screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Is the Filipino happy? Are we living a life promised by our forefathers after fighting for our so-called freedom? Are we getting a life that we really deserve as rightful citizens of this country? Have we reaped the fruits of our heroes' labour?

A friend of mine, Alisa, got confined in the hospital after having been stabbed on the neck with a knife by still-unidentified thieves while waiting for a ride home in one of the streets in Makati. She died a week after.

An uncle of a friend went to the mountains and is now serving as a member of the CPP / NPA. He once served as a board member in the Visayas. After realizing that he has joined a big circle of lies, deceit and heartlessness towards the poor, he left his home and family, and is now fighting for what he believes as the true evil of this society.

Another close friend of mine, Alfie, once worked in a state university. She was once a very dedicated teacher. Three months ago, she retired from the job she should have loved so much, because, according to her, she cannot last working in a haven of corruption and dirty politics anymore. After having been stripped off of her pride, she's now working on graveyard shift in a call center in the city, away from her family, away from her normal life.

We also knew of a good court judge. He retired from his duties because of old age. He tried to get the pension and benefits from the government he served for so long. He died poor and forgotten, receiving no recognition nor financial assistance from those who owe him much.

A cousin of mine used to have a dream of being a lawyer when we were all young. Now, he's about to finish Nursing, with hopes of getting out of this country as soon as he can, to find his luck out there. No more dream, just being practical, he says.

Women are forced to accept a life of "legal prostitution". Now you see bare bodies everywhere, unclothing themselves even from the morals brought to them by the customs and religions given to us by our ancestors. Looks like it's better to live in shame than to die in hunger these days. But can you blame them?

I once knew a cheerful tindera who had a small stall for local comics and newspapers in our hometown. She was famous in our little town, for she was the first smiling face you'd see before you enter the marketplace. Last time I saw her, she now lives inside the roof of a waiting shed in Quezon City, without the usual smile.

We used to have a neigbor who owned a huge area of land which he personally tills as a farmer. Two years after selling the land because of bankruptcy, he now roams around a nearby town, asking for alms on one corner of the town's main church.

A government that works for its henchmen, not the people. A government that boasts performance, yet the only performance it's doing so far is not to serve the people. The answer to basic infrastructure? Let private companies do it. NLEX used to be efficient. Later, it will be efficient, and expensive. The answer to basic services? Sell em to the cronies. Now, even education can't work without the support of the elite. Makes us wonder, Brunei must be doing wonders and must be run by saintly beings in providing free education for everybody.

So, uneducated and, thus, uncivilized as most of us are, people would willingly beat up a man whom they think is a criminal, without serving justice first. We feel beat up by the system. We are angry, but most of us don't know why. The answer for local reality TV? Street justice.

We are fond of telenovelas, noontime shows and cheap teenage romance mini-flicks because we love to escape. We'd cherish every moment that we can get away from the harsh parts of reality. Philippine reality.

It is said that what is just makes a man happy. In this country, real justice is just a few thousand pesos away. Or some product of mere fantasy.

This is a country where dreams are continuously shattered to the deep forgotten, where shadows smirk while the righteous suffers on the foreground. People wouldn't notice, nor budge a little, for they are hungry. They look only for what replenishes, not to what damages. They tend to notice every once in a while, try to correct what's wrong, but they are weak. The few is strong. So they return to their homes, to their miserable lives, sighing.

The cost of living is going high for the benefit of the few, and for the misery of the many. The middle class are getting poorer, the rich are getting richer, the poor are slowly dying.

This is a country where every man has to think of surviving rather than living, of food rather than honor, of submission rather than fighting for what is right. Laws are continuously bent, while rules continually strike the common people down. The Filipino accept this as a fact of life.

Do you see people smiling in EDSA? Do you see people in Makati walking on the sidewalks, looking contented and satisfied? The only smile you'd see are hidden behind the tinted glass windows of BMWs and Jaguars.

The Filipino is not a happy people. And some of us are fed up already.


Blogger Sam said...

There is hope for this country and the Filipino people. Those people you see around? They have the power to change their lives and attain freedom from their own misery. If they will only try. As Paulo Coelho have it in his book (The Alchemy) :

"That the greatest lie in the world is that at some point we lose the ability to control our lives, and become the pawns of fate. "

There's hope if we will ACT, not just react. I just hope that Filipinos will have this burning DESIRE for a change. I hope to see the Philippines in my generation being a self-stable country, where people are happy, politicians are trustworthy and people have dreams and visions for their own land. I love to say this one:

"If a person really desires for something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream"

2:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

While it may be true that we have the power to change our lives, these people walking around have the power to change their lives, the real question is, do they still have the desire to change their lives.

Countless years of corruption, bad governance, broken promises, declining quality of life has stripped the Filipino people of the desire to change, and thus along with it, the death of hope.

We are a hopeless people. We are doomed.

3:26 PM

Blogger Sam said...

If all 80 million people will start thinking "we're doomed and hopeless", then thats the time I'll start thinkin of leaving this country. But there are still Filipinos outhere that believe hope is in the horizon.

I belong to the working class. I'm not rich but I believe that I can offer help to this country by increasing awareness about the current situation of our country, to our friends, classmates and other people. Through what? Through writting a blog! My hope is that through our writtings we can "ignite" the natural desire of Filipinos to wake up and desire for change.

As the bible have it:

"..people are destroyed by lack of knowledge"

and from Ernie Baron:

"...kung walang knowledge, walang power..."

Bye Byeee...

8:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you people blabbering about? The Philippines is the greatest country in the world! I have three maids in my 10 bedroom mansion in the wonderful city of Manila. Each of my 5 kids has a "yaya". I have an indoor pool in my backyard. I have a submissive wonderful wife and my concubines are just so HOT!!

I have a dollar-earning business that earns more than enough to support my luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. If I want to bang a sexy chic, I just promise her a good life! Just try that in the good 'ole US of A and you'll get your ass smacked with a lawsuit so bad your grandchildren are gonna need lawyers!

O yeah, life is good for me in this country, so all you guys stop whining!

12:31 AM

Blogger Astrantia said...

"Do you see people smiling in EDSA? Do you see people in Makati walking on the sidewalks, looking contented and satisfied? The only smile you'd see are hidden behind the tinted glass windows of BMWs and Jaguars." I gotta say, I don't find that true... no completely.

4:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you Astrantia. Filipinos are a happy lot! That's why I like it here. You just show them the money and be nice to 'em, and they're gonna treat you like you're king! They can be pleased easily. Rich people like us are loved and respected!
Filipinas are the best! They're easy to get a long with cause they're subservient! Filipinos are plain simple folks, I guess. Small things can easily make them happy.

1:29 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Majority of Economist will say that The Philippines was the Tiger of Asia that forgot to roar.

Filipinos might prevail if We can only pay $10 billion a year interest from the $38 billion that we borrowed from the IMF and from other countries. The 10th generations of Filipinos will see the end of the tunnel.
(The genration when our foreign debt will be paid)

12:29 AM


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