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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Matter Simple Common Sense, Economics, Math, and Euphemism

Its been a while since I've written my last "angas" essay regarding Philippine Politics and pretty much about the Filipino way of living. Well, Thesis has been a pain in the ass, but if there is one good thing that bad news did for me, it would be the push in the right directions. I'm serious! Instead of pissing myself of watching the 11 P.M. news, or that stupid pro-vat infomercial, I'd rather work my ass off on that thesis. Hmmm should I include that in my acknowledgement? What do you think? OK so here is whats going on in my little dark and twisted mind. I don't know, somebody answer this for me? Why is it that this country likes to do everything backwards. Don't they have a thing called common sense? From the Executive to the legislative even to those guys who repair the pimpled roads of Metro Manila, its all the same. Are we really living up of being a mediocre republic? ugh!

1) I don't get it why our boys from the DPWH et al. start digging up these pimpled roads that we have during the rainy season( June to August). Although its nice to see that they are doing some public service, but come on I'm no engineer but its really all a matter of simple common sense. You dig a hole on the rainy season, rain water fills it, and you won't be able to work there until water subsides! Job takes longer to complete! Moreover the month of June is actually the start of classes, therefore more cars on the street, thereby causing traffic. Why don't they start working on it during the summer season? what's the matter? afraid of sunburn?

2) I don't get it how the government is attempting to save its resources at the expense of public service. 4 day work week? Are they serious? Again its all a matter of common sense! Even if you add two hours to the remaining 4 days to make up for the lost day, its still more productive to have one whole working day than a fraction of it. If regular a regular working schedule for one day is 8 hours, and its takes about 8 hours to complete one task, then one day is really all you need. But if you divide 8 hours into four days, then you would need about 4 days to complete the same task. You do the math! Lets face it, nobody goes to office at 7 A.M., come on! Even schools are having difficulties with such schedule. Besides, surely private offices will not be doing the same this summer, especially banks. If they are really sincere about this "austerity policy", then they should stop issuing expensive SUVs to public officials, Shut down government agencies that are idle, and put a ceiling to the salaries of GOCC presidents.

3)I don't get it why they keep on insisting that the only ones that will be affected by the VAT law are the ones who are capable of paying, and not the minimum wage earners. Sabi pa nila "bato bato sa langit ang tamaan sana ay yung hindi nagbabayad ng buwis." First of all tax evaders are right under this administrations nose! It does not have the political will to go after them. A study shows that if all this evaded taxes are collected, then we will already have enough to fill most of our budget deficit. It won't affect minimum wage earners? Its a simple law of economics, any expense that the producers have to shoulder to create a product, will in one way or the other surely be passed on to the consumers. For example. 1 kilo of Tilapia has no VAT, but if you fry it with cooking oil, its no longer VAT exempted because the Tin can is not. Noodles will not have VAT unless you pack them in plastics..... Do I really need to elaborate more. I also don't get it how this will solve our deficit. Its a cause and effect relationship, we got into this mess because of mas live corruption, misallocation of the national budget, and letting tax evaders loose. If we give them more taxes without solving those causes, then we will be right back where we started. In fact this government does not deserve more taxes, they should prove first that they are capable of handling people's money. Lets put this in another analogy, a bank's main source of income are its depositors. The deposited money are then used as investments in other businesses and loans. But if the management of this bank will not handle its business properly, then it will only be a matter of time before they file for bankruptcy, regardless of how much money they have accumulated from their depositors. So if that be the case, will you entrust your hard money to this kind of bank?

4) I absolutely don't understand why GMA is in soooooo much denial about the true condition of her country? Here she is posing in front of the cameras, bragging that there is still promise for this country. Meanwhile we were just ranked as the second most corrupt government in Asia. Guess what? There are other similar studies that support these, HOOOYAAA! maybe next year we will be first. I also do not get why her administration is taking this sitting down. Let me guess? its Erap and McCoy's fault again. Ugh! If this was Germany, then I think they'd be pointing fingers to Hitler. Moreover, these is a big insult to her presidency, and therefore must never be taken sitting down. Maybe I should put it in language that GMA is most likely to understand. Your country is in Deep Sh!t! Your administration sucks ass big time! so all in all you are seriously F*CKED! There! Do I makemy point clear?!

As you can see its all a matter of simple common sense, math, economics, and euphemism. -Ahmad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why don't you run for president instead of whining all the time

9:37 PM

Anonymous elmo said...

"Why don't you run for president instead of whining all the time"... typical comment from someone who understands nothing about what he reads, yet insists on saying anything anyway.

This is one the Filipino traits that I hate most. I mean, here's one guy who shouts out what the right thing is, or what someone ought to be doing, then here's another guy yelling "Hey! Why don't you do it yourself?!"

"Why don't you run for president instead of whining all the time!" Duhhh. Let me tell you this: Narrow-minded people like you deserve a president like GMA, because it doesn't matter if corrupt members of her admin consumes all resources left in the country to their satisfaction, you'll never complain anyway.

