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Friday, December 05, 2003

Finally, I had time to go out again. I've just seen Intolerable Cruelty just the yesterday. Ooooh... George Clooney is soooo damn handsome. Yes, critics say that the movie did not do well in the box-office, probably because of the lame plot. Boy vs. girl... gasgas na nga. Anyway, I still went to the theatre just to see if the Clooney-Zeta Jones tandem would click. Damn that Clooney. He does his job as a hollywood actor so damn fine. His face is just so elastic, he could make any expression look so real. Damn damn... this Clooney is sooo cute. If I'm gonna be someone's stalker... I'd surely be George's.

I wasn't surprised to see guys smitten by Catherine Zeta Jone's beauty just as when we were walking out of the theatre after the movie. Goodness... the word "gorgeous" has found it's incarnate. And the red dress... After watching the movie, I went to a store in Beverly Hills just to see if there's something like that which I can have. I'd probably not look as good as the goddess Zeta Jones, but at least I came close to it. Yes. I bought one in Prada for $220. Neat. (Thanks, Mom!)

For those who haven't seen the movie and are planning to... watch out for that "silly man" scene.

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