screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

More people visit the site during the recent days. I noticed this after FPJ's announcement of his running for president. Does that mean more people became interested about what's happening in the country? More people were frustrated and disappointed by what's going on? More people would like to find out what other people think of regarding what's happening? Perhaps. Don't worry, my brethren, Katie's here to provide you with answers to your questions. Somehow, we'll all see this through. Somehow...

Good evening, LA! Good morning Philippines!


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