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Sunday, January 16, 2005


I've just learned a new Tagalog word today. The word is "nagoyo." Yes, nagoyo. From the root word "goyo", it means "to make fool of." It also means to trick, to deceive, or to bamboozle ala-April Fools Day. Also synonymous to the word "naloko".

For instance, "Nagoyo na naman ni Erap ang Sandigang Bayan." Meaning- Erap has made fools out of the staff of the Sandigang Bayan again.

To further illustrate this is quite simple. Erap's wise lawyers filed a request in Sandigang Bayan. Says he's going to Hongkong to have his knees surgically treated. Sure. Sandigang Bayan gave the permit. Erap went to Hongkong. Invited mediamen to cover his several days of stay in a hospital, and to make it known that he is apparently sick. Then, when coast was clear, went out of the hospital and had dinner with his cohorts. (Erap, by the way, has a number of definitions for the word "dinner".) Back in the Philippines, news of this "dinner" came out. Sandigang Bayan just stands there, like stupid monkeys scratching their heads with their mouths open. Altogether now... "Nagoyo na naman ni Erap ang Sandigang Bayan."

April Fools Day comes once in a year only. Seems like in Sandigang Bayan, it happens almost every day. Teeheehee...


Blogger AKILEZ said...

OK this comment has nothing to do with Nagoyo,

I had a dream last night about Greenbelt mall Parking Lot in Makati again. I think katie and ahmad knows this parking lot.

When I was still living in the Philippines I invited my exgirlfriend to watch a movie in Greenbelt it was a sunny day in Makati around 12 noon. it's not even night yet. I parked my car at the Greenbelt parking lot on the second floor I think there are only four floors on that lot. anyway, We parked the car there and went to watched the movie. After we saw the movie,,, me and my ex went back to the parking lot on the second floor my White car was just parked in front of the stairs. it was impossbile to not see IT. but when we got there, the car was gone. We looked for it for almost an hour going up and down on those 4 floors. We were about to give up but I dediced to go back to the second floor lot to checked it out again And Guess what? My very white car was there... My girlfriend who was a Valedictorian and doesn't believe in ghost started having goose bumps. I am not the only victim of this weird and strange encounter in Greenbelt PARKING LOT. My two classmates had the same encounter on that parking lot.

Have you experienced the ghost of Greenbelt?

4:43 AM

Blogger Lemi said...

Ay naku kapatid, huwag ka nang magtaka..."goyo" both a the doer and the victim is a way of life in the Philippines and for the Filipinoes at large. Di ba sabi nila there's one born everyday and then yung sinasabi nilang dalawang klaseng tao lang sa mundo?

Anyway, ito din pala...I stumbled onto your site last year and got myself hooked up at blogspot because of you and I've been posting...pero yung sa akin tungkol sa buhay dito sa canada, check it out and mythos1976mood@blogspot

Tsaka, try to read with a grain of salt, hindi ako racist, comment ko lang sa mga napapansin ko dito sa kapwa kong pinoy sa canada.

Anyway, love your site and I love your posts, babalikan ko ito...

6:00 AM


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