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Thursday, May 27, 2004


It's always been a thrill for me to see Mother nature in fast-forward mode. Yup. This is what this movie is about: Mother nature in fast-forward mode. Things that should have happened millions of years from now happens instantly. And we see people running around screaming, the US President in panic, and a family split apart by daily chores suddenly coming together in the middle of mayhem. Touching.

I love that part where LA's struck by multiple tornadoes. Grabe! Seeing those scenes made me recall that time way back when I was just a kid. You know, there's a place in Bulacan where tornodoes occur once or twice a year. I remember, that was the day after my mom's birthday, it got really dark outside. I went out to see why there are lots of kwitis exploding up there. And then somewhere in the southern sky I saw clouds moving in circles, forming a big funnel til it somehow hit the horizon.

It was all so surreal to me, seeing that big white funnel dancing slowly in front of the dark clouds. Then, someone noticed there was another tornado on the sothe-eastern sky... a dark brown one, carrying lots of debris from the ground. It turned out that the first white tornado hit one of the fishponds in a nearby baranggay, and the other one hit the ground, destroying two or more houses on its path. I heard that it rained bangus in another nearby baranggay a few minutes after the twin-tonadoes disappeared. I also remember hearing someone saying the day after that there was a survivor who claimed he was just watching TV when suddenly, he was thrown away from his house with his windows and roof to a nearby fishpond. He's lucky to be alive, with a short-lived experience being superman, that is.

We were on safer grounds, being 5-10 kilometers away from the tragic scene. Also, it's a local belief that if people on land light some kwitis (airborne firecrackers), the sound of the mid-air explosion would "destroy" a tornado. The twins lasted for 30 minutes tops. Then the white tornado was cut to half, then the other half went up back to the clouds. Then, that was it... leaving us all who witnessed it with dropped jaws, shocked by what we've all seen.

The movie was all too fantastic in the beginning, with the special effects so real, it made me go back to the old days. New York drowned by walls of water and ice took my breath away instantly. However, the story went to a full drag as it nears the end- an impossible mission of a desperate father who'd face the odds, even nature's odds, to save his son... somehow, it feels I've heard or seen this one before.

Overall, I give this movie a B+.

Lesson I got from the movie: Be sure that you're in a library when ice age comes. Another lesson? Books can be a great source of heat. I can go on with this "lesson in the movie" joke forever, you know...

If you're planning to watch it in WalterMart (Plaridel, Bulacan),... DON'T. The movie was continuously disrupted by power failures, therefore disrupting also the suspense within the story. It happened to me not only once, take note. When I watched TROY a week ago, the moviegoers of WalterMart Plaridel encountered the same problem. I bet this thing happens everyday. The moviehouse service just simply sucked.


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