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Friday, December 03, 2004


And there's no amount of rage in this world could compare to what I'm feeling right now, after all the shame and dismay the evils of the Makati Operations department has given me.

I've had a share of unfortunate experiences as one of the poor victims of the evils of the Philippine government, but I swear this last one is the worst of all.

I would make everyone sick until they heave their innards out if they see how low the Makati traffic enforcers could get, just to take advantage of the poor clueless motorists. The pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum are all over Makati, wearing yellow uniforms and riding their stinking towing service trucks.

What happened? I was in Makati, and I got out of my car with the engine still running on one side of the road. Walked around five steps away from the vehicle, to a sari-sari store to buy load for my cellphone. Two minutes later, I turned around and saw these men from JJVS Towing services (Satan's Little Helpers) installing chains on my car's bumper.

Of course, in panic, I ran towards the car and remained ignored by those vultures while I'm screaming out loud what's happenin here! The pus, wearing yellow uniform, got out of the towing truck, looking at me in a maliciously manner (I could see in his eyes what he's thinking... and it's sleezy.), and telling me (in a rude manner which is so unbecoming of a government officer, comparable to how drunks would talk to a young lady) that I have left the car parked on the sidestreet UNATTENDED. (And so drivers are expected not to leave their cars, even in emergencies.) And there's no way for me to get my car back than to report to their headquarters.

Of course, like anyone who gets disoriented by an unlucky circumstance, I begged the officer that I'd pay just to have them leave my car alone (and besides, I'm on a tight deadline that day, and I needed the car to go to work). The bastard said, as professional as he is in extortion in the name the Makati government, "Sige, bigyan mo na lang ako ng sanlibo." I swear to God that I saw Satan in front of me, and I was completely terrified by his presence.

The little fiends from JJVS were even so supportive to their distinguished master, though it is obvious that from my one thousand pesos would be a part which they could use for their selfish objectives. We all have the right to earn a living, but not this way. NOT BY WAY OF DELIBERATELY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SOMEONE BY USE OF FORCE / MISUSE OF THE LAW. What if they have singled out someone who needs money to buy medicine for her sick husband? I doubt that they would believe his claims, since their minds (and lives) are obviously totally succumbed to darkness by now. And who knows if this still hadn't happened before. Those poor souls...

God knows I tried to reason out. I told them that my car was NOT left unattended. I was just a few feet away from it, the engine's still on, my light's even blinking. I know the rules, and I know I'm right. Feeling that they might get into trouble because I might assert what's right, the yellow demon says, "Sige, kung ayaw mong magbigay, sa impound mo na lang kunin yan."

I know that legal transactions are made in government offices, and that all transactions should create corresponding documentations, like receipts. I insisted that, at least, I get a receipt. But what I got is a piece of paper with my name of it, but with no trace of identity of whoever they are who took a good day away from me. And they were even unwilling to give me a receipt. I asked for the yellow succubus's name, (he was covering his nameplate with pieces of paper on his uniform's pocket), but everytime they feel I'd be asking questions thinking that I'd probably get back to them, they'd insist on taking my car away from me...

People are now telling me that this has happened to almost everyone who attemted to STOP on the side of that particular street in Makati. Who knows how many people had been victimized by these legions of corruption. Who knows how much more horrible corruption is at a higher level. I HATE THEM ALL. I'M CURSING THEM ALL, DOWN TO THE SEVENTH GENERATION OF THEIR CLAN. They will remain the sons and daughters of the pus that infects the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on the pond scum that they are. They will not be happy. They will suffer my curse!

And I'd salute Jejomar Binay for taking care of these rotting men. Thank you for being one of those who deserves a proper beating from the poor Filipino people.


Blogger de Villa said...

FUCK ME!!! Reading that just pisses me off.
Man, I would seriously have kicked their arses!!

I can just imagine a smirk on their faces that I would gladly have wiped clean from them.

9:31 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

I don't want to say Bad words but......
I encountered that in Boston. I forgot something at my apartment and had to go back and get it. I parked beside a car in front of my building (side by side) or double parked with my Hazard lines ON. Went up and get what I wanted and came back to my car. I saw A $45.00 DOUBLE PARKING TICKET place on my windshiled. The parking maid was already gone. But in Makati in the late 80's, was the same but never had my car towed. I even stole a Makati NO PARKING SIGN in order for me to have a good time in MARS and Bobby Maggies "w/o someone towing my car. And I used to drive my Mom to DZRH Main Office in Makati and always have a confrontation w/ securities every time I double parked. One day they just got sick of me and never said anything after I keep on double parking.
I felt good and my mom was amazed.

11:53 PM

Blogger Sam said...

You probably caught their attention for having a face that could launch a thousand ship..err a thousand MMDA boys? Here in Cavite it gets worst, there may be no towing services here but hey, people here stole cars! oh well..corruption is part of our culture..very difficult to solve and find solution unless there's a change in heart. To quote Mr Soliven "Filipino is like an Ivory soap, it floats!"...oh well..hope floats...

5:52 PM

Blogger unknown said...

So what happened? Did you get towed or did you bribe 'em ? ;) <--- (notice the wink-wink)

Did you try to file a complaint? Would you bother? I'm not casting aspersions upon you, I'm just genuinely curious.

I remember years ago I got pulled over for making an illegal U turn in EDSA. I tried to bribe the cop, started with a hundred bucks then finally offered four (that's all the money I had ), which I felt was a lot, but I didn't want to go back to the Manila to settle the shit legally (I live in the provinces). But the cop was adamant about NOT accepting the bribe and even gave me a lecture on not bribing a cop!

That 5 was years ago. Life's harder now I guess the same cop would've accepted it.

9:58 PM

Blogger Katie said...

The officer (if really IS one) doesn't want to use the term "bribe", I guess. So I ended up "paying willingly". (The "receipt" he gave me says "willing to pay".) Bastard.

11:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^Akilez, Katie was mad because she thought she didn't commit a traffic violation and yet she got penalized. Your story on the other hand, I can hardly sympathize with. You clearly committed a violation. As much a pain as it is to be caught breaking the law, the law is the law, even if seems unfair. If you break it, you face the consequences if you get caught. You shouldn't complain. It sucks but traffic laws are there for the benefit of the motorists.
But if you think you were unjustly penalized, then you have the right to complain.

5:15 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

I wasn't looking for sympathy....

I was just sharing my experiences for being annoyed.
Actually I can double parked as long I have a resident parking permit. The meter maid was just a jerk that day like the one Katie experienced.

2:18 AM


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