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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Letter to Susan Roces

I have been observing the past events, Im Im telling you Im afraid it might go out of hand. From Sunsan Roces's harsh statements and the subtle refusal of the opposition leaders for reconcillation, Im afraid something might be cooking up. Anyway, I made this letter and this is what I would have wanted to say to her.

Dear Ms. Susan Roces,

We are ordinary people, with no political alliances of whatsoever, and we firstly would like to extend our sincere condolences to the untimely death of your husband. Arguably, he will remain an important institution to the Philippine cinema as well as an icon in Philippine culture. For all that, we acknowledge and honor his invaluable contribution thereto. It was unfortunate however, that we had some differences regarding the issue of your husband’s presidential candidacy during the recently concluded national election, in which this country was once again painfully divided.

We were also aware of the proposed reconciliation process which was brought about in view of the recent events that just happened, and this is what our country badly needs right now. However, due to certain circumstances that has been happening we fear that this might not come into reality. The overwhelming emotions of bitterness, of despair, and of anger might even widen our divisions and cause us another violent revolution. Even Congressman Escudero made mention that reconciliation is already too late since Mr. Poe has already passed away. On the other hand, our country is in a midst of a crisis, that it badly needs unity among us. Altogether, we must face this crisis, for united we stand and divided we shall fall. We understand how much pain, the issues raised against your husband’s candidacy, must have caused not only your family, but the overwhelming masses that supported him. This pain, perhaps might have worsen, due to his untimely death.

We remember your husband once talking about “pagkakaisa”, this is a noble cause that we can achieve as a country. But every noble cause requires a great sacrifice as well. And what would be a greater sacrifice than for us to set aside our political differences, in order to finally uplift the masses whom your husband cared for the most? We urge you to be cautioned by the people who might use these circumstances in order to achieve their own selfish political agenda. The masses adore you and your husband so much, that they will be willing to start a violent revolution at your command. We fear that this is the exact scenario, might be used as an advantage by people with selfish political interests. If this scenario does happen, it will surely be the masses who will firstly suffer the consequences of such action. And therefore, our leaders must stop using them for any selfish agenda.

We ask you to encourage this people to fight a more noble cause that leads towards national unity and recovery. Remember that the cause of one man, is nothing compared to a cause of a dying nature such as ours. We believe even your husband would not allow any selfish action that might jeopardize the very same people that supports him. We hope that we can find within our hearts to set aside our differences, to learn to forgive and forget. Because it is only through this that our nation shall stand again.


Ahmad et al. and the concerned filipino.


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