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Monday, May 03, 2004

The Corrs are Back!!

I discovered the song "Runaway" by the band The Corrs way while being played on a not-so-famous FM radio station back in 1997. It took two years, I think, before they got rediscovered. Since then, Andrea's fabulous voice filled Philippine radiowaves like a tornado. The first music CD I bought for myself from my first humble pay years ago was that Forgiven Not Forgotten album. Sure enough, it got overused in just a couple of weeks. I so love the philosophy they embed in their lyrics. They don't do usual love songs... they make good ones. Not only that, they make good music as well. Look at the Corrs siblings whenever they do their stuff onstage... they're just simply enjoying it. That's definitely what's likeable about them. They love their music as much as their fans do.

One of the songs that defined my college days is "So Young." The song is always makes me reminisce those carefree hakuna-matata days!

Then there's this very nice lovesong "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" from the "In Blue" album. Although this song isn't at all popular since it wasn't released as a single, this song simply is one of the best love songs since "With A Smile" by the E-heads. Before Christian Bautista's "The Way You Look at Me," there's definitely this song: "Looking through the eyes of love,.... I can see forever... I can see you and me walking in this world together." The lyrics is, yes... cheesy... but hey! If it reminds me of my sweet Elmo, cheesy or not, it's still MY song!

Months, years have passed after their "In Blue" album. Of course, there's the "The Best of The Corrs" CD (which brought me fear of those signs that the band will be disbanding soon... What the hell was their recording company thinking?!) I thought The Corrs are going to rest indefinitely after Sharon having been married at last. News about the band, anything that would establish assurance for a desperate fan of the band's existence, was almost nowhere to be found. Bad rumors filled the internet. The fan was scared.

But alas! I was wrong. In fact, the wait is already over, and I didn't even know it. One time I turned my radio on... and there! "Summer Sunshine!" And the news that they're going to release a new album titled "Borrowed Heaven" sometime this month (on June 1 in the Philippines, to be exact!). Happy! Excited! And soooooo eager to wait a little more. I promise I'm not downloading any mp3s of these guys' songs. I promise to support them... they deserve my money as much as I deserve hearing their music once again...

I can sing again. I can hum a nice love song again. Oh. This is an avid fan's pure delight indeed! Welcome back, Andrea, Caroline, Jim and Sharon! Long live the Corrs!


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