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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Value Added Terror 2

So many things were in my mind recently, things that I just have to blurt out. Although I may be keeping those personal thoughts in mind for the meantime (since my Elmo is still away for a nice cozy chat), I'd just spill some of those thoughts here, before they rot... (notice the angry tone of words...)

1. The recent additional VAT heralded by the most kind Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo proves only one thing: That the president is a real enemy of the people. News reports tell us about a president who constantly contacts lawmakers who oppose this dreaded plague by phone. Although Malacañang claims that this isn’t true, as the Filipino saying goes: “Pag may usok, may apoy.” I do believe Gloria has a lot to do with this. Picture this: President Gloria calling congressmen and senators using her expensive cellphone, urging them to pass the bill that would approve VAT. It’s just too much to take.

This is a desperate move to solve the fiscal crisis of the country, passing the burden to the poor, who, as history tells us, will not budge even to the worst form of tyrannical abuse.

We strongly oppose this increase in value-added tax. In fact, we condemn it. It defies the notion that the government works for the people. It just makes it obvious that, indeed, Gloria’s government works AGAINST the people. This is not an urgent solution to the problem, as it is obvious that there are many better alternatives. Again, it’s been a decades-old notion by Jose Rizal that the only solution for a nation’s fiscal dilemma is to improve the collection of taxes and make sure that revenues are spent justly, down to the very last cent. This is the first solution, not the last one! But it seems that Gloria has many things in mind, leaving this very efficient and just solution as the last in the list.

Increased VAT as the “solution” is unfair anyway you look at it. First and foremost, what about improving the way the tax agency collects taxes? How about just being fair and get billions worth of taxes from the operations of the wealthy and powerful? I bet there’s a big percentage of debt to be paid if lawmakers and enforcers would just have the guts (and the conscience) to face this mob that owes our country a lot.

How about making sure that every cent of Juan de la Cruz’s money goes to essential projects, like public works, education, health, etc.? How about beheading these people who take away these valuable resources for personal gain?

But no! The government thinks the best way to pay our country’s debts is to pull the money out directly from the people’s pockets. The men whom we voted because we thought they’ll think of our future and our children’s future is now drawing blood out of our already tired veins, urging us to do extra work amidst our everyday struggle and low quality of life. These same people whom we trusted will be true to their promises think the poor doesn’t deserve even a little taste of leisure, so aside from adding value-added tax on the little things that the poverty-stricken can afford, they’d decide putting more dues to small pleasures like cellphone text messaging. These people think that we don’t deserve driving cheap cars, or buying fancy clothes and fastfood once a week- so they’d add taxes since they think we can’t afford them. These people think of us like carabaos- we will work as long as we eat something similar or close to grass at the end of the day. Who can imagine these people can think of the brilliant evil plans, depriving us of our small heaven?

2. Enter the major players in the fuel industry. Even as the worth of dollar decreases as weeks go buy, these people still want a one to three peso climb in their products’ prices. And they even have the guts to warn us- to scare us- that they’d increase prices every week, amidst signs contradicting their claims of the need for a weekly price hike.

These people behave as though they rule the country! (I think they do run the country… the president would almost lick their toes just to have their likes abide by her political favors.)

There are a lot of evil forces working 24/7 in this country recently. The poor isn’t enthralled by it, but they have no power to go against it. We are still weak-willed as a people, and it breaks my heart that those who keep us down on the mud are the ones whom we voted and trusted with the power that they enjoy right now. The selfish should be executed.

3. About the NLEX rehabilitation. Here’s what’s bugging me ever since the remodeling of the North Luzon Expressway started last year: Isn’t the administration supposed to be the one overseeing this? Aren’t public works and services like the North Luzon Expressway supposed to be provided by the government? So what happened? Did the government just sell their rights to the highway to some old Lopez guy? If something that big is sold, there’s got to be big money involved… where’s the money now? Why are we still in the middle of a financial crisis after selling almost all BASIC SERVICES that the government should be providing the nation?

This leads us to further questions: If the government has sold almost all the reasons why we should pay our taxes- why, then, should we still pay our taxes? We’ll be paying the Lopezes once the refurnished NLEX opens, we’re paying private companies who now run power plants and water systems, we’re paying exclusive for the food that we eat, for the clothes that we wear, for education, etc.- why, then, should we still pay the inutile leadership? They’re not helping anymore, so why should we keep them there on the pedestal? Pull them out of their chairs and throw them in some isolated island in the Antartic, let them create their own country and leave us in peace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Katie!

You're a good blogger, well i like the way you express kick-ass thoughts and that would really make you soar high.

It's just that im afraid in a way or another, ur own indication towards this situations in our country may soon (or had it been) suggest anarchism in our society which is a very preposterous notion. Im not saying your wrong but its just that we must help each other in our own place in order for it to prosper.

I would always want to close my eyes everytime i see politicians and such. We know... we'll always know that they are corrupt. My point is... can we do anything about it in this short span of breathable time which God had given us? I mean let's face it, we really cannot prosper for a year which what is our president is talking about. I could see improvement... I know plenty of beautiful projects of the govrnment in the midst of this terrorozing VAT things which hurts me so much. AS TO COMPARE WITH THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION

they say Cory didn't do anything, she is a corrupt
to hell! how could she perform her duties properly if she is ALWAYS being attacked by militants and coup-d-etat thangs? Majority of Filipinos really didn't learn from history
(just look at how they want FPJ, they didn'y learn from erap!)

A Country cannot change overnight, over a year. |Put a little faith in the government. and appreciate little things those little mongooses could do. then there, put your feet into their shoes and imagine how or what will a female president do if she is the only one in the country who wants this country to be prosperous.

Thanks for the concern for our country.

3:14 PM

Blogger AKILEZ said...

Value Added Tax

Is a business tax imposed and collected from the seller in the course of trade or business on every sale of properties (real or personal) lease of goods or properties (real or personal) or vendors of services. It is an indirect tax, thus, it can be passed on to the buyer.

Corazon Aquino introduced VAT to the Filipino people to eradicate Sales tax. Food tax and Restaurant tax.
She combined these taxes into "One". Now it's called VAT. I think Great Britain and other countries are using VAT.

VAT is not bad for the Economy and it feeds the B.I.R and Philippine treasury but it hurts the JOBLESS Filipino person who works isang kahid isang tuka. In order for the economy to grow, The dollar reserve is important. Especially now the Value of the Dollar is Low, the 56 pesos change to 55 pesos is a good sign to increase tax.

But the Big Question: What will the Philippine Government do with the money if they already collected a huge amount of PESOS? (lol)

12:30 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish to comment on AKILEZ on the statement "VAT is not bad for the Economy and it feeds the B.I.R and Philippine treasury but it hurts the JOBLESS Filipino person who works isang kahid isang tuka.... "

I don't think it will feed the BIR because as far as i know BIR is JUST a collecting agency for the government. Even workers at BIR and other government agencies will suffer from this new VAT law. With the prices going up their SALARY has been the same for the past 3-5 years.

People should take a look at the payslip of some of the govt workers so that you could see that they too are "sooo hardened up" by the present economy. They live on loans and loans and loans in order to make ends meet.

We (the common people towards the common good of our country) should NOT only focus on BIR or BOC or DPWH as the only corrupt agency. Take a closer look at GSIS and SSS.

What will the government do with the money they collected???? Let's all wait and see what will happen in the next presidential election.

5:27 PM


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