makemy point clear?!

As you can see its all a matter of simple common sense, math, economics, and euphemism. -Ahmad


Happy birthday to the most imbecile president ever to serve the Philippines... if that's how you call "serving". And what better place to celebrate her birthday than in Lubao, Pampanga- her town, her province, Gloria's kingdom. She has a point, though. It's her birthday. You'd definitely want to hear nothing but praises on the most special day for the president, right? I mean, it doesn't matter if you're scheduled to go to Rome and be the representative for the only Roman Catholic country in Asia, to take part in a great Pope's burial rites, right? It's her birthday, for crying out loud! Everybody would want a vacation when celebrating birthdays, right? No need to think the rest of the country, she has to go to Pampanga and celebrate! Forget the starving country, forget the disintegrating foundations of the nation- she needs to celebrate with her pig husband, right? Right?

Most of those who voted for the great Gloria should be nibbling their nails out of immense dismay by now. Look at the "glorious" things her administration has brought to her beloved country by now. She had come up with "reforms" most insignificant to the present needs of the country. (Four days of work?!?!) She has sold almost all services to the private sector, and is planning to sell more in the months to come. She has allowed the commercial fuel giants to dictate the economy according to how it pleases themselves, thus rendering any regulations and laws ineffective and useless, and thus, adding loads of burden week by week for the poor Filipinos.

She has allowed a silent war to reign in the south, and poverty to reign all but a few from whom she owes her status (whereas she seem to disregard the fact that she owes not the rich few, but the many who voted for her, and were foolish enough to trust her words). She has done no significant actions against corruption in the government- a social factor that is the root of all evil in this country, and a promise broken again and again yet leaves the president unaffected. Unaffected, also, is this stout woman after being hailed as the leader of the second most corrupt government in the world! Numb, even, is Gloria, after several attempts by the common tao to communicate with her their woes and regrets after her pre-electoral covenant with the people had been deliberately ignored and/or broken. She has lied to her people, not only once, but many times, even prior to being elected as president.

Based on my observations on how Filipinos think about the condition of the country nowadays, every aspect of this society is basis enough to conclude that we are nearing civil war. Heard from a usual conversation in an internet cafe (by students not more than 18 years old), if Fernando Poe Jr. would have had the fatal heart attack while he was on a rally with the masses, or in a court appealing for Gloria's resignation, a revolution would have resulted immediately after his death. Ninoy's death triggered anger amongst Filipinos angry of the Marcos system, but it happened years after the tarmac tragedy. God forbid, if anyone who has the people's affection dies in the streets, another revolution would surely follow. And without the support of the military spoon-fed by the government nowadays, the only people capable of helping are those in the lower ranks- those who follow the footsteps of the REAL soldiers who led the washed out Oakwood mutiny.

I know she knows about all these- but does she care? It's quite obvious whom she cares about these days- those people whom she promised utmost support when she gets elected to her desired position- and I'm not talking about the people who voted for her. And she still has the face to celebrate her birthday with the people. Anyway, her people.

As a gift to Gloria who I loathe most (next to Jinggoy Estrada and Mike Arroyo), the most special gift to offer would be a come-back article written by our very own Ahmad. He's been out for a while, but thank God! He had made his presence felt lately, and is now ready for action. The Katie-Ahmad team-up is complete once again.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Go Jac!

This is my drop-down gorgeous friend, Jac. Just looking at this pic, isn't she a winner already? :) But aside from being the epitome of Asian beauty (says my Elmo... grrr...), she's one lass with lots of talents hidden in her... uh... bikini. LOL.

We have to let SLIMMER'S WORLD know how much she deserves to be the Slimmer's World Bikini Bodies 2005 champ. So what are you waiting for?! Get your cellphones and thumbs ready, and text away! Wheee!