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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

(Also included in the "What Annoys Me Today" section"

What annoys me today is the fact that an hour before I wrote this article, I watched Kris Aquino whine on live tv.

I know Kris Aquino because of her terrible flicks. She is a bad actress. She does not know how to act, actually. Thus, her movies went down the drain. I know her also because of how she puts shame to the honorable name of the Aquinos. Well, in the interview with her co-Morning Girl Korina Sanchez, she admitted it. Good for her. Bad, though, was her decision not to wear make-up during the interview. Goodness, she looked terrible. (Now, I see her new Chunkee cornedbeef commercial where she's all glamorous like she's always been on TV.) Of course, I'm not stupid not to be aware that not wearing a makeup would present Kris Aquino as a not-so-happy gal. But I wonder how others would say about it. "Ooooh... she looks terrible. She must be telling the truth." "Goodness! She doesn't look good. She must be battered or something." Ah. The sad tormented auspicious look. Never fails to draw tears among most Filipino viewers.

I'm not insinuating that she's not telling the truth! To tell people honestly, I felt for her. I don't know why, but rarely does it happen that I would resist looking upon a tear-eyed face on TV for quite that long. (The interview lasted for more than thirty minutes, and when I checked, I've beaten my last record, which is five seconds.) Maybe because my officemates were just so amazed about what is on TV, that my attention was caught that much by it. I listened to what this woman said, and I realized... Kris could be a bad actress, but gosh, what talent she has in telling stories... so real... so convincing. Actually, she just did what a usual celebrity would do if comfronted with the same disgraceful situation. Imagine being pointed at with a gun by someone whom you love. Tonight, although it seemed that she fired her makeup artists, thus her/his absence) she probably had turned three-fourths of the Philippine population to her side. She earned it. Good for her! (There is a first here: This is the first time I saw a celebrity talk about her misfortunes without weeping or crying or doing all those eeky teary stuff).

Joey Marquez. Now there's a bad actor on or off camera. I just realized it now. (We happened to take a peek on what was happening on the other channel, we discovered that, of course! like cats and dogs, these two big tv networks are all into the Aquino-Marquez issue.) I also know Joey Marquez cuz not only did he deliver good comedy in the once-original-but-now-dead Kool Ka Lang (Today's Kool Ka Lang sucks.), he also happens to be the mayor of Paranaque City. But now, I just don't know what to think of this person. I was expecting that he'd look strong and manly when confronted with this situation- as the respected mayor of his city and as a respected comedian that he is. But lo and behold! On my TV screen comes sissy pansy Joey Marquez (also using the battered person technique, which totally destroys all my notions that he is a man) also whining about how Kris Aquino allegedly abused him blah blah blah, wearing an almost tear-eyed face. He would have been equally convincing if he faced the Filipino audience like a man. Ah. Right there and then, I saw Joey Marquez do a Kris Aquino impression of how she would react to the same situation. Wait. They are in the same situation! Ha ha ha!

Conclusion: Since these two delivered their grievances not in a showbiz-oriented show, but on news and public affairs shows of both ABS-CBN and GMA7, I couldn't help but think why I deserve to see this during the only time I choose to watch TV. I expect news about the country, not news about these two deranged lovers! I don't even care if these two people kill each other with kitchen knives. Bongbong Marcos is right when he told the media to leave them alone. However, if media people thinks this is what Filipinos should focus their attention on (and I'm expecting that tomorrow, that will be the case)... then I have no choice but to find refuge in reading Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.


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