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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fat Bastard!!!

Oh this is just one sad scene. Bhuu huu huu.

Jinggoy, the fat bastard strikes again. Now, he's putting up a fight with PNP General Aglipay. Why? For not letting his father's cohorts visit him in his luxurious cell. Every night, his yucky face is featured on news briefs, yapping about how General Aglipay allegedly showed disrespect to the pig. I even caught him saying, "Ang kapal ng mukha nya (Aglipay)... to lobby for a second term." (Obviously grabbing English words desperately to express this boastful claim, like how his father had been doing).

That was not disrespect. You know what's disrespectful? Does he think disobeying the rules, bullying at officials whose ranks are lower than his, and spending a privileged speech in the Senate about this puny incident instead of focusing on more significant matters adds dignity to a Senator's persona? STUPID!!!! Who voted this guy anyway? Had he been noted for doing his job eversince he assumed his role as a senator? Had he fulfilled any of the promises he made to his clueless followers? No. The only news-worthy issue he's been involved since 2004 are issues about his father, his family, himself. Now, he's claiming respect from people?! He's a certified JERK!

I'd say good for Aglipay for standing firmly for what's right. Indeed, he needed to assert orders from the Sandigang Bayan : No visitors at the end of the day. I mean, these are rules to be obeyed by everyone, even high-ranking political officials. (Law makers should not be law breakers themselves... they must set an example.) Finally, someone from the PNP ranks have the guts to stand up for what is right.

This makes me wonder- what if only a simple policeman is assigned to the General's post, would he be doing the same thing also?

Anyway, like I said, I would have commended the General. I would have, if only he had not come out the next day with apologies extended to the pig. Why should you be sorry if you did something right?!?!?

Then in came Enrile, demanding the quick resignation of the poor general for showing disregard to Senator Loi's position. He reports that General Aglipay had the "poor" senator walk her way to Erap's whereabouts during one of her visits, because vehicles are not allowed in the compound. Why, Mr. Enrile? Can't senators walk these days?! Just so she won't toast her feet due to the day's heat, is General Aglipay supposed to bend the rules?

Again... who voted for these jerks anyway?! These people make my blood really boil. Aargh!


Blogger Press Ready said...

I agree. It is unbelievable!

11:34 AM

Blogger Erwin said...

I agree. Aglipay does not owe an apology to Erap or Jinggoy. He was doing his job - he was just following strict orders. Under police custody ang tatay niya. Bakit siya nag-e-expect ng special treatment?? Kung bakit naman kasi ang daming 'tanga' ang bumoto kay Jinggoy!

2:43 PM

Blogger unknown said...

"Who voted this guy anyway?"
"Again... who voted for these jerks anyway?!"

Are these rhetorical questions? Or do you honestly don't know?

If they're not rhetorical, then may I impart the words of one Robert Ingersoll, to cast some light into your (possible) ignorance

"In the republic of mediocrity, genius is dangerous."

2:50 PM

Blogger RWZ said...

Has anyone from the Arroyo administration come forward to defend General Aglipay? Any thinking member of government or supporter of responsible government action would recognize that the General's defense is in their best interest.

4:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Anyway, like I said, I would have commended the General. I would have, if only he had not come out the next day with apologies extended to the pig. Why should you be sorry if you did something right?!?!?"

He probably did that just to shut jinggoy up. It's obvious which of the two is arrogant and immature. If the general gave in to jinggoy's provocation, then their side would probably have more reason to brand the poor guy really as "arrogant." I'd salute him for being the bigger man and apologizing even though he really didn't have to.

Like what you said, it was a trivial incident. It's hardly worth loosing sleep about, and a PNP chief has more important things to attend to. Look at things now. By not accepting Aglipay's apology, jinggoy has clearly shown which of them really does not deserve his position.

Nothing deflates a person's ego more than being ignored.

7:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jingoy said Aglipay should do an "Honorable" thing, that is to resign. But what does he or his family know about honor? If Prime minister Koizumi was in the shoes of Erap he would have commited harakiri already before they could impeach him. The family of bastards don't know jack about honor, cause they don't have any. Jingoy can keep trying all he want's but history will remember Erap no more than a crook. Other asian countries sees this, and it is also in the elementary text books that the Erap administration became popular because of corruption. Just like the marcoses, acquital after acquital, but until now people are still pissed of they won't even allow Pres. Marcos to be burried in Philippine soil. I mean really how does this jackass define honor? After helping the politicians get away from the escort issue.... Boy Daddy is so proud of you Jingoy... But history won't be!


2:51 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

These kind of Justices in the Philippines are not new.

Remember that Judge T. who shot and killed an International student in a Makati Village? The judge was in prison but with TV'S and other appliances inside his cell. How about Imelda Marcos who stole 28 billion dollars from the Philippine treasury and a 6% pocket money every time a foreigner invested in the Philippines. Was Imelda ever been in Prison? NO

How about the Visconde Massacre... A every witnesses that were interviewed pointed their finger to a Son of A Mayor. Is he in Jail? NO

The Estrada's are one of those Political Dynasty that are still in the Government's payroll. That's why corruption will always be in the Philippine Government. The officials that served during the Dictatorship of Marcos are still in office and still stealing money from our people. Erap is one of them no doubt about that. If Filipinos will continue voting for a corrupt official that official will continue stealing money from our people.

We should blame ourself for voting for a corrupt official. Erap did HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE IN SAN JUAN.
he cemented every roads in san juan, gave money to every poor in San Juan.

Can we blame a man who helped a lot of people for being corrupt?

12:08 AM

Blogger john mangun said...

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9:35 AM


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