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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

is it over?

Love the new design, eh? In the service of the people who religiously visit my site every day, I'm providing them with a blog setup which is aesthetically redefined and contains colors for easier reading. This is also keep up with what blogger has been giving its members after months of tedious yet successful updates.

Hey! At least now I can do both bold and italics without worrying about whether or not my letters disappear in the black background. Yesss...

I've been (again) bombarded with emails filled with questions about the recent elections. What's my opinion about this and that candidate? What's my forecast about the elections then when it was only about to begin? What's my say about FPJ or GMA winning in the most recent quick counts? Who did I vote for president? And so on and so forth.

Guys... no one's been proclaimed yet. Until that time when someone (obviously not the better candidates Roco, Lacson and Villanueva) wins, I won't be able to make any comment. I want to blurt out every piece of what I have in mind about the elections in one big blow... For now, I'm in the process of "watching." Watching the watchers. Watching the counting and canvassing of votes. Watching the always predictable winners and losers of this big game... and so on and so forth...

Meanwhile, Ahmad here has something very insightful to say about the recent events in Philippine history, no matter how insignificant that event it's turning out to be... *sigh*

Ahmad says: When will our politicians ever learn? In electionsthere are winners and there are loosers, whatever happened to a thing called political "sportsmanship"? I mean when these monkeys ran for election, the thought of loosing never even crossed their mind? That is simply what I call over confidence. A while ago I was talking to a former highschool classmate of mine, and his father happened to be running for councilor here in Naga City. So when I asked him if his father won, he said. "Dinaya! Madadaya talaga sila!". Which made me ask another question to myself? I wonder how the hell is the FPJ-Loren love team doing right now? Now that the tallies show that they are not exactly the box office king and queen of this election. That pre-mature victory march in Makati, is just plainly pathetic, what makes it more pathetic is the fact they claimed to be doing their own quick count wherein they are supposedly winning. Wow! isn't FPJ ego boosted or what? Well, just as Boots Cadsawan (FPJ for President Chairman) puts it..."Syempre Action Star siya eh! Syempre di siya sanay na napapahiya (He mentioned this
when he was asked why is it that FPJ easily looses his temper when asked about his qualifications). WHAT THE HELL IS IT WITH ACTION STARS?

My friends are somewhat happy that FPJ is actually loosing this election, but I told them that it is not over yet. Here's why:

1.) He is an ego boosted action star.

What is it about our local actors anyway? I think they are taking their stardom way too seriously, that they think they can extend it outside showbiz. And politics for them is being a pathetic excuse for them to extend thier stardom outside showbiz. That Victory march already says enough that FPJ and his allies (showbiz or non-showbiz), are not excatly ready to accept defeat. I guess they want it to end like a typical FPJ production, wherein he is beaten almost to death, but in the climax, he will always knockout his enemies, and gets the leading lady.

2.) If indeed he does loose, remember that he has three or six more years to prepare for running again.
But will he educate himself on the teachnicality of public office? I really don't think so. Why? because if he does manage to educate himself, his political advisers will no longer be able to manipulate him. Which as we all know is the reason why many politicians wanted him to run in the first palce. Because he does not know squat and he will definetly need them to run the show. Remember that his acting career is not exactly over yet. He actually has three or six years to make a lot of movies that will even make him more appealing to the masses. hmmmm..... Maybe a movie wherein he does become the president won't be such a bad Idea, it would be like our own movie adaptation of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series (yes he became president on the last series). And Perhaps this will also be a new career opportunity for Loren Legarda, now that she is not a senator anymore. Besides she does have an acting experience (Markova; Comfort Gay). Who knows she can plays, FPJs love interest in his movies, and the FPJ-Loren love team will actually make it to the box office. "Sa tambalang FPJ at Loren, Bayan ang Bida".... They definetly should put that in the movie posters. So the question we have to ask is... What will stop FPJ from trying to enter politics again?

3.) Ronald Lumbao and his PMAP already threatened us of another violent rally incase FPJ looses! Besides FPJ/Erap has all the allies to destabilize the current administration.

Why not? That is what they have been trying to do in the first place. Make GMA and her administation look like idiots (No Im not excatly the biggest fan of the GMA administration). Every single issue they can use against GMA they exploit it to make her look like a moron who can't handle the show. Which of course will make the public think that Erap himself was not such a moron himself after all. Not that I think that some of this issues should not be talked about. But now a days its more concentrated on politicing than the issues themselves. Even that answer GMA gave when someone asked her about her sex life, the congressmen and senators in the opposition wanted to make it a national issue! Instead of other more important issues? tsk tsk. Bottom line here is that, if the opposition was itching to make GMA look bad in her four years of administration, what more now that she is actually going to have six more? And how do you think the administration will retaliate? By politicing back some more of course!Nevertheles Im hoping to see the day when our leaders will be willing to set aside their political differences for the interest of the public, who is suffering because of unhealthy politics.

4.) Finally, the reason is simply because the counting ain't over yet.

At this point where the tallies have not yet even been completed to 60%, it is still premature to assume FPJ's defeat and GMA's victory. Specially that it is a close fight. If we assume his defeat, it would be as if doing our own version of his victory march. Ergo we shouldn't count chicks while we are still waiting for the eggs to completely hatch.


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