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Monday, January 31, 2005

T'was a big party...

Four years ago, 11 monkeys tried to suppress the truth and save Erap's ass from being ousted. One of them even made that victory dance. They taunted the intelligent people of this country saying that we can have our street party in EDSA, and when all is said and done, we will be coming back to them with our tails between our legs. They thought that an EDSA 2 would never succeed. Erap will never resign. He even told his supporters that he is like in one of his movies, in the end he will always wins....... NOT!! Oh how wrong did we prove them! How Erap retreated with his tail between his legs, and how the ever arrogant JV Ejercito cried like a little sissy school girl! Damn do I enjoy recalling those moments! Couple of months later they made an attempt with the so-called EDSA 3. But they failed!

Four years after though, alliances have been changed, the country was still in ruins, and slowly but surely Erap begins to beat and make a mockery out of the justice system. To tell you the truth, I'm quite disappointed. But don't get me wrong, if I could travel back four years ago, I still would have went to EDSA the night when the Chief Justice uttered "The No votes have it!" I'm disappointed because the attitude of our politics never changed, I'm disappointed because the bureaucrats never exploited the opportunity to heal the nation, and most of all because Erap is turning the justices of sandigan bayan his puppets without strings. Sometimes I do feel that EDSA 2 was a wasted effort.

One thing I can't understand is that why is it GMA is so obsessed in reconciling with Erap? She can reconcile with the masses, but never with Erap. Until now his ego is still bruised by the fact that we stole his presidency which equates... uhm.... should I say.... his manhood. He can't stand the Idea that a woman half his size replaced him. Do you see the Aquinos and Marcoses reconciling? She even admitted that she is willing to give him a presidential pardon if he admits. Oh good luck! The smartest thing she could do is to consider that somehow someway rap is a threat to the "strong republic" she is trying to build. And every time he is given privileges he continuously grows to become a threat. Guess what? He is even cocky enough to threaten the Philippine Daily Inquirer. I guess old hatreds don't disappear just like that. Moreover in several of his media appearances, he has encouraged a mass revolution in a subtle way, which is becoming more and more obvious every time

Come to think of it, what is not to be cocky about? Lets see who is on his team. The best lawyers tax payer's money could buy, who will defend even Satan himself if the price is right. Ed Angara, the ever loyal henchman who staged several senate coup attempt to gain the majority. Digs Dilanggalen, the faithful ass kisser of Erap who gagged witnesses against his master during the congress investigation and among other things. Jingoy, Daddy's boy, who never fails to make him proud. Rep. Escudero, the young and ever ambitious bureaucrat. And how can I forget Ronald Lumbao... What can I call him?...... Ah the "Che Guevara" wannabe! I can go on and on (I didn't even begin to talk his showbiz allies that manage to amass crowd every rally), and it will take me all day.

The masses of course has always been a means to all this end. How dare do they say that there was an EDSA 3? there was never such! That was a mob riot staged by the henchmen of Erap. But even these opposition leaders did not have the balls to to fight with the masses side by side. When they ordered them to charge where were they? When some were imprisoned, did they even offer any form of help? Not even Ronald Lumbao could have the balls to stand by his people in the front line. How about a Jeepney driver who was arrested during that May 1 attack, he could not go to work for about 3 days at least, how will his family survive if he as imprisoned. Did their leaders care for this? absolutely not! how could they, they were busy hiding their asses. Let's face it folks, the masses are used and abused, but they never understood what they were fighting for or why did they need to fight. I remember one guy asking Chief Justice Davide to resign quoting "Sobra na ang Kanyang Pangbababoy sa saligang batas!" That was such a strong statement said with conviction and authority. But I will bet my one month paycheck he was not even familiar with the preamble which is on the first pages of the constitution. He went there because he was told to, not because he understood how the constitution was violated. They don't understand because the leaders that they follow always mislead them. They are not stupid, "mababaw" but certainly not stupid.

On the other hand, I'm still optimistic about some things. The middle class has played a significant role in every Philippine revolution that dates way back three hundred years ago. Without us EDSA 2 would never become successful. Yes the elitists like the Ayalas and Conceptions participated, but we the middle class were the blood that gave life to EDSA 2. And we are the ones who breathe life in this country. Time and again Erap and his henchmen underestimated, demoralized and insulted us. They brand us as the tyrants of the masses. Well maybe some of us did nothing to help the masses, but at least we never used them for our selfish ambition. In fact we did not even fight for GMA, we will kick her ass if we have to! But I only have this to say... "Don't ever mess with us!, if it wasn't for the precious income tax returns that we file regularly, if it wasn't for the remittances of our relatives who work abroad, if it wasn't for the skills that we have, the education that we have, and the knowledge that we have, this country would have gone straight to hell! I repeat do not mess with the middle class. Leaders have risen and fallen because of us! We may be few in numbers but not in strength. Because truth and justice will always be our strength! So Angarra et al. treat us with some respect!"

A couple of days back, Jingoy was asking Gen. Aglipay to resign, for what? for hanging up on him? Damn! parliamentary immunity is a wonderful thing. He also adds that it is an honorable thing to do. Tell me Jingoy, what does your family know about honor anyway? Your father didn't resign, he did not have the balls to do that! He was fired! Get the difference? In fact if Prime Minister Koizumi was in your fathers shoes, he would have committed harakiri infront of national TV to preserve his honor. And he would have done it way sooner when people started to learn about his midnight cabinet. But get this! Erap can be acquitted in every charge, but he will never gain his honor back, not even in a million years!. You don't believe me? Check out the elementary text books and see how the intelligent people remembered his administration. Besides take a lesson from the Marcoses!

Happy EDSA 2 anniversary! -Ahmad


Blogger AKILEZ said...

Ay Naku!!!

You mentioned Sen. Angara. I met him in Boston during a dinner meeting for the Filipino Teachers that were hired by Boston Public School officials.
(School teachers in Boston failed the teacher's exam so they hired highly qualified Filipino teachers to replace the local teachers from Boston)

Angara was my choice to run for the Presidency last year. But the way he deliver his speech was poor for me.

I was expecting a more powerful Angara but I didn't see his abilities to lead a country but probably just to lead a Coup de'tat.

11:43 PM


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