screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Hail to Da King!

This is one essay I thought I would never write. Time flies by so quickly, and it seems it was only yesterday when we were bashing FPJ, for making the decision to enter politics. I am one of those who greatly feared the outcome of his victory in the presidential election. I remember being worried about his possible attempt at another election. But now that he is gone, I guess the bashing and all that stops. I mean there is no longer any point. Sure there are there are certain showbiz and political personality that I wished to be better off dead. But with all honesty I tell you FPJ was not one those people.

But nonetheless, all things said and done, it was made clear, that we never in anyway attacked Ronald Allan Poe as a person. We only attacked the issue of his candidacy. In fact in several occasions we made mention that of how valuable he is as a personality in Philippine history. And how essential it is that we maintain that status quo.

I for one watched some his movie (during the hey days of Philippine Cinema) and enjoyed them. Come on people, we cannot deny that FPJ was a one of a kind action star. He was an action star that was destined to define what a Filipino action star is. Who among our action star wannabe, was not influenced in one way or the other by FPJ movies. And yes, he helped many people in and out of the e tertainment industry. It is also true, that unlike many politicians, he helped a lot of people in a low profiled manner. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why some of us never wanted him to enter politics. Yes, we made fun of his candidacy, but we all know that if he did enter politics the system would have corrupted his mind.

Come to think of it, maybe we shouldn't be blaming him too much for the decision he made. Maybe all he really wanted was to help a dying country (at least that may have been part of his intentions). I still would look forward to vaporizing Angarra and the other pin head politicians who poured poison in his ears. Come on! They obviously used him for their political survival. Oh but of course, how can I even forget to mention that fat bastard Erap? who would have benefited a lot from FPJ's victory? And now of course we see these pin heads mourning his death. But it makes me ask a question. Do they mourn for loosing a good man and a pillar of an institution? Or do they mourn because they wont have a chance at being executive secretaries, or being acquitted at graft charges? If they were true friends as these @ssholes claim to be, then why did they ever pull him into something he wasn't prepared for. I remember Actress Hilda Koronel saying, "Mahal namin si Ronnie, kaya ayaw naming gamitin siya ng mga Pulitiko para sa kapakanan nila". I'll tell you she was perhaps one of FPJ's true friend. Besides, we all know that FPJ was never interested in politics. If he wanted to run, he could have done that long ago. Time and again he refused temptations, but I guess this time it was difficult for him to say no to a friend.

There are some loyalists, who are still angry with GMA , the administration, and the elitists. Unfortunately we sometimes get branded with those kind of people. In fact if they knew I was one of the EDSA-2 crowd, they will probably not let me go near within a thousand feet of St. Lukes medical center. We can still hear them expressing their hate (for GMA mostly). We can store bitterness some more. But the wise thing to do is take this as an opportunity for us to reconcile. The wounds of divisions has caused us a lot, and will we let it cause us some more? When FPJ run for president, what he wanted mainly was "pagkakaisa", his life didn't achieve that, but then maybe his death will. Right now, there are more important things going on than his death. As much as people mourn for him, people must now unite to deal with the crisis. Or like the fools that we are we can keep fighting each other and go down on thick flames.

If I had an opportunity to say something to him in person, that would have made him change his mind into running for president it would be... "You are one of the few people who inspires people in an unthinkable way. Every time you go down (in your movies) and rise again triumphing against all odds, you send a subtle message to the Filipino to keep on fighting no matter what. No other person in this country can do it the way you do. This is your calling, this is your destiny, this is how the Filipinos need you." But I guess his untimely death only proves my point that he wasn't destined to become a president. But a King of Philippine movies he will always be. Unlike Erap who disrobed himself of any honor, because of his hedonism, FPJ will still die with honor. Maybe we had some differences, but ill give him that honor at least. Hail to the King of Philippine Movies! -Ahmad.


Blogger AKILEZ said...

I was contemplating about FPJ'S San Miguel beer commercial. That was a good one....

FPJ represented all different ethnic groups of the Philippines from the Igorot to the Moros. They all respected and adored him. He is a true Filipino actor that gave the Filipino name a true meaning.

