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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Pimp my car, please.

Today's a lazy Saturday. I was just channel surfing two hours ago when I came across this wonderful yet infamous show from MTV- that is, PIMP MY CAR. It's a show where old busted almost-dead cars of selected Southern Californians are taken away from their owners by host Xhibit, get "pimped" (their term for "restored" or "resurrected", I think) and returned to the owner nice, clean and hella-good lookin!!!!

Today's episode is about a certain Niles, a 19-year old lass who owns an old 1978 Cadillac. I should tell you, guys, the car's so busted it won't even pass for a crash cars for Philippine action movies. Much to Niles' surprise, Xhibit came out, checked out her dying car, and took it to a garage where magic happens in a jippy.

Glossy pink paint, multiple MP3/DVD player (with a custom-made casing so one can "watch the DVD while the DVD plays", a kick-ass set of rims for her new wheels, a loud inside boombox, a totally remodeled car interior from the vinyl casings to the seat covers, wonderful head and tail lights, plus accessories like two LCD monitors at the back, a shoe rack (and pairs of elegant shoes courtesy of the host himself!) in the hood among all things... evrything moving either has neon lights or works by remote control. Even the engine starts by remote control, not by keys!!! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! I could just literally slobber by watching this show...

After that, I went out and stared at my red Lancer for about 30 minutes. I realized my car also needs some pimpin. I got to change my rims to newer and shinier ones; I gotta have a CD/MP3/DVD player with LCD; I gotta change its color to neon purple; I oughtta get my car a nice pair of spoilers and bumpers... AAARGHHHH!!!! I need cash impunto!!!! Questions: 1) I wonder how my car would look like if it's pimped up? and 2) Who's gonna be my Xhibit?

Somebody oughtta come up with that kind of gimmick on Philippine TV.


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