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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Last Say on Angelo's Story

As for my final say on Angelo's case, I'm letting Ahmad do the talking...


Some of you may not agree with me on this.

Perhaps you are all aware of the story of Mang Pandoy. During the 1992 elections, his life was sensationalized by the media. In an instant he became the symbol of poverty in this country, an Inspiration to would be leaders, and of course a symbol of hopes and dreams. In an instant, many politicians used him for publicity stunt (former Pres. Ramos Included), private sectors pittied him, and in that instant many everybody (perhaps even Santa Claus) was giving small donations to him. He was given a house, a small Job in Congress and years after that what happened...... Nothing...... he still is the same Mang Pandoy.....Aside from his house....Nothing much changed he remained poor. Last night he was featured in the news on channel five, the commentators said that Mang Pandoy is the living example that Government is not sincere in its commitment in helping the poor. I agree, but its only half of the story, to me the what I would like to call the "Mang Pandoy Syndrome" is also an example of a disease in our culture, or in the system itself.

Mang Pandoy wasn't the only one, two years ago the was the Bangkang Papel gimmick (which is the worst publicity stunt ever pulled). Three children from poor families, that GMA promised to help, and in an instant they also enjoyed the publicity Mang Pandoy did. And of course you can add Angelo dela Cruz on the list.

Don't get me wrong- I'm happy he made it back home safe and sound. But when he did come home, again it is the same story that we have always seen. Welcomed as a hero, sensationalized by the media, used by many politicians (including GMA) for a publicity stunt. Hell! Carlo Caparas even want's to make a movie about him (what a blood sucking leech!). It really made me very sick when I saw the mayor of mexico pampanga handing over a bundle of money to the family of Angelo dela Cruz, while striking a perfect pose infront of the cameras. Even senator Lito Lapid himself want's to get the lead role in the would-be movie.

What does Mang Pandoy, and the three children of GMA's bangkang papel gimiick have in common? In spite all that has happened nothing really changed in their ways of living. Same scenario, same complaints. Going back to Mang Pandoy, he was onced called by Korina Sanchez as the "Celbriting Dukha" on that I agree all the way. I am sorry to say this and some of you might hate me for it but il say it anyway...... When Mang Pandoy was featured in Last Night's news, I didn't pitty him at all! Let me make it clear though, that I do feel sorry for some of us who becomes poorer and poorer because of the corrupt system that we have, but I do not excatly feel the same way about Mang Pndoy, the kids from payatas, and the likes of them. Ok so maybe politicians and other other rednecks used Mang Pandoy, for their own selfish interest yet forgot him when they got what they wanted! Shame on them! This practice should be condemned. But on the other hand he undeniably benefitted from these people who used him in one way or another. Long before politicians knew him, he was a total nobody, and no one will even care to help him. Not everybody has been given the chance that he had, which cast doubt on my part why his condition did not improve a bit? Did he actually help himself? Another thing that made me sick was when the parents of the three kids from payatas told the media that the livelihood fund given to them by the office of the president is all used up because GMA never gave enough (money). What made me even sicker was the statement of one of the children who said that their neighbors thought that they are already rich, and was angry at GMA for not keeping her promise. In the first place, aside from the livelihood fund, they were also given full scholarship grants untill college. To me that is already a good help that anyone could give. Do the parents of this children educate their children properly. "Give a Man a fish and you feed him for the day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life".

In the case of Angelo dela Cruz, I fear that the real issue again here is masked. The issue of Mang Pandoy, is not of him per se. Its the issue of the governments commitment in helping the people. Just because you help a Mang Pandoy, that never means you help the entire poverty-stricken nation. Now everybody want's a piece of Angelo dela Cruz because he became an International Issue. The real issue here that we should see is that there are other OFW's in the middle east, risking their necks everyday to support their families back home. And in return they help(greatly) save the economy of this country. Has their country done enough to repay their contribution in saving our economy? In the case of Angelo dela Cruz, yes. But if you watch the news, some of them are abused by their employers, some of them die pointlessly, some of the came home without a dime. I will bet my one month salary, that these people who are being so generous to Angelo dela Cruz, wouldn't even be half as generous with the other OFWs who did not make the front page. So I think rather that giving all the amenities (house and lot, cash donations, including a movie offer) to Angelo dela Cruz, we should just be thankful that he made it back home and at the same time think of better ways to protect our "Bagong Bayanis" in foreign terrtitory. After all that is the least we can do for them.

On an interview, Angelo dela Cruz said all the cash donations were spent on the feast that his family had to give when he arrivied. In my opinion, if that money was saved then maybe it could have been used for long-term investments. But then again, thats the filipino culture. Now he is having a problem on how he will make a living back home. But I am still giving Angelo dela Cruz the benefit of the doubt, I just hope his story does not end up like Mang Pandoy. Specially now that Angelo dela Cruz is making a lot of friends.

To GMA; stop using people for your publicity stunt, and the next time you give a SONA please give the real state of the nation not Vision of the nation (which is basically the same Bull S**t we hear over and over again).

To the media; Angelo is back home, thank god, you got your news, NOW LEAVE HIM ALONE AND STOP SENSATIONALIZING HIM AND PEOPLE LIKE HIM.

To Carlo Caparas; Why don't you just start making fantasy movies again to entertain us and stop sucking the life out of famous personalities. Oh please fire the staff that designs your movie posters cause my dog wouldn't even wipe his @ss with it.

To Sen. Lito Lapid; If you loved acting so much, why did you run for senator? You know what you can do? Learn the Philippine constitution because you would probably be saving another Angelo dela Cruz because of it.

Peace out to the rest of you! -Ahmad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with everything that ahmad has said. we have made too much of a hero out of angelo dela cruz that now he is the focus of ire among the OFW community. I'm an OFW here in Dubai and I am not the least bit happy about what has transpired. Don't get me wrong, I am happy that Anegelo is alive and well, it's just the treatment they gave him when he came back that is really sickening. The real question is, what has angelo really done that he deserves this treatment?

many filipinos here in the Middle East are also asking the same question. The Filipinos here have gone through much worse things than Angelo did. yet the government never even lifted a finger to help them. what about all those who wer killed, raped, mistreated, overworked and underpaid, filipinso working here? what of them?

i do not hate angelo dela cruz, only that he has come to symbolize what is worng with our government. he is the poster child of the corruption, the manipulation, the greed and the downright rottenness of our beloved country.

not many people know this but OFW's are keeping the Philippine economy afloat. if one day all OFW's decide not to send money even for a month, our economy will plumet into depths unknown.

4:36 PM

Blogger raini said...

Long time lurker but pero ngayon ko lang feel mag-comment. You = speak my mind. But apparently more eloquently. *g*

10:43 PM

Blogger raini said...

And apparently di rin ako marunong mag-basa. heheh. that's you + ahmad = my mind speaking

10:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're one of the reasons why philippines isn't moving forward. try looking in the mirror. you'll see the leech who sucks the best out of filipinos. also, why dont you get a job and earn money so you won't get envious of the money the govt or anybody give to other filipinos. get a life or go to hell!

3:14 AM


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