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Saturday, July 31, 2004

I love you Tidus...

Finally, back to my old blog!

Yes, yes... a lot of bad stuff are happening nowadays. Gloria seems to be revealing the true color of her reptile skin, Mr. Angelo being home finally, the government being an eager slave to the media, US having LQ with RP, and so on and so forth. But before I dig into those things, I would like to open up this month of August with good things. You know... for good vibes.

It's been one very busy week. I got a new job and just got my first payslip. It's quite a high-paying job, actually- enough for me to avail of a Plan 800 from Globe Telecom (for that Nokia 6600 that I've been drooling to have since it came out of the market) without worrying about my monthly budget. I also got a new place there in Makati, and I won't tell everyone for security purposes, of course. Let's just say it's a good neighborhood, with a lot of easy access to the happenin' places. Yes, I am throwing into the trashcan my old project of putting up a house in Bulacan. Instead, I got me a small condo in Makati, that is, after selling and saying farewell to my red car (*sniff*)... it's ok, though. It seemed that the car poses as a big liability if you live in the city. Also, I don't need it since I'm always out of the country for my modelling projects.

I just finished playing Final Fantasy X-2. It sounds easy right? Not unless you actually play this game. You see, "finishing" the story means getting through all the hidden missions, getting all the required stuff, meeting all the people in Spira and dealing with their "issues", and basically following a 100%-completed story walkthrough. After about six months of playing the game like reading a long novel, I finally gained the ultimate ending in the 100%-completed story. Yuna falls in Tidus's arms at last. I almost fell into tears.

If you want to see the ending of the Final Fantasy X story, you can click on the link here. or click on the FFX-2 Image above.


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