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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Have you heard of "The Mongols"? They're the latest buzz in the Philippine music industry now, and it's all thanks to my former-crush Ely Buendia, former lead vocalist of the defunct Eraserheads. Ely, by the way, would like to be dubbed now as "Jesus Ventura." Nice career move.

I love the Eraserheads. Just recently, they've been given the Hall of Fame title by the NU Awards people. I must admit, I'm a 90's girl. Torn jeans, dock martens and all. I love going back to those good old UP Campus days, when we'd all be surely excited once we hear the Eheads were going back to UP to do some gigs. I never missed their in-campus concerts. I never missed an album. I almost had my ultraelectromagneticpop album cover laminated just to preserve it's mind condition! I still consider my albums, including Banana-type, as one of my most treasured belongings. I know, cheesy.

But most of all, it's because I love Ely Buendia. Or is it- I LOVED Ely Buendia. Yes, he wasn't a crowd pleaser, and that's because he's an artist, not a stage clown or a speaker. He does singing and that's what he does best onstage. Actually, I'm ok just seeing him on stage doing his thing... I'm not that kind of a fan who'd squall and do something stupid just to get noticed. Actually, it was so hilarious seeing the Eraserheads do funny stupid stuff on TV while they were supposed to lipsync their songs... cuz they just didn't want to lipsync. That's it.

And the songs! Goodness. Until now, I'd stop and listen if I hear "With A Smile" anywhere. Yup! That's my favorite song right there, and never has any song fascinated me except "With A Smile." Ely Buendia actually had his dream come true with this song- to make the best pop song ever. Actually, I think the perfect theme song of the Hate Philippines website (if there would be one, I guess) would be "Para sa Masa" by this band. Perfect.

It's just too bad when they had to transform their music just to please their crowd. Since Carbon Stereoxide, I knew this band was doomed. I didn't like any song in the album. The last song they came up with that I liked was "Huwag Kang Matakot." After that, no more. That was the time when foreign boybands were slowly eating the lives and career of local alternative bands. One after the other, they vanished. Some, like Parokya ni Edgar, True Faith, and Side A, managed to survive. Notice that they have applied only a little change in their style- probably the reason why they lasted till now. Unfortunately, the Eheads went down with the rest.

Now, the Mongols. Later, the band Cambio featuring Marcus, Buddy, Lemon and that girl from Fatal Posporos. Seems that they're trying to return to business. Yet. judging from the carrier single of
the Mongol's album titled Buddha's Pest, "Bulakbol", it still sounds like the Carbon Sterioxide Eraserheads, with a new packaging. Hearing Ely Buendia sing again through my mp3 player just makes me miss the Ultraelectro..., Circus and Cutterpillow Eraserheads. I wish there'd be more.

I'm glad Ely's back. And I'm glad he's doing what he just wanted to do that he did not had a chance to do when he was with his "former band," as he always call it. But... Well... I dunno. Am I going to buy their album... I still have to find out later...

Maybe one of these days, I'll just play songs from the Fruitcake album since it's already Christmas... just like what I did last year... and the years before.

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