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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Theatrics. This is one word that is best associated with the drama of Philippine politics. Its always about cr ating protagonists, antagonists, and a scenario for the viewing public to enjoy. Its a little bit of action, drama, and a little bit of fiasco. All these to appeal to our emotions. Time and Again this mode of arguing has been used in this blog to spite myself and Katie. For one thing, I hate appeals to emotion, and it should never be included in any objective and unbiased discussion.

It is not surprising why in every election, politicians always capitalize on what makes us angry, sad, and happy. Its not really about the issues that are given to them. Same thing goes with our elected officials. Folks its not about how we feel about the issue, its about our conviction towards it. Its not really about what we believe, but it should be more on what we can prove. Anyway here are some examples.

Imelda Marcos should get an acting award for her several unforgettable performances during court hearings. She attempted to many times to look pathetic, so that she will gain the pity of the judges and the public who should weigh the evidences against her.

Richard Gomez is being charged with tax evasion. And how does he answer? "The administration is harassing me, being part of the opposition". Ah the arrogant bastard, who thinks he is the Man among the men. Dude! What they are simply saying is you didn't pay due taxes! What you have to do is prove them wrong by providing concrete and tangible evidences. Not make yourself appear like the underdog, because of your political ideals. I'll bet ten bucks and a pizza, Goma would not be missed by opposition leaders if he was jailed. Not too long ago Goma took what Sen. Recto said as offensive. He quote "Hindi kami mga aso, at wala siyang karapatang tawagin kaming aso!" What Sen. Recto actually said is "They are barking at the wrong tree"! Watch out there is a hype that Goma will run for senator.

Lately, Susan Roces made some harsh remarks on the supreme court. OK I understand Ms. Roces' position, she lost a husband, and she is grieving. She and the opposition claims that the supreme court is trying to suppress the truth by junking her appeal to replace her husband as the complainant for the electoral protest....... But wait a second....... What did the supreme court say? They simply said that she is not qualified to take her husband's place as a complainant! That's all! They did not affirm that GMA won that election! And it all really makes sense because FPJ's candidacy did not have anything to do with her, other than the fact that she is the spouse. The supreme court made it clear that the only ones who were qualified to file the protest was FPJ's party mate Ping Lacson, or better yet his running mate Loren Legarda, whom as we all know had her initial victory with her own electoral protest. So is the Supreme court biased?

Ms. Roces claims that the supreme court suppressed the truth, when they based thier judgment on technicality. Duh! of course! Legal Appeals are based on technical arguments, not on raw emotions. But more importantly, who was the genius who suggested that Roces should fill in FPJ's shoes anyway? Why her? Because movies,wherein the hero dies, and the wife continues the saga, makes a good blockbuster. Surely the audience will enjoy this kind of drama. Which is why instead ofexplaining to Ms. Roces all these legalities, opposition leaders would rather pour poison in her ears and turn this whole thing into a good script. Which is also why opposition leaders never educated their supporters. They would rather ask them to chant "Puno na ang Salop!" Because when FPJ said this in one of his movies, his adversary pissed in his pant's. Moreover, they make the audience feel that they are part of the script. Which makes me ask a question, what if FPJ died as an official president? Would they ask Susan Roces to take over the responsibilities of the president rather than vice-president.... Hmmm... Sounds like a box office drama to me!

I can go all week explaining. So with this regard allow me to make a modest proposal to resolve this. Since politics has become more about theatrics especially during the elections. Why don't we turn the next presidential election into a reality show. Its gonna be like a crossover between The Apprentice, American Idol, and Survivor, Here's how it will work;

Since even the poverty stricken Filipinos have cellphones, votation will be done trough calling and texting. But of course they have to register their phones and numbers to the COMELEC to avoid flying voters.

Every candidate will be interviewed by COMELEC officials, and it will be live on TV. From then, thequalified candidates will move on to the contest proper.

Then a jury of three who will critic every candidate, will be selected. One should have an extensive knowledge of the three branches of our republic (executive, legislative, judiciary), The second should be an expert in economics, and finally an average citizen. But depending on the theme of the episode, they may invite guest judges from the various sectors of our government i.e. military, education, agriculture etc.

The qualified candidates, will be assigned to their own secluded islands, in which they will not be allowed to communicate with other people outside of their jurisdiction. So if there is some explaining of platform of government to do! the candidates should do it themselves and not their campaign managers. They will also not be allowed to bring money when they go in seclusion. In that Island, they will have their constituents and limited resources, that they will use to build a government. Cameras will follow them allover. Each week they will be asked to do different tasks i.e. attract foreign investments, propose laws, build infrastructure etc.

At the end of their tasks, the jurors will assess their performance, and definitely no holds barred. So if they screw up, they can't use their advisers to cover their asses. Oh how I would love to give wiseass comments like, "Lito Lapid, you swore under oath to defend the constitution of this country, but yet you don't understand a word of it? " GMA, I notice that you spoil your cabinet officials with too much financial benefits, do you realize that your tax-paying constituents have barely anything to eat"?

After that, the lines will be open for votation, but only for a certain period of time. Then on the next day, the votes will be tallied and the one with the lowest number of votes goes home. "Eddie Gil, your country has spoken! You have just been deposed!

Ooookey... Cheesey. I know. But come on guys it could work. Imagine:

1) Showbiz people use politics as a pathetic excuse to extend their celebrity status, and politicians use showbiz for the same purpose, so here is their chance.
It will end the debate on whether actors are better leaders or not, because every candidate gets to perform regardless if they have showbiz background or none.

2) No need to campaign, and everybody gets an equal shot at TV exposure.

3) No need for the COMELEC to spend too much, and votation will be simpler and less complicated. Besides if this reality show gets the ratings it might also
get sponsorship.

4) We get to see what our candidates can do, before we elect them. This is beneficial for candidates who chicken out on debates.

5) We get to be entertained. This is television at its finest! Can you feel the drama?

6) Who knows maybe Eddie Gil was misunderstood.

So what? Do I pick-up the phone and call Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor and The Apprentice series).


Blogger Jonas Diego said...

Ha ha ha! This is easily your best article to date! :D

3:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah! Thanks Jonas!

5:12 PM

Blogger Jonas Diego said...

I'll assume you're Katie. :)

But you know, testing potential leaders' mettle in such a public forum isn't such a bad idea...

9:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

another blogger has a similar idea, ala American Idol.

2:25 PM


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