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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Taho. Now that's one healthy street-peddled breakfast I haven't tasted for years. If I remember it right, the last time I waited for and hailed a taho peddler in the streets was some ten years ago. It's obvious how long it had been since the price of a regular taho glass then was two pesos or so. Now, it's ten pesos! Anyway, if you missed something, then it's worth anything.

Funny how artificial life could get in the city. In Bulacan (where I am spending a lazy weekend now), it relieves me to see how some life's so different here compared to that of the corporate world. Life seems to be slow and fresh here. Yun nga lang, if you stay here quite often, a girl used to a busy life would definitely bloat in boredome.

Anyway, back to taho. The reason I'm so all jolly and appreciative here is that last Friday, I got to taste Nestle's Taho while doing a stop-over in the Petron Station in the North Expressway. I was sooo hungry, then, but I don't want to overeat since I've been doing this oatmeal diet since June. No oatmeal in sight then, so I figured, this Nestle's Taho should be a good substitute. Besides, there's a rave in the office that this preservative-filled Taho tastes quite well.

Yuck. I didn't like the flavor. If biodegradeable has a flavor, that was it. I pity my sissies in the office- they probably haven't experienced how a real Taho tastes like. Just then, I figured and almost forgot, I was in Manila, and almost all my berks never stayed quite long in the provinces. Almost everything, even Taho, is artificial here. Now, I have a mission. That day, I suddenly had this motivation to save them from their artificially-nourished lives. I ought to take them somewhere in the province if there is a chance... may taho rin ba sa UP Diliman? That, I still have to figure out.

...after I finish this glass of taho.


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