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Saturday, July 03, 2004

10-point fantasy

I'm taking a very close look at the events that's happening after the May 2004 elections. Without fail, my theory has been proven: GMA used all resources and power to deceive us. Fortunately, I didn't vote for her. Unfortunately to the majority who made her win, they have to regret having her as their bet now that things are getting clearer now.

Notice how things went to where everything was before the elections after May 11? Oh, correction: It's even worse! After a week, prices of oil products went up. This was followed by transport fare hike, commodities price hike... even pandesal prices are going up, says the news, from a peso to two pesos a piece! The "transitional" president really did a great job stopping or covering up these things from happening before her so-called victory. I wonder what pre-election under-the-table discussions she made with these very few yet influential people who control this poor country's economy for their selfish benefits. Read my lips: GLORIA IS ANTI-POOR.

June 30 came, and I am proud to say that after watching Spiderman 2, I went straight home and slept till next day came. I can not endure any more gibberish coming from this deceiver's mouth. I've been almost deceived before when she went up on the stage and took an oath in front of us, participants of the EDSA 4 revolution, on the day Erap went down and started his way home to his almost-MalacaƱang cave prison-mansion. After hearing her denounce her previous claim that she would not run for re-election, that was the last straw. I have had it, I'm never gonna listen to this biatch again.

But then this caught my attention just recently: GMA's 10-point Agenda. Another proof that GMA's just another trapo in the making. She claims she's into performance, not blah-blahs, but what's this? Another New Term Resolutions list?! If the title itself isn't convincing enough, wait till you actually read what it's about:

1. The creation of six million jobs in six years via more opportunities given to entrepreneurs, tripling of the amount of loans for lending to small and medium enterprises and the development of one to two million hectares of land for agricultural business.
Oh yah, I've heard this one a long long time ago. Is it just me or is it that politicians nowadays are becoming more of a bunch of "sirang plaka"?

2. The construction of new buildings, classrooms, provision of desks and chairs and books for students and scholarships to poor families,
Again, "sirang plaka".

3. The balancing of the budget,
Geez, and how is she gonna do that? Allowing the MRT to raise it's fare? Raising taxes to the most unimaginable level? Oh boy, I see angry people.

4. The "decentralization" of progress around the nation through the use of transportation networks like the roll-on, roll-off and the digital infrastructure,
Oh boy. More Gloria-at-work billboards coming up.

5. The provision of electricity and water supply to barangays nationwide,
When asked about how Gloria is going to deal with her promise to the people during her presidential campaign that she's going to make Meralco bills go down to help the poor, she said something like this... "I can't do that. It's up to Meralco." Wow. Talk about betrayal of the public's trust.

6. The decongestion of Metro Manila by forming new cores of government and housing centers in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao,
She could have done this when she took Erap's place years ago. She could have done everything in this list the first day she sat on her big chair in MalacaƱang, in the first place. How is she going to "decongest" Manila? Open new industries in the provinces? That's one effective solution which is almost as aged as my 75-year old grandpa. How is she going to do just that? Borrow some more money from international banks? I think a debt of P44,000.00 per Filipino is enough already.

7. The development of Clark and Subic as the best international service and logistic centers in the region,
Fidel Ramos should be proud of this president. Where's the originality in that? And oh, if she's really into this stuff, expect some noise coming from the anti-imperialism side of the gruntling public.

8. The automation of the electoral process,
Wow. Just now? I thought they were to automate the electoral process last May? Of course it has to be after May. How else would she win the past election if everything's automated?

9. A just end to the peace process, and
I guess having a concert of Black Eyed Peas in Mindanao or Sierra Madre would do the trick. Where is the love?...

10. A fair closure to the divisiveness among the Edsa 1, 2 and 3 forces.
If this happens, everyone can say goodbye to "katie vs. the philippines". My job's already finished, my dream has finally come true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely, except that it wasn't the majority who voted for GMA. Hello? The BIATCH won 'coz she c-h-e-a-t-e-d. Ang masama, everybody knows she cheated and yet, she managed to proclaim herself, and EVEN FINISHED 100 days in Malacanang. Well, of course, finishing her term is another thing. And I'm looking forward to going back to the streets to kick her out before she reaches the middle of her term in 2007...

4:47 AM


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