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Saturday, May 29, 2004

E-heads Forever

I'm getting older and older everyday. I remember my dad telling me that when the time comes an album of the greatest hits of your band or singer comes out in record stands, you're getting old. Except for The Corrs with "The Best of The Corrs", of course, (because they're not disbanded yet, yet they already have a "the best..." album... what's up with that?!) the double-CD tribute to the Eraserheads, entitled "Eraserheads Anthology" is the latest "Greatest Hits" album I had in years.

I just bought it hours ago when I went to SM West to inquire for a crash course in Macromedia Flash MX in Informatics. I passed by Oddyssey and tadah! There it was, a whole CD rack filled with the new Eheads album, adorned by Arnold Arre's art for the album. Seeing that poster caused both nostalgia and excitement for me. Excitement, because included in the CD is a new song entitled "Sa Tollgate" which wasn't released yet ever. Nostalgia and sadness because I miss that era that gave birth to this band. I miss wearing my Doc Martens. I miss U.P. I miss my PE classes. I miss hanging out in CASAA and the Sunken Garden. I miss the fishballs and squidballs- they never tasted better outside the campus. I miss the innocence and the 90's. I miss bar-hopping in Katipunan. My goodness! The Eheads is a time machine! All of these memories came marching in my mind the moment I saw this poster by Arnold Arre. The art is truly wonderful.

Even if the Eraserheads has been long gone, I still consider them the best Filipino alternative band ever. I still consider "With A Smile" as the best pop song ever written. I still consider them as the best trend setter of all times, and I still love Ely Buendia, even though he got his name changed for another band...

Hey! I don't care whether I already have all the albums of the Eheads, except "Banana Type" which I missed buying, I don't remember why. Guys, if you're a real Eraserheads fan, you gotta have this album, really!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

err just stumbled into your blog, I just wanted to say Eheads kick ass! I just got the album... Tollgate is amazing... I can't even imagine why they didn't release that earlier...

Oh well, hi and keep it cool. Peace

2:59 AM


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