People like you makes these people believe that they can go on with their selfish evil ways.

"Why don't you run for president instead of whining all the time!" Why don't you just shut up and kiss your president's ass instead of making yourself look stupid?

11:07 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Political Crisis that can never be solve.

All We can do now my fellow Bloggers is to keep ousting those corrupt officials and elect fresh young Filipino/Filipina officials. It is time to eradicate the political dynasty in the Philippines.

By the way the only way We can avoid Moon Craters on our road is to MAKE THE ASPHALT THICKER. It will last longer and cheaper to maintain. My god!!! you go to a road that was just fixed with new fresh asphalt. You'll notice that the amount on the pavement is not more than 2 inches thick.

Ay Naku!!! sige lang sige lang itaas ang kilay. (Just raise your eyebrows for those don't know tagalog)

10:11 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Ala Corruption in America.

You think Estates is Free from Corrupt officials.

The Big Dig Project - a 15 billion dollar Tunnel project in Boston. Yes my Filipinos the price can almost pay Our International Debt.

Guess What is happening right now in the tunnel as I write these comments? It is leaking water in the Tunnel. After 50 Big Dig officials got fired. (remember 15 billion) Why they got fired.

1. Renting Ho's
2 Renting a Yacht
3. Going to work 4 hours a day.
4 Jet flying all over Europe
5 Plus an acting-Governor got fired for using a private chopper.
6. Digging more tunnel

Corruption in America is still Alive and Kicking in unrestrained way.

10:24 AM

Anonymous Ahmad said...

Why don't I run for president? Damn it! I hate these questions. Why don't you do something intead of complaining? Why don't you leave this country if you hate it so much?

First of all not only did you not present one valid or intellegent counter arguments to what I said, you did argumentum ad hominem (personal attack). A typical action of people who can't come up with an argument. Second, there is a difference between criticizing and whinning. Whinning is crying over spill milk. Criticizing is analyzing an issue, scratching its surface down to its core. OK so maybe were not that euphemistic but what I say here is valid, I just don't want to be polite or politically correct for anybody's sake.

Why don't I run for president? Oh what a splendid Idea! But Ill tell you what, why don't we ask every news paper columnist and every critic of GMA to run for president or just shut up. If every single critic in this country does the later, let me see how happy you will be in the long run. You choose to bend over and accept things the way they are, and we simply don't. Tell me one valid reason why we shouldn't complain and we will shut up.

12:57 PM

Anonymous AnP said...

Hey, Katie... check this site out...

6:27 PM

Blogger GeeDot said...


Interestingly enough, it was through "getrealphilippines" that I stumbled upon Katie's fiery blog. That site had a link and special mention about Katie's writings. I'm glad that website has new stuff now.

All -

"Why don't you run for president" comment is actually another "whining" comment to a "winning" and valid observation and otherwise venting of frustation from a concerned and well-meaning article. If the article/blog sounded fierce, then I don't think it was meant to be derogatory. Rather, an issue, a challenge to be mindful of our failings and to rise above our current standards. Heckling is unproductive because it does not constitute a response to the challenge but rather a deflection of the responsibility to act as well as gaining undue attention to onselft - in this case, the heckler. To the heckler, I foresee that the "whining" will continue until the challenge is met and responded with the product to which it is due.

8:38 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's really not narrow mindedness on their part of they say "why don't you run for president".

what it shows is a lack of caring for our country adn a lack of courage to enact change.

this is what i hate about us, filipinos. we whine and criticize the government uner the guise of "enligtenment". then after all the whining, we do nothing. you know why? becasue we are hoping that someone out there hears our whines and then takes it upon themselves to act. in short, we whine, and we wait for someone to do our dirty work. and if he succeeds, we take credit for "inspiring" the would be revolutionary.

"why don't you run for president" is not showing narrow mindedness, it is showing our cowardice, our lackadaisical attitudes towars enacting change, our lack of nationalism, our lack of courage. and our ability just grin and bear it and take up the behind.

and the same thing goes for the person who was told to "run for president". if you are corageous enough to say what's on your mind about our government then lets see that courage enacted in real life. and then perhaps i will join you.

we all want change but none of us is willing to start it, me included. so i am just relegated to the role of the person who spits out "inspiring" words in the hope that someone might hear me and acts on it.

just like everyone else in this cyberspace.

-the ghost

4:01 PM

Blogger streetstopper said...

good points, katie.

however, as i always believed, it's proper education that we all need.

how can we expect a better country when most of the students' priorities are to pass exams rather than to learn?

how can this country grow when educational institutions instill that to survive the exams is the primary objective instead of learning?

sigh...but to excite us all a bit, we're number two for the most corrupt country in the world...but we're number one as the most dangerous place for journalists! isn't that nice? hahahaha!

thanks for what you have written, katie!

8:35 AM


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