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Friday, June 18, 2004

post-election trauma

(Here's another insightful entry from our regular contributor, Ahmad. Take it away! -Katie)

For the longest time, I haven't watched too many local shows, because local showbiz is just full of Bulls**t. Its like reading a book that is so bad, it makes you stupid rather than smart. Talk is cheap on talk talk shows, Reality and comedy shows insult our intellegence, and of course soap operas makes us loose our intellegence, can someone tell me what is there left for us to watch on TV? Ah of course! the six or eleven o'clock news, after all its always good to know what's goin on in your country right? But you know what? Sometimes I would rather watch MTV 24-7 than subject myself to one hour of torture watching the local news. Ok so lets get down to bussiness then!

With the way everything is going it seems that we might not have a president by june 30. Guess what FPJPM people said that it is OK at least we have the Senate president to become an acting president or the chief justice (yes the chief justice), there is nothing wrong with that. Well acually if that happens there is something terribly wrong with it! it means congress has failed to uphold their duty, and finish on the schedule that has been given to them which should have been enough had they not wasted time on POLITICS AND USELESS DEBATES!!!!!!! AAAARRRRRGGGG! DAMN What will it take for this monkeys to do their jobs right! maybe someone should bomb the batasan or something!... OK breathe in breathe out... I just had to let it out.... forget what I said about the bombing thing.

The problem here as I see it is that no one actually wants be objective. One one side we have the administration who believes that they already won this election and just want's to get it over and done with the proclamation, even if it means overlooking some important details in the canvassing procedure. On the other side we have the opposition, whom as we all know was not ready to accept defeat even before this election actually begun! And now they will never accept any result that would dissapoint their expectations even if it meant causing temporary anarchy. I understand that all of us wants our bet to win this election, but we have to accept the result as it is and minimize our biases if we want to fairly proclaim a winner here. It will be easier for someone to find evidences of massive fraud if both administration and opposition people will try to be objective as much as possible.

But lets scratch the surface deeper and look at the core of this problem here. What is it that they are fighting about? Political Beliefs? Truth? Justice? Bullsh**t! All this is about is political alliances, that is it folks and it originated way back during the EDSA 2 event. Somehow it always has something to do with Erap doesn't it? In fact he has everything to do with it. It all makes sense the opposition is still pissed of not only with the administration, but with all of us whom they belived grabed the power from Erap. So they are taking thier fight to every forum possible, to seek retribution to a once fallen ruler. And if this things are happening even before a president is actually proclaimed, what do you think will happen once proclamation is final? It does not matter whether FPJ or GMA gets the proclamation, like the fools they are they will keep on fighting, regardless of what issue, forum, and time.

So my appeal to them would be this. Public office is not really about public service, its a career. And just like any other Job it pays to have it, and that I can accept. But what I can never accept is them refusing to be professionals. Some of them used to great law makers (Angarra for one), and what happened to them now? They say it is about principles that they are fighting for. Then what would be a better political principle than the belief that one must sacrifice his political differences if it meant being a better leader for this country. If setting aside political differences and working hand in hand with the people they have treated as opponents (even enemies) for the longest time, would mean he end of a long famine that has been plauging this nation, wouldn't that be the greatest sacrifice that someone could make. The cause of Erap, is nothing more but of his own, to regain honor if not power, it can never be and should not be used as an excuse for all of them to find faults and go on retaliating on each other in every way possible. Everytime they do the nation suffers, and it will not be able to endure long anymore. There is nothing wrong with supporting a fallen ruler, and they don't even need to stop supporting him. But at least they could focus more on the problem of this nation, without him being in the picture. The greatest sacrifice our politicians could make, is not really their SUV's or lavish lifestyles, it is their alliances. Both the Administration and Opposition must work hand in hand or like the fools they are they can keep on fighing and watch this country go down in flames.



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