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Monday, February 28, 2005


Is it almost March already? Has February 25 already passed? I thought that day's supposed to be a big day for this nation?

What happened last Friday? All I heard is that everyone's been scared about bomb threats scattered all around Metro Manila... for some reason. Some reason, I heard someone say. Tsk.

I took a ride at MRT at 8 o'clock in the morning, thinking that everyone should be out already, partying in front of Robinsons Galleria. But to my surprise (and disappointment), MRT was a ride as easy as November 1. I even got to sit alone on my bench. For the first time.

Have people already learned to ignore February 25? I mean, it's the day Filipinos got hold of the democracy they're enjoying now- Freedom that was taken away from them for a very long time. Or is it that they're not enjoying the democracy they've fought for nine years ago?

I heard in the news that the commemoration of the first EDSA Revolution, the real EDSA Revolution, has gone bland this year. Nasayang lang daw ang pag-declare ng holiday that day, a government official says. Ladies and gentlemen, next year, a decade after 1986, February 25 will just be just an ordinary day.

I'm not surprised, though. Living has gone really bad in this country, all because of the revolution that promised them good life years ago. People thought, after Marcos, the Philippines would finally have a chance to grow as a nation, with a new kind of government whom they fought for. We thought the "utang-na-loob" system would still work- fight for someone who shows promise in governing the country, and he/she'll definitely return the favor by really serving the people. Too bad the people had to learn the difficult way. "Utang-na-loob" in politics does not work for the people's benefit.

Come to think of it, where had all those Feb25 celebrities gone? Cardinal Sin has retired from service. Although he tries to remain the always-ignored conscience of the government, his failing health seems to push him out of the spotlight these days. As we are still in search of the country's next Sin, Cory Aquino's name has been slowly blemished by her daughter's misdeeds and the Cojuanco's political ambitions, but, regardless, remains a loving mother and an icon of a once-lively hope. Fidel Ramos have maintained an image of being "a president who has resigned from usual work", but seems to still be working in the background as the administration's no.1 supporter. Gringo Honasan's been going in and out of the opposition, but remains a covert rebel, nevertheless. Juan Ponce Enrile,... well... I don't know if he's been an ass eversince (since I was just a kid in 1986)... but I just don't know how he became associated with such a divine event. People change. All in all, they've left a mark in history, but that mark seems like a castle in the beachsand. Their memory has not enough power like Ninoy Aquino or Marcos to last that long. Specially when their presence can't be felt in the midst of the people's current sufferings.

Is really that the spirit of EDSA 1986 has faded already? I think so. Seems that the freedom that our elders had fought for is just another Aesop story. The excitement and enthusiasm to fight for an idealism has gone, specially now that people can't even afford to fight idealism even for a day. That's how the system works now... and it was no wonder why, even as Feb 25 was declared as holiday, construction sites still operate, the markets were still as busy as a beehive, and Juan de la Cruz still chose to go to work instead of thinking of celebrating what's already is an elite party. Makati and Ortigas can still afford to celebrate, however. That's why MRT wasn't crowded that day. Has the spirit of EDSA 1986 faded completely? I hope not. What's the worth of this blog if that is so?

I mean, it's such a big waste. I hear a lot of good stories about the EDSA 1986 from my old folks- stories that would really uplift your spirit, and make you teary-eyed sometimes. I've heard one story where some folks would even last two to three days without sleep, just sitting on the ground which is now the Galleria, waiting for the results of their plight while not mindful of what things to come... they were one because of one divine goal- they want change- and that's it. No politicians or celebrity to take advantage of the said event in sight- those were the only days when good politics ever existed in this country- when the common people and the elite, young and old, regardless of ethnicity and religion, became one. Those were the days when people overcame hunger, uncertainties and fear. Those were the days when the Philippines became really united by a single goal. Those were the days when I wish I was already old enough to be with them. Big sigh.

Due to corruption, there came poverty. Due to poverty, there came ignorance. And with ignorance came blind submission. Then will eventually come loss of self-worth. Juan dela Cruz is slowly becoming a zombie. I still won't be surprised if, one day, even Christmas won't be remembered in this country. Dear Mother Mary of the EDSA Shrine, I pray for another REAL revolution before that happens.


Anonymous ding_eab said...

They say that the next revolution is gonna be a bloody one, like in 1898. I say it's about bloody time. Not that I like's just inevitable you know.

8:32 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Probably the people who really went to Edsa in 1986 are longer in the Philippines (like me). A New Generation of young ambitious Filipinos are now overcoming the past generations, Politics is no longer their agenda.

And creating a new beginning for you and me.

8:36 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

By the way,
Remember there will be no Edsa 2 w/o Edsa 1.

The Virgin Mary on the Galleria Mall was erected because in 1986 the Filipino people and the Philippine Marines saw the "Blessed Virgin Mary" appeared to them on that exact site. the soldiers were about the use their Mortars to kill all the people in Camp Crame and Aguinaldo. Then suddenly thousands of people saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary. the soldiers went down on their knees and started to pray. I was not there on that day when the tanks came. I was there on the first day of revolt. Remember the two young rich girls from Corinthian Gardens (I think they lived there) they were giving roses to the soldiers and people brought their altars, rosaries and crucifix and bend barb wires to make them as crosses. The most breath taking event when the Filipino People were stopping tanks with their own bodies. It was a True People Power Revolution.

We influenced the Chinese uprising in Tiananmen, The South Korean revolt and the Collapse of the Iron Curtain (Take note during the destruction of the Berlin Wall Germans were doing the "L" sign)

1986 was a very important event to remember because it was the turning point of Philippine History. We overthrow a Corrupt Dictator and the Filipino name to be respected again all over the world. We're no longer being called has cowards.

That's why We should cherish our 1986 People Power Revolution. Because it will never happen again if it will happen again God Bless Us.

4:04 AM


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