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Thursday, September 18, 2003

This sucks.

I just did a veeery long diary entry kanina, and what happened? While uploading the whole text, blogger had a network problem. Wow. Talk about inefficiency.

Do I have to start all over again? Do I have to repeat every detail I thought of a while ago? AaAaRgH! Yes. I have to.

Kanina, I was all enthusiastic about telling everyone the news that I finally got myself a new car. Yes. A Honda City Red slightly-used car that I got through car loan. Thank God for Car Loan Plans. It's not loaded, but it's fine. As long as it has radio and CD player in it, I'm good to go. However, people won't be seeing me driving in the streets for now. I still have to renew my driver's licence. I still have to review stuff regarding driving. I still have to ask people if driving today is still the same as driving several years ago, specially in Makati and along Taft Avenue. I heard it's never the same every day. What the hell does that mean?

Speaking of meaning, I have this Filipino term, the English translation of which I have no idea. Maaliwalas. Now, how do you translate that word to English? Sunny? No. Airy? No. Bright? No. Somebody email me how in the world you translate this into Filipino. It's been bugging me for days now.

Back to driving. I'd probably hate driving my new red car in the streets of my hometown. Traffic there is SLOOOOOOOOOW. Get it? SLOOOOOW. Baliktad nga eh. Whenever there's a traffic enforcer, traffic slows down. In their absence, traffic is ok. Mysterious? Yes.

My mom's currently watching the biggest ABS-CBN gimmick ever made yet- the METEOR FEVER. There, you see how creative Filipinos are in wasting their hard-earned money. P10,000.00 just to see some celebrities do their stuff in an hour or more. Amazing how people get grumpy and angry whenever they lack finance, and how they do magic when they got some. Imagine what one can do with ten thousand bucks. Feed the your family. A year's education for your children. A month's worth of household bills. But to many here in the Philippines, seeing chinovela stars on stage is well worth it than those necessities. Heck, they would even sell their souls just to see em up close and personal.

Yaaadidadida... Kris Aquino sometimes speak so loudly, I can't even hear myself thinking. But, in fairness, I love her fashion sense. Go Kris. Yaadidadida....

Speaking of clothes, a guy actually stepped on my foot while I was browsing for clothes in the mall last Monday. Grabe, sobrang sakit ng toes ko. Buti na lang, the guy was gentleman enough to say sorry, and throw me a cute smile. I didn't notice how cute he was then, sakit kasi eh. But now, I really regret why this type of event happens during unwanted circumstances. Go away, cute smile. shoooo....


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