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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Buzz

I haven't taught about it much in the past, but now I think I want to give it a serious thought. Maybe I should have a cable subscription. The thing is, I don't really get to watch TV that much. I leave home early and arrive late, just in time for the 11 p.m. news, and those TV documentaries (which surprisingly remains engaging). But last week I went home early, bored and alone, what else is left to do but to see whats on TV? One particular show caught my attention. Star Circle Quest hosted by Lucky Manzano and that girl.... I forgot her name (help please!). First off, I didn't realize that they were already at it with another season. Which could only mean one thing, the last season was a success. Second thing I noticed was that, one of the contestants happened to come from the same town/province where my family lives (Naga City). So anyway for the sake of my curiosity, I watched the show.

According to a study conducted, almost 75 percent of Filipinos are star struck. Meaning, in one way or the other we all want to have our shot at showbiz. We all, in one way or the other, want to be in front of the camera even for that precious 15 minutes of fame. More than that, it was also said in that study that pinoys make showbiz a part of their daily lives, that they tend to take it so seriously. Even to the point where they no longer discern what is fiction or what is fact. Of course it all makes sense, some 7 year old girls when asked what they want to become in life when they grow up, answer that they want to become a sexbomb dancer, or a Viva hot babe. There was also a time when actress Princess Punzalan, was hit with an umbrella by an old woman, because of her villainous character in a local soap opera. Most of all, if Ronald Allan Poe, and his alter ego "Panday", were separated and were to compete each other for the presidency. I assure you Ronald Allan Poe wouldn't stand a chance, against a character that the masses loved.

Personally, I do not see anything wrong with someone pursuing his/her dreams of making it big at showbiz. However in the Philippine scenario, it is being debated whether showbiz is better than education. In my humble opinion, there is no debate on this, simply because there is never a substitute for education. Seeing that show I' m talking about, and realizing what these aspirants are willing to go trough just to get a shot at showbiz, I got to see the bigger picture of how bad the problem is. For one thing, it is technical skills that build this country, and some of us don't seem to realize that. A formal education gives us this technical skills. Shows like this seemingly give a false message to our youth, that it is OK to sacrifice education for showbiz. You don't believe me? OK then, can someone explain to me why reality shows like star circle quest is being aired at this time of the year, when the school year has not yet ended?

Shouldn't our youth prioritize education, because sure as hell we need people with skills to build this country. I mean if you want to improve health care services you would want a well educated doctor, if you want a better justice system, you would want an educated lawyer, if you want to create more jobs you would want a well educated entrepreneur etc. I also wanted to question the parents of these aspirants. I sure hope that they did not, in anyway, make their children drop out of school, so that they could join a contest in which does not even guarantee a future at showbiz. On the other hand can we really blame them for choosing a shot at money and fame rather than education? The standard of living in this country is just so low, that you would want to try anything to alleviate it. Besides, a lot of fresh graduates can hardly find a job.

Going back to the show. The show had three annoying quest jurors. A director, a former beauty queen, and a talk show host. For those of you whose IQ is still in double figures, you should realize that all the activities, exercises, or even the criticism, has little relevance into transforming someone into a performer. Ok hows this? In one of the activities, the aspirants were required to beg for spare change from anyone they see on the street. According to the hosts this is supposed to be a test of confidence since every performer needs one. One of the aspirants failed to overcome his shyness, being a Davaoenio he felt awkward acting like a beggar in front of manilenios. Then Boy Abunda Goes, "Para sakin, ang dahilan mo ay isang katarantaduhan, bakit ka pa namin pinili mahiyain ka pala". Give me a break! I think before he talks about "katarantaduhan", he should first straighten out his understanding of what confidence is. The confidence of a good performer, and a jackass begging for money so that their show will pull up ratings is different. I may have the confidence to perform in front of an audience, but it does not mean I will also be as confident asking a stranger on the street for a spare change. Ten bucks and a pizza says Boy Abunda would never beg for a change in Luneta even if it meant loosing his Job! Try also comments like "nakakasawa at nakakaumay na kayo". Damn it! can't they be more technical? After all if something qualifies them to pass judgment, then it should be technical expertise right?

But of course the bottom line of all of these is getting the ratings. The audience loves freak shows, which is why shows like this are obliged to turn this aspirants into freaks. Insulting them, embarrassing them, and maybe even exploiting them. Anything that the audience will keep wanting more. Otherwise Dolce and Gabbana would not even bother to sponsor Boys Abundas ass! This is not really about talent, its about popularity. Because a lot of people in this industry are popular yet they don't have a thing called talent (the Viva Hot Babes for example).

The lucky few who will get a shot at showbiz, what would then happen to them? Expect gossips to test their patience every once in a while. Expect that they would be occasionally be ridiculed once in a while, expect also that every aspect of their life will be scrutinized for the sake of public entertainment. Shows like the buzz are expert at doing just that. And when there is nothing more to ridicule about you? You no longer become popular.

There is a difference between fame and popularity. Al Pacino is famous, Micheal Jordan is famous, Ninoy Aquino is famous. Long after they are gone in the endeavors that made them great, people will still remember and admire them. Popularity on the other hand is never forever. Long after new faces comes, long after you don't sell movie tickets anymore, long after producers pay attention to you. No one will remember or admire you.


Blogger GeeDot said...

I think that the other co-host is Jodi Santamaria.

9:41 AM

Blogger unknown said...

I haven't seen this show but it sounds like an American Idol rip-off. That show is pretty dumb as well. They also got Australian Idol here and the Oz version is pretty dumb too. Stick to news and docus. Personally I'd rather pluck my nose hair than waste my time watching these irritating talentless freaks.

7:12 PM

Blogger de Villa said...

I agree you with you that Filipinos do tend to be star struck and quite disconcerting when one person cannot tell fact from fiction

I also agree that Formal education is first and foremost an important thing in life and without question, should be pursued to the best of that persons abilities.

2:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Comment about wanna be star.

But I am a little concern about Katie's Blog
Katie I think there is something wrong with your blog especially the "message board". I have a brand new pentium 4, 3 gig and My computer cannot even download the whole page. check it out? thanks

I think you post too many Ads and it gives multiple Pop ups.

11:50 PM

Blogger GeeDot said...

Hi Anonymous,

I don't think that the problem is with the blogger site. The tag-board service is down. That's the reason why you can't see the running bulletin.


11:06 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Geedot, thanks for the info.

If you guys wanna see a real Filipino and Filipino-American Actors here are some good Filipino movies and Stage Shows.

1.American Adobo - Dina Bonavie
2.The Debut - Filipino and Filipino-American Actors.

Ceasar Montano is filming a new movie, being filmed in Estate the Director is a tisoy Filipino who won multiple awards. nice and humble young man. check the issue of Filipinas

AND The Asian male answer to the hit show "The Vagina Monologue" is the infamous "Big Dick Asian Men". I am not kidding it's real good stage show and I hope show will perform in Pinas.

Anybody want to Produce "Big Dick Asian Men" I bet it will make a lot of money in Manila. mabuhay!!!!

11:13 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

ooops!!!! I just realized that I made a mistake on my comment, I mentioned the "D" and "V" words. It's Rated ba?

sorry po...

10:33 AM

Blogger Jac said...

Hello! I love your pic! Better than the previous one :)

10:13 AM


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