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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Some mag deemed blogspot / blogger as passe. Eh? So you mean the millions... er... I'm exaggerating,... hundreds of people reading my blog are non-trendie people. Eh? Keeping in mind the dictionary meaning of trend (noun, the popular taste at a given time.), it just doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway... on with my thoughts for today.

Would you believe that even here in the United States, political ads like that of Johnny Osmeña are being aired on TV? I've seen one just an hour ago... and that, as usual, made me sick. I mean, look: Only in the Philippines do politician clamour for acknowledgement and recognition when they do their job right. As if politicians who ACTUALLY WORK are of a rare species in this country, and their existence should not be ignored. Look at this senator. Osmeña, in the ad, proudly mentioned his role in the making and passing of the Communications Act (after being asked by a supposedly a student, but we all know she's just paid to ask that question anyway... and why does she look veery nervous? Hindi na ba uso ang rehearsals ngayon?). Yes, in that Osmena ad, this senator is actually clamouring for recognition. In fact, he wants us to thank him and hug him, kiss his ass and rejoice for the his greatness of jut doing his job as a senator. Did he make extra effort to accomplish this? No. It's just one of his everyday task. But no no no... Johnny wants us to be soooo much grateful, he made a TV ad out of it. Tsk tsk tsk.

And since I've already zeroed in to Osmeña, let's talk about that drama series on RPN9 that my friends were all ranting about since last month. Yes, "May Puso ang Batas". A soap opera starring a senator who takes a character of an honest-to-goodness lawyer, who wanted nothing but dignity to his job and his country. With poor acting, poor plot, poor lighting, poor everything, I pity those good actors and actresses who put up with this desperate guy. I heard this series should have had a very good casting, if it weren't for Osmeña. I can't blame them, though. Eversince "Talong," these serious actresses and actors might have gone bankrupt. But why with Osmeña? Are these people really that desperate to save their sinking career?

Yes, dear friends. I will never forget Osmeña for being one of the 11 evil senators in the young yet ongoing history of Philippine democracy. And I will never vote Johnny Osmeña even if he's the last senatorial candidate to ever live.

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