screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Big 2005

Filipinos are starving, but look at her as she celebrates. Whoopee.

Happy New Year, folks. In spite of all the problems that we had last year, let us be thankful that we still had the luxury of celebrating Christmas and New Year. Let us pray for the poor souls of over 150,000 who died because of that tsunami attack. Yes 2004 was quite a ride, so buckle up for another one this coming year.

OK. So now lets get down to business! Here are some controversies or yet-to-be-controversies that started the year 2005.

1.) "Economy is expected to boost this coming year"-GMA

Ahmad: Didn't she say that last year? Yet she later on declared a fiscal crisis (which was ongoing in the first place before her declaration). But after a few months she took it back, saying that it was no more. Now, I'm happy that the peso is initially increasing its value, and the stock market seems to be breathing life again, and I can only pray that this changes will be stable for the months to come. But here's an idea for GMA, she can write a book entitled "The Complete Idiots Guide to Solving a Fiscal Crisis in Less than Three Months", that oughta be in the best sellers list for fictions.... Need I say more?

Katie: Oh yes she mentioned something about that last year. She also promised that our electricity bills will go way down last year, before May 2004. Oh yes, she did.

2.) Tax, increase in government services, and more taxes.

Some of you might already cussing every public official you can, when you found out that toll way fees will be increasing above a hundred percent this year. And if your car breaks down in the middle of the south super highway, you are still gonna be paying for the towing of your vehicle. Isn't that supposed to be included in the toll fees that we are paying? Only in the Philippines, ladies and gentlemen... Only in the Philippines.

And of course, the Senate wants to conduct a special session to pass the "Sin Tax Bill". Why not? The Government could use a little more revenue. The question is.... What happens if that does not solve your deficit, because they don't allocate the budget the way its supposed to? Tax us some more of course. Well, folks, there goes our governments austerity measures.

Katie: This goes to show that our so-called leeaadurrs has a lot of twisted plans in store for us this year... brace yourselves.

3.) Willie Revillame coming back in ABS-CBN?

OK I know some of you couldn't care less about this issue, but I just have to let it all out. WHO THE HELL DOES WILLIE REVILLAME HAVE TO SLEEP WITH TO KEEP COMING TO ABS-CBN!!!!? Not only are they planning to give him two shows, but they are also planning to reformat MTB, in order to put him in the spotlight. Meanwhile, the other hosts that bust their @sses off to come up with a show (I can't say a good one), might need to find another Job. For what? to boost ratings? Come on, ABS-CBN, you will still get your precious ratings without Willie. What is it with him? He ain't handsome, maybe he knows how to host, but he is not exexactlyreat at it. Can someone explain this to me please? Hasn't he been suspended quite a few times already because of his foul jokes, and attitude problem? Isn't it that even his co-hosts had problems with putting up with him? Really... Please explain to me why we have to put up with his arrogant attitude, offensive jokes, and his nanarcissismAnd please don't give that "he-helps-poor-aspirants-to-have-something-in-life-crap". He gets paid to do all that. He makes fun of the contestants in his game shows, and even ethnic people in his program "Willingly Yours". Hell! We can even argue that this guy is a racist. Is this ABS-CBN's way of telling us that the Filipino audience is
their itch? hmmmm.

Katie: Willie Revillame will be back in Philippine television? This goes to show that there's no real hope for Philippine entertainment.

4.) Parole for former Congressman Romeo Jalosjos.

Just when I thought I couldn't be more disgusted with congress..... comes another issue. A group of congressman are trying to pass a resolution to set free the convicted child rapist. Jalosjos isn't exactlyome punk who stole a can of beer from a local 7-11 outlet... He raped an 11 yeyear oldirl for Christ's sake! He has to serve two life sentences. He used every trick in the book to beat the law, he tried to escape, run for congress, and now get a stroke for people to pitty him. Do these congressmen, have daughter maybe even mothers? And oh yeah! where in the world will you find a convicted child rapist serving in congress making laws and earning salary from the national treasury?

