screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

I went to the movies and overdid it.

I've been a movie maniac this week. Usually, I see only a movie per week. This week is different. Four flicks this week. Actually, if movies I've seen in DVD is included, that would be... six! No time to emote or live by a movie trend. I've got to say something about some of 'em...

It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a Disney film. The last time I really savored each animated Disney moment in the theatre was years ago- Aladdin. Nope. I didn't like Treasure Planet. Yah... Lilo and Stitch is a so-so movie, but nah. Some movies just don't sink in after being seen.

Lion King 1 1/2, though, features scenes that are way too funny. This animated film stars Timone and Pumbaa (tama ba ang spelling), with co-star Symba and Rafiki. Yup! It goes the other way around. It's kinda like a side-story... just like the Animatrix for The Matrix series... with a hilarious twist.

By the way, Lion King is the only film I love that features talking animals.

Here, you'll be taken back to the old days of Timone and Pumbaa's still ripe friendship... er... acquaintance, says Timone nga pala. The story unfolds before the actual story of the original Lion King movie, where the two Symba side-kicks first meet, look "beyond what they see" for a place they can call home as outcasts, and be mixed up in parts of the original movie where Lion King fans thought never thought they'll be. For instance, you'll be surprised to see that in the stampede scene, the two clowns were there already. During the "I just can't wait to be king" part, they were already there, too! (and Timone's the reason why these theatrical neighborhood came crashing down literally by the end of the song... and will make you utter "ahhh.,.. that's why!")

Here's a piece of advice: Watch Lion King first before "1 1/2" for maximum entertainment satisfaction.

It's like watching LXG. I almost went zzzzz as the movie ended. I don't know. It's perhaps because I'm not at all a Hellboy fan. Hell, this is the first time I'm introduced to the character.

The plot's not that good. I never get to know more about Hellboy's personality after the introduction scenes. After having presented the beginnings of a worldwide crisis and the "birth" of Hellboy to this realm, wala na. I mean, it's unfair for the non-fans of Hellboy. Ah well, why did I bother watching the film anyway?

The "...we are the ones who bump back" dialogue is soooo corny.

If I've not seen Zoolander, I would have laughed myself out loud in the moviehouse. (I went there alone, no date. *sigh*) I'm surprised the Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson duo still works, although I think seeing the original Starsky and Hutch towards the end of the story feels kinda... uhm... cheesy.

I love the soundtrack, and how it is embedded in the movie. Sure there are really mushy songs from the Carpenters and Barry Manilow, but really, didn't these people rule in the music scenes during the 70s? If you'll watch this movie, specially if you lived your golden years during the 70s, I'm sure you'll enjoy the walk down memory lane. The fashion, the songs, the moves, the cars... everything are so 70s.

Watch out for that scene where Huggy Bear's men talk about nerdy stuff... and the beach scene where Wilson and Stiller are jogging with "Starsky and Hutch" t-shirts... that's so very funny.

Heroism, martyrdom, overcoming human frailty and friendship presented onscreen at it's finest. The world will never see the Samurai the same way again. I remember when I first saw the movie... days after, whenever I see cherry blossoms, I felt like crying. Tubig talaga. Sakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!