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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Have you seen the Egie-Pagdanganan posters in Malolos City? If not, you may check out this pic.

My friends from Manila and here also in California have seen it. Wanna know what insights they have about it? They agree with one thing: That the ad does not tell anything about Egie running for a political position. Then what does that ad say?

About Egie's poster

1. Since the Barasoain Church is shown as her background, maybe she owns the church... or maybe she's one of the "manangs" there. Well, looks like it.

2. Maybe she's dead. And her friends want to commemorate her by putting up this "I love Egie" poster. (A note on the bottom side of the ad says "From friends of Egie.") How did she die? I don't know. Having three posters scattered in the small city suggests that she may be abducted by aliens, perhaps. Huh?!

3. She sells monay. Her bulging cheeks tell people, "Want a piece of me?!"

4. Some angry people would like to ridicule this poor girl publicly.

5. Egie wants her long lost sister back. (Who's the sister? Either Judie Ann Santos or Marissa Sanchez.)

6. She's a frustrated commercial model of Sunsilk or Pantene. Tsk.

About Raymond Pagdanganan's Poster:

1. So he's the son of Obet Pagdanganan. So what?!

2.. Yep! He has NEPOTISM written all over his face.

3. I heard he's running for vice-governor. He's only in his early twenties. What the hell is he thinking?!

4. If he's just promoting his show and career, his advertising agents should have known that print ads and posters won't do. Tsk. But, we all know why there are these kinds of posters in the streets nowadays. Exposure is the essence of the game... and that makes the likes of me sick.

These posters together: It tells us everything about these people's personality. They are just soooo excited to be elected, to be exposed, to have their faces be known to the public, that they would always find a way to get out of COMELEC's way to do just those things. Bleahhh.


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