But why do I act surprised anyway? Couple of months ago the lelegislativeody survived the escort controversy. Sure they conducted an investigation, but as we all know, it served the interests of the politicians involved rather the concerned public. Guess who they put in charge of the investigation? Jinggoy Estrada (why him of all people?). OK so may be I'm doing Ad Hominem here. But come to think of it, if he tolerated the illicit affairs of his own father, what makes you think he gives a rats @ss about the other politician's illicit affairs? They might as well said that they wont do a damn thing about the expose. It was like asking a monkey well... "Ape" according to Katie) to guard a banana plantation. Remember when Jinggoy said "Dad I won't fail you"? And boy didn't he? Daddy must be so proud of you, Jinggoy!

Katie: A lot of people deserve to get this privilege. Surely, there are lots of prisoners in Muntinglupa wrongly accused of their crimes. But does Gloria want us to believe that Jalosjos is a saint among all these innocent people? I'd gladly pay my taxes, if it'd be for Gloria's psychiatrist.

But then, if Erap can play the Sandigang Bayan with his fingers, why not Jalosjos as well?

5.) Erap finally getting a house arrest.

I'm sorry for saying this but here it goes WHHHHYYY DON'T YOU JUST DIE ERAP!!! YOU FAT BASTARD!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST F**KING DIE!! DIE BASTARD!!! DIE!!!!! DIE!!! Erap probably is giving us Edsa 2 people the finger. He has been complaining with this all sorts of ailments that he is suffering. Then why don't he just die and end his mmiseryincluding ours. Not only does he get the best hospital treatment but he also gets to leave the country. The Sandigan Bayan did not even bother to ask a second opinion, if his knee surgery could be done in this country, no! no!. In fact they may even allow him to stay in his house in green hills when comes back (assuming he does not escape). Slowly but surely he beats the justice system. He even mocks us by saying he will come back to lead a revolution against corruption and tyranny. Oh what was the reason why you were ousted again erap? He even used the necrological service of his dear friend to get back at the "elitist that stole his presidency. For a change Erap, why don't you fight with your true enemies, you are the one who supported the eelitists(Danding, Jaime de Chavez et al.), and they are the ones helping you buy your freedom. Why don't you face the the tax payers, the Filipino students, the middle class, whom you were not able to fool, for a change. Fat bastard!

Katie: Oooh... did you see that picture of Erap and Imelda Marcos embracing during the wake of FPJ? That one's a classic.

Also, if Jinggoy can fake a heart attack (remember that time he was rushed to a hospital on a wheelchair, wearing that face, as if he's really sick and all? Another classic.

Anyways, Happy New year and I wish the best for all of us (err.. maybe not for all of us). Remember if we don't think we have a future as a country we won't have one. Cheers!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Katie, I stumbled upon your blogspot...Your comments re. filipino politics are funny and informative to me, just a kano from New Jersey. I am engaged to a filipina and been to phils twice. It is certainly a beautiful country with good people , but as you say, the corruption and poverty is a cancer that there seems to be no cure for. Take care...-Bruce

3:36 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Oh well Katie...What can we do?
25 years of dictatorship, 19 years after the People Power Revolution, and how long ago was Edsa Dos?

As I wrote on one of my posting(On my Blog)titled after Katie Torres:

"Old Politicians still rules the country, Coup plotters became Senators. Nepotism is still the favorite promotions for Politicians".

This will go on for years. Just save your breath for another roller coaster ride from the Filipino politicians and other corrupt citizens of the Philippines in 2005 and beyond. It took 50 years for the Philippine Government to have a bachelor's degree in graft and corruption with a MBA from Makoy University. It will take another 50 years to eradicate that phlegm from the throat of the Filipino people.

We, Filipinos never learned from our past how many Ninoy,Alejandro,Balweg, etc etc etc have to sacrifice their lives in order for us to smell the true meaning of Democracy.

2:00 AM


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