Ipagdadasal ko po si Poe.

12:19 AM

Blogger GeeDot said...

I have an opinion that the wounds of division will be very tough to heal and/or resolve. How does the Filipino identify him/herself? At any given time, one can say, "I am Tagalog or I am Visayan". The next time, he'll say "Ay, Katoliko ako or Muslim ako". Even geography shows our fragmentation. 7,000 islands with an excess of 1000 dialects. Don't we tend to gravitate towards our kababayans? It's good to find commonalities but certain commonalities strengthen isolationism and exclusivism. Additionally, Christianity (as well as other mainstream religions) already dichotomizes the individual - splitting a person into flesh and spirit and pitting each at odds against one another. So you see, we appear to be divided in many levels. Who or what can unite us?

Movie stars are viewed as heroes to some degree. I sincerely hope that the media is reformed or some sort of radical change towards improvement takes place in Philippine media. Movies/shows appear to have great impact in the Pinoy psyche. No doubt the masa identifies with the characters in Pinoy cinema. I hope that a group of artists can start the reformation - a group that'll offer fresh representation of heroes and ideals. Give the people hope by allowing them to picture what hope looks like so that hope is recognized when it is actually encountered.

I doubt we can fix our country's problems by fixing politics. The change has got to change individually. Our kababayans would need to examine themselves of what drives them and with which or whom they identify themselves. The masa does not think, it doesn't have a consciousness. It's a raw force of people acting and thinking in the same manner. One can't change the masa as a whole. Instead, work and appeal towards its constituents. We gotta have people thinking about the same and common good. The media is the place to start.

4:01 AM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Geedot you make sense....

Media can influence the structure of our government and the media can unite a divided country. I know these because I grew up with a parent that was active in the recording industries.

Do you remember Radio Caritas, Radyo Bandido and Ray Langit (and many more)? These groups were observed and highly listened by the Filipino Masses. re-educating our kababyan or might change the structure of our government thru the medium of communication.

11:13 AM

Blogger Erwin said...

I agree with all that you said abt FPJ, Katie. In addition, he is probably one of the most influential person in our country. Not to the wealthy and powerful - but to the masses who suffer social injustice everyday brought about by shrewd politicians and landlords. Through his films, he gave people not only entertainment but hope and inspiration.

Paalam, Da King!

2:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

FPJ's death is a shocker for all of us. just a few months back we saw him on TV 24/7 campiagning to be the next president and just like that, he is gone.

and everytime soemone dies, we have nothing but good things to say about him. but just a few months back we had nothign but bad things to say about him. we may say we never attacked his person, that onlyhis desire to lead us was in question. but this is all in hindsight now. a few months back we were joning the FPJ bashing bandwagon and now that he is dead, we say we respect him and say how much of a good man he is? and how much he inspires us?

oh what hypocrites we all are.

6:57 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Ahmad, Geedot and Me never said bad things about FPJ.
(Correct me if I am wrong)
I never said negative things about FPJ.
I am disappointed because I like FPJ but I didn't like him to be the President of the Republic of The Philippines and it doesn't make me a hypocrite. I am just being realistic about him running for the presidency. Katie had the same opinion for FPJ. Katie didn't want him to run for the Presidency and that's all she wanted to expressed but it doesn't make everyone a hypocrite.

I like people who criticize others it reminds me of the Media. Pagkakaisa sa opinyon ay importante sa pag-unlad nang Pilipinas.

Ayo ko maging Kapit sa patalim ang bayan ko.

10:49 PM

Blogger GeeDot said...

Hi folks!

Katie, on your upcoming website, do you have any plans on putting up a forum? If not, I can get you and your guests/fans a spot on my forum on

It's private and I manage it. It's under-utilized right now so sayang naman yung gastos ko sa service. is the official website of an internet cafe near DLSU. I hope that you can consider linking to it. Just register on the forum site and let me know. You should be able to moderate it after I setup the forum.

Keep writing you guys.


11:50 PM


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