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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wake-up Call

Where were you during the last earthquake? I was still awake then, watching a boring movie (Around the World in 80 Days) as past-time activity because I still couldn't sleep. I thought my pamangkin was just moving my chair, as he would always do to pick up a fight. When our celing fan began to rock, I was convinced that the ground was really shaking. I didn't panic. I told my pamangkin and my mom to stay put and be calm. Good thing my dad was already asleep then, so I wouldn't have to worry about his heart that moment. Two minutes after, it was gone. I sent my Elmo a text message to check if he's safe. It turned out he already positioned himself in his office's pantry just so in case something happens, he's sure that he'd have food supply. (Veeery funny.)

The next day, I overheard my mom and a neighbor chatting about that recent earthquake. I think I heard my neighbor say "Hindi na ako magtataka kung katapusan na ng mundo,... sa dami ng problema sa Pilipinas, at sa galit ng tao..." A typical common tao response. But who could blame her? After all the beatings and sufferings the common people are experiencing right now, without a clue who or what is causing it because of cover-ups, misleading publicity and widespread lies, I wouldn't be surprised if they see natural phenomena as the only hope for salvation. I wouldn't even be surprised also if they blame it all to nature... or God, why their lives are miserable.

Natural disasters mainly caused by human negligence, electricity bills and taxes going up almost every week while wages are maintained flat on the surface, the continuously degrading Filipino lifestyle, scarcity of food and quality education, misconduct , graft and corruption by soul-less public officials, widespread crime and poverty, ... if these are punishments, where are these punishments coming from? Heaven? Or just somewhere obvious, yet we're just so preoccupied by self-pity and submission to be aware of it?

I just got home from Europe, after a long series of business trips. It was tiring, yes, but a great experience to sum it all. I've met a lot of Filipinos there, specially in Italy. I've noticed that no matter how difficult life could be away from home, I see in their eyes that there is still hope- hope that is slowly fading in the eyes of our people. There, life is not that frustrating, because they feel they are rewarded. Every drop of sweat is worth something. And there is no feeling of remorse and fear towards a bigger entity that lurks behind them, like scavengers always ready to take something... everything from you. There, they feel safe. They feel rewarded. They feel life. They are happy. Here? Can we say that we always feel safe? Do we feel the value of every cent that we've worked for? Do we feel rewarded in every effort that we do? Are Filipinos still hopeful that a brighter future is still possible if they stay here in their own place? Again, are Filipinos generally happy?

If I'm not mistaken, it was just last month when Manila was also awakened by a slight earthquake. "Napapadalas yata ang lindol ngayon," said my Mom to initiate a usual chat with our neighbor. It's weird. But maybe it's not a way to punish us, because if so, it should have been a big devastating one. Maybe it's just God giving us a gentle wake-up call. "Hey, I'm still here. Time to wake up."


Blogger Mec said...

maybe it's all the digging that we do... and to fight back, the earth hopes to make the buildings we built crumble back to the ground

la lang...

10:54 AM

Blogger Ver said...

Buti ka pa, naramdaman mo yung quake.

11:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or maybe it's not just that God wants the Filipino people to know that He's there. Alam naman ng mga Pilipino 'yon eh. Kaya nga yata inaasa na lang sa Diyos ang lahat. Sobra-sobra pa nga kung magdasal ang mga Pilipino eh. It's just that people should stop talking and really DO something. Act. If we want the system to change, it's in our hands. Not in anybody else's.

2:18 AM

Blogger GeeDot said...

During that last 7.0 quake, I was sitting at my office desk half-way across the world. A co-worker actually forwarded me a CNN newspage about the quake. So, I chikka-ized my friends and relatives to check up on them. Fortunately all was well.Studying "Myth and Culture" right now along with Joseph Campbell's transcripts of lectures. Certain cultures believe that nature is a visible manifestation of God. Another culture perceives that the self/soul is the highest consciousness that gets in touch with the Existent/God/Creator. I wonder if it is possible, even remotely, that the negatvitiy that we experience inside towards ourselves and each other can affect nature around us? Certainly, there is this thing called psychosomatism. Could there be also a link between ourselves and nature's forces?

4:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katie, I love your site....the best coffee i've had all day....

5:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

coffee is good and all-hypes you up but you also have to have a plan of action --else it's the old case of all talk and no action-Wayvryder

5:44 AM


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