screw the status quo. we need change and we need it now. we need not a leader who plays with words and public funds. we need not a leader whose years of service fall under the 'fiction' category. we definitely need not a leader who knows nothing. we require a leader who has conviction, who has the guts to change the seemingly unchangeable. we need... to prepare for 2007. Now.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So here are my thoughts these days...

1. One of my "operatives" saw Eggie Torres, that tabachingching who has that tabachingching poster in that place before you enter Malolos (that place is called Tabang). Yup! She's a tabachingching alright, and she's prepped up for the elections. As early as last week, during the somewhat beerfest week something (I didn't make it in October, but what the heck, it's the first beerfest ever held in Malolos City! Too bad I wasn't there...), she's there shaking hands with people she doesn't know, selling herself for votes. Bwena-mano.

And I heard this Raymond Pagdanganan, whose face was already posted on Malolos City streets as early as September, is actually running with his father, Obet Pagdanganan, as his father's vice-governor. "MALAKING KALOKOHAN!" says my mother. I agree. The tandem has a big NEPOTISM written all over them. I wonder if they'd still win this election. Well... if FPJ has a chance in this country,...

If you don't have the chance to visit Malolos City these days and see their wooooonderful faces in the streets, you may want to check out this picture here. Thanks, Elmo, for the pic.

2. I'm thinking of changing the name of this website to "SAVE PHILIPPINES." Parang "Save The Whales Movement." I gotta think more about this. Daming hassles kasi. :)

I'm still working on the December issue of "Hate Philippines." It's a tough job, you know. But I have this feeling I have to do this. I have to save the Philippines. Only then, perhaps, will I be able to begin world domination. Har har harrr....

3. FPJ had flu (or trangkaso, in Filipino) last week. Senator Tito Sotto took his place for the meantime to answer questions in his behalf. Suuuuure. Well, if FPJ's gonna be sick whenever trivial questions about his political standing are about to be thrown at him, I wonder how he'll do when he sits as President of this country? No, Mrs. Roces, don't cry because harsh reality bombards your husband these days. Reality bites, you know. Cry because you're gonna get some more if your husband insists on running for president. Sus... para namang di showbiz.

Besides, if as early as now, he could not come up with a nice excuse for his absence (FLU?! C'mon, gimme a break!), how much more when he becomes president. And... I don't want a sickly leader for this country. The country itself is already sick.

4. Speaking of Susan Roces, I saw her the other day with Imelda Marcos. Sweet smile in her face shines on TV whenever she and Imelda were being dubbed us the past and the future First Ladies. Whoa. Where was she when Marcos reigned supreme in this country? Where was she during Martial Law? Was she supposed to be proud to stand alongside what represents as the darkest part of the history of Philippine democracy?! Scary! What in the world was she thinking?

5. Coalition of Hope. I like the idea. And I like Roco's flower power tactic. Guys, you are not supposed to interpret that as Roco being gay and all. OK... that's a given.

Roco claims that he will change politics in the Philippines in his speech during the launching of his candidacy for President in Folk Arts Theatre. Yes. Finally, someone actually claims that he can do something and marks his word for it. He has no over-exposed TV ad yet (yes, he had one, but is it still being shown on TV in primetime or in any given time?), which determines that he is willing to wait and follow the rules of the COMELEC. Ethics, temperance, simplicity and honesty. He has almost all the qualities I'm looking for from a presidential candidate. Almost, that is. If only he could have done more in the past...

6. Davide for President. Yes. I will be one of the most glad if the once-most-respected fellow in the Philippines finally announces candidacy for president. The website clamouring for this mestizo-in-person's candidacy is right, he is the only one out there in the arena who has unimpeachable qualities. I remember the day when I went to EDSA to join the second revolution. A big streamer there said "Davide for President." As early as 2000, people wanted him to be president. But nah. He told people, and he always tells people, he was just doing his job and he wanted to do his job right. Whoa. He should be president. But then, he hides in silence these days. Who in his right mind would want to run a country with this kind of politics? Ah... we have four of 'em as of now.

People, have time to read this this website. Please.


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