screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

I've just seen Philippine news on TV through the Pinoy Channel (thanks ABS-CBN!). I saw the actress Susan Roces, the wife of Fernando Poe Jr. crying. She said she cannot take the personal attacks on his husband (for not even finishing highschool and him being an actor just like Joseph Estrada). If I am to answer Mrs. Poe, this is what I would like to say.

I do not accuse FPJ for not finishing his basic studies. I am well aware that he had to work after the death of his father during his younger years. This may also be the condition of a million more Filipinos now who cannot afford education, and thus, are illiterate and unknowing of important affairs of this countyr. It is not his fault, nor the fault of those who share his fate, for not completing education, which is, unfortunately, luxury and not necessity for most of the Filipinos today. But his fault- that he takes a responsibility he admits he cannot handle effectively.

A reporter asked FPJ how he will handle current national problems like poverty, graft and corruption, and the presence of heinous crimes in the city. He said that he has no "plataporma" yet and he is yet to ask his advisers about this. Now, THAT is scary. Why would anyone declare he'd run for president without a political program at hand? And is he going to just listen to advisers if he wins? And who are these advisers? Does he even have the skill to choose which adviser is good or not? Don't tell me he has the purest of heart to perform his task.... for that is total nonsense. (Pardon the term. Note that this issue really makes me angry.)

I fear for the future of this country, for I know FPJ will win no matter what the minority of the Filipinos would do, unless a miracle happens. We will have a president who has none a skill in leading this country to a better status. We will have a president who cannot think, cannot act, cannot perform as president without the help of his advisers. Worse than that, I heard that even chinese businessmen would suggest that he should choose good cabinet members who can do his job instead. We need a president who can stand on his own, make his own decisions, author his own political program according to what is right. But, as I've learned in my philosophy classes way back in college, how could one do right (in any field or context) if he/she does not know what is right